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Everlasting Love Recap

In Chicago, a blonde woman, Nancy Logan, is walking in the rain when she sees a figure crouched in an alleyway. When Nancy enters the alleyway to see if the person needs help, it stands up and slashes repeatedly at Nancy, killing her. Once she's dead, the figure kneels down and begins cutting into the victim's chest.

Sam and Dean drive to Chicago on the trail of a serial killer, who has killed Nancy and three previous victims in the last six months. Each victim was blonde and blue-eyed, and each one was missing an internal organ. Sam figures that the killer may have taken the organs to use in a demon-summoning ritual and that the demon involved may be the one that killed Mary and Jessica. Dean agrees that they should check it out but warns his brother not to get too into it.

Posing as Federal agents, the brothers meet with the detective working the case. He admits that they have no leads and, when they ask for fingerprints, comments that they're useless because they don't lead to any living suspect. Back at the Impala, Sam does some research on his laptop and discovers that every fifteen years going back to 1961, six blonde blue-eyed women have been murdered in a different city. Since only four women have been killed in Chicago so far, Sam figures that the killer has two more to go. Police cars go by with their sirens on and the Winchesters follow them. Another woman has been killed and the brothers smell formalin at the crime scene.

Sam remembers the comment the detective made about a living suspect and the brothers go back to talk to the officer. He explains that the fingerprints they did find belong to Abigail Sullivan, but she died in a car accident in San Francisco in 1962 and was buried in Santa Barbara. Back at the motel, Sam does some checking and discovers that Abigail's husband was in the car with his wife when she died but survived the accident. Richard Sullivan was an accomplished medical researcher and is living in Chicago where he recently received an award.

Sam and Dean go to see Richard, posing as magazine researchers doing an article on grief. Richard invites them in and tells them that he and his wife were driving home from their anniversary dinner. A drunk driver hit their car and Richard watched as Abigail was all but severed in two by the crash. As she lay dying, Abigail told her husband that she loved him. The Winchesters ask for a photo of Abigail but Richard says that he got rid of all of the photos in an attempt to move on. A woman comes into the room, gasping, and Richard hastily goes to her side. He tells the brothers that the woman is Michelle, his second wife, and that she's ill.

When the Winchesters go back to their motel room, they discuss the case. Sam tells Dean that he smelled cologne and that sick people don't like the odor. He figures that Richard used the cologne to conceal the odor of formalin and calls Bobby to have him check out Abigail's grave in Santa Barbara.

Michelle is lying in bed, sweating, and surrounded by children's dolls. Richard calls out, asking if she's okay, and Michelle insists that she's fine and wants him to leave her alone.

Once he digs up the grave, Bobby calls the Winchesters back and tells them that there's nothing in Abigail's coffin but a photograph. He emails it to them and they realize that Abigail looks just like Michelle. Sam figures that since her internal organs were injured in the crash, Abigail needs new organs and takes them from her victims. She then approached Richard and convinced him to marry her, and that she will soon be going after her sixth and final victim in the fifteen-year cycle.

A figure with long brunette hair and a woman's coat leaves Richard's home and goes looking for a victim. Once the figure spots a blonde woman, it move in for the kill... only to discover that it's Sam in disguise. Dean arrives from behind and the two brothers corner the figure... who reveals that it is not Michelle but that it's Richard, wearing a wig. He tells them he was the one who killed the women because he couldn't bear to live without Abigail. He needed his victims' organs to keep his wife alive but the transplants only lasted for fifteen years before decaying and requiring replacement.

Richard throws his scalpel, disarming Sam, and then takes him hostage with his own gun. Before Dean can do anything, Michelle, who is actually Abigail, arrives and tells Richard that she doesn't want him to harm any more innocents for her sake. Richard realizes that she followed him on the night he murdered Nancy Logan, leaving fingerprints at the crime scene. Abigail assures him that it's not his fault and hugs her. Richard tells her that he can't live without her but Abigail takes the gun, says that she'll always love him, and then kills herself. Sobbing, Richard holds his wife's corpse.

Later, the police take Richard away and the detective tries to get answers from the Winchesters. When they're unable to tell him the truth, he figures they're just typical secretive Federal agents. Once the detective leaves, Sam worries that he may become as obsessed over Jessica as Richard was with Abigail. However, Dean assures him that he won't because he has someone to live for. The brothers leave as the demon-possessed Meg Masters watches them from the crowd.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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