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Till Death Do Us Part Recap

While Dean tries once again to call John on his cell phone and fails, Sam visits Jessica's grave. As he looks down at her, he remembers the two of them swearing that they'd love each other forever.

Three Years Ago

John and Dean are on a hunting trip after John finds an article about a co-ed, Evelyn Summers, who attended Stanford and who was rumored to have been killed by the legendary Bloody Mary. Dean isn't convinced but John points out that Evelyn's eyes were scratched out and she covered over everything in her bathroom with towels and tape. According to the police, Evelyn died of a heart attack but John thinks they should check it out. When Dean suggests that Sam show them around Stanford where his younger brother is studying law, John says that Sam has his own life and they shouldn't involve him.

At Stanford, Sam is sitting in the cafeteria alone, studying, when fellow student Jessica Moore comes over and introduces herself. She sits down and points out that Sam always seems to be sitting down, and he admits that he doesn't remember her from the classes they share. Jessica convinces him into going on a walk with her and asks if he has any friends, and Sam admits that he's not used to getting close to people. He irritably snaps at her, wondering why she's asking so many questions. However, he then apologizes, explaining that his family never stayed anywhere for long so he never learned to make friends. His father told him that he would only make people sad by getting close to them, but Jessica asks if they could be friends. Sam agrees and as they walk, Sam hears a report interviewing another student about Evelyn's death.

Dean and John go to Evelyn's house and confirm that she taped over every reflective surface. John explains that according to legend, mirrors serve as a portal to the other side and that the spirit of Bloody Mary killed Evelyn. Dean finds a message on Evelyn's phone and plays it back, and listens as a woman named Risa tells Evelyn to stop calling her about Bloody Mary. Risa says that they were just kids when they saw the spirit and they imagined the whole thing. Dean writes down the number and the two men head out.

Jessica also hears the reporter and tells Sam that she was close to Evelyn when they were kids. She describes how Evelyn called her before her death and talked about Bloody Mary, but Jessica thought it was a joke. Now she's not so sure and blames herself for not being there for Evelyn.

John and Dean find Risa at the college exercise center. She tells them that Evelyn kept calling her about Bloody Mary and explains that when they were kids, they had a slumber party and tried to summon the spirit. At the stroke of midnight, objects moved in the room and Jessica looked away. However, Evelyn and Risa both thought they saw the spirit in the mirror. Risa figures that it was just her imagination and that Evelyn was becoming hysterical because she recently broke up with her boyfriend. However, as she drinks a cup of tea, Risa sees the image of Bloody Mary reflected in the liquid. She turns around but sees nothing behind her. Dean confirms that Jessica was the third girl and that she's now studying law at Stanford. As the two men leave, John says that they need to go to Risa's apartment and protect her.

Sam and Jessica are outside walking past the exercise center and he fails to see his family. Jessica thanks him for cheering her up and Sam tells her that she had nothing to do with Evelyn's death. She asks if they can talk again sometime and Sam agrees.

At her apartment, Risa is brushing her teeth. As midnight approaches, Risa starts to catch glimpses of Bloody Mary in the mirrors in her bathroom. Objects start to shake and at the stroke of midnight, Bloody Mary appears behind Risa. The student's eyes start bleeding and she screams. John and Dean arrive outside and break in, only to discover that they're too late.

The next day, John and Dean watch as the police take Risa's body away. John figures that the girls did summon Bloody Mary ten years ago and the spirit is back for revenge, but he doesn't know why it waited so long. As they talk, John spots Sam nearby, walking past with Jessica. As Sam tries to comfort her, John notices them but quickly leaves with Dean. Jessica tells Sam about the slumber party incident and that she didn't see Bloody Mary at the time, but she's worried that she'll be next. Sam tells her that it must just be a coincidence but Jessica isn't convinced.

John and Dean go to the local library and check the files. They find a story on Linda Emerson, a 42-year-old mother of three who was suffering from emotional distress. She shot her three children and then herself in front of a mirror, on the same day as the slumber party. Dean figures that Linda's spirit believes the three girls are her children and is trying to take them with her. Meanwhile, Sam arrives at the library to do the same research and just misses his brother and father. He finds the file on Linda Emerson but discovers that someone has tagged it. Meanwhile, John and Dean go to the real estate records and confirm that developers dug up Linda's grave when they moved the cemetery where she was interred. With midnight approaching, John and Dean go to the new cemetery while John checks his watch and realizes that Jessica only has a little longer to live.

At the cemetery, an increasingly angry John snaps at Dean to find Linda's grave. When Dean wonders what the matter is, John finally tells him that Sam knows the third girl.

Jessica is in her dorm room sleeping when the clock strikes midnight. She wakes up as everything in the room starts shaking and Linda's spirit appears in the reflection on the window. The spirit reaches out and grabs her but Sam arrives and throws salt on the spirit, burning it and driving it back.

As they search for the grave, John tells his son that he didn't tell him about Sam's connection to Jessica because he figured that if he did, Dean would have gone to him.

Sam gets Jessica outside and looks for a place with no mirrors. However, the sprinklers come on, leaving water puddles all over the sidewalk. As Linda emerges from one, Sam gets Jessica to a nearby courtyard where there's no water and no reflections. When Jessica wonders how he knew how to handle the spirit, Sam warns her that she wouldn't believe him. He says that they just have to get through the night and promises that nothing will harm her. As they start to kiss, Linda's spirit appears in the reflection of Sam's eye reflected in the moonlight. The spirit bursts out of Sam's head and grabs Jessica, making her eyes bleed. Sam swings at the spirit, dissipating it momentarily, but it turns to him and makes his eyes bleed as well. However, Linda's spirit bursts into flames and then vanishes.

At the cemetery, Dean and John finish burning Linda's bones.

Sam makes sure that Jessica is alive and then collapses next to her in exhaustion.

The next day, Jessica is talking to Sam and assumes that everything that happened was just a dream. As they walk together, John and Dean watch the couple from the Impala. Dean agrees with John not to involve Sam and they drive off. Sam looks up and catches a glimpse of the Impala, but Jessica distracts him when she asks if he can make friends.

The Present

As Sam finishes leaving flowers at Jessica's grave, Dean runs up and tells him that their friend Bobby has some information on John's whereabouts.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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