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Moonlight Recap

Sam and Dean are on the road and Sam is dreaming of an incident that happened back when he was in college. He was informing Jessica, his girlfriend, that he was leaving to look for his father. His father, on a hunting trip with some friends, had failed to checked in like he usually did and he just wants to be sure they are OK. Jessica reminds him about his interview at the law school and he assures her that he'll be back in plenty of time. As he leaves, Jessica starts to tell Sam something but then stops and says it isn't important. Jessica suddenly appears next to Sam in the Impala, her face hideously scarred. Sam jerks awake and Dean asks if he's okay, and Sam tells him that it's nothing.

The brothers arrive at their destination and check into a motel. There has been a rash of prostitutes being found mauled; apparent victims of some wild dogs known to roam around Hunter's Point. Sam checks and confirms that each murder occurred at night during a full moon. They're not sure if they're dealing with werewolves, hellhounds, or something else, but Dean figures that a silver bullet will put it down on matter what they may be. Going over the news reports, Sam finds one anomaly: the last victim was male by the name of Nate Mulligan, a lawyer who worked in the DA's office.

The brothers visit Mulligan's assistant, Madison, at her apartment. On the way, Dean suggests that since he's good with female law students, Sam should be the one to talk to her. Then, realizing his comment was in poor taste, apologizes. Sam tells him not to worry. Posing as FBI agents, they meet with Madison. She confirms that no one had a grudge against Mulligan. Sam, noticing she's hesitant, reminds her that it's a crime to withhold information from the FBI. Reluctantly, Madison tells them that her ex-boyfriend, Kurt, was jealous of Mulligan and thought he and Madison were having an affair.

Madison goes to a window and notices Kurt is outside on the street. The brothers chase after him and Kurt runs to his apartment. They break in and discover that Kurt has plastered the walls with photos of Madison and even dressed up a mannequin to look like her. The Winchesters confirm that Kurt slipped out the back and they see claw marks on the walls. Sam is furious that they failed to capture the killer and Dean wonders if he's associating Madison with someone else. Rather than answer, Sam looks around and realizes that the full moon has come up. He runs off to protect Madison while Dean continues searching for Kurt.

As night falls, Sam breaks into Madison's apartment, gun drawn and ready for anything. A shocked Madison comes in and explains that she went next door to help a neighbor boy who was having an asthma attack. Sam grabs her shoulder and shakes her, saying that he was scared to death for her. Madison slaps him and Sam manages to calm down and apologize. He sits down and comments on an abstract painting, and Madison says that it's a portrait of her. Dean calls to tell Sam that Kurt went to Hunter's Point and went home, but he didn't kill anyone. He warns Sam to avoid getting involved with Madison, reminding his brother of what he went through when Jessica died.

Sam apologizes to Madison for freaking out and blames himself for Jessica's death. He starts to leave but Madison apologizes for slapping him. They joke about the abstract portrait that Kurt painted of her and then talk for a while. When Madison goes to bed, Sam watches over her from the other room and promises that he won't let anything happen to her.

Dean is outside Kurt's apartment when he sees Kurt on the balcony, struggling with someone. He runs up and breaks in, and finds Kurt torn to pieces. A female werewolf leaps at Dean and wounds him, but he manages to cut its hand with his silver dagger, driving it off. The werewolf leaps out the window and Dean collapses from his injuries.

When Dean wakes up the next morning, he calls Sam, who tells him that Madison was there the entire night. However, Dean has Sam check Madison's hand and he confirms that Madison has the same cut. He tells Madison what happened and she begs him to help her. Sam ties her up as Dean arrives and tells his brother that Madison doesn't remember anything about her killing sprees. Dean is ready to kill her but Sam insists that they cure her. They call Bobby but he admits that there's no confirmed case of a werewolf cure. He has heard rumors that a werewolf can be cured by killing the werewolf that created it, but he warns the brothers that there's no evidence to indicate the rumor is true. After hanging up, Sam suggests that another werewolf killed the hookers and Mulligan. Dean offers to watch over Madison while Sam goes to Hunter's Point, but Sam insists on keeping his promise and watching over Madison.

As the sun sets, a hooker walks down the street and hears a wolf howling in the distance.

While Dean hits the streets, Madison tells Sam that something bit her a month ago. The ER doctor believed that it was a dog attack but Madison isn't so sure now. As the full moon comes out, Madison transforms, rips free of her bonds, and goes after Sam.

The hooker runs into the alleyway as something in the night chases after her.

Sam maneuvers in front of a closet and leaps aside as the transformed Madison leaps at him. He then slams the door shut and bars it with his pistol.

The werewolf emerges from the shadows and attacks the hooker... and Dean arrives just in time to kill it with a silver bullet.

Madison wakes up the next morning, back to herself, and Sam lets her out of the closet. She tries to kill herself with a piece of broken glass but Sam stops her. He insists on keeping his promise to make sure nothing happens to her. Crying, Madison holds him as Dean bursts in. They figure that they killed the werewolf that bit her, but the only way to confirm if she's cured is to wait until evening and see if she transforms. Dean wonders what they should do if she does transform and Madison insists that they kill her. Sam is reluctant to agree but has no other choice.

That night, everyone sits in silence watching the moon. Dean finally closes the curtains and decides to liven things up by singing and dance. Sam is embarrassed at his brother's antics until he sees Madison joining in, and then joins in himself.

The night passes without incident and the next morning, the brothers leave. As they go, Dean steps into a rain puddle on the concrete. He wonders why Sam is leaving and his brother explains that he doesn't want to drag Madison any further away from her normal life.

That night, Dean goes to sleep at the motel but Sam is unable to get any rest because something is nagging at him. He finally realizes what it is and goes back to Madison's apartment. He calls through the door, realizing that she's preparing to kill herself out of guilt. Sam says that the only way they can atone for their victims is for he and Madison to live their lives to the fullest. Madison hesitates and then goes to open the door... and transforms into a werewolf.

A minute later, a wounded Sam calls Dean and tells him what happened. He wonders why Madison didn't transform the previous night and Dean figures that it must have rained because of the rain puddle. They didn't notice because he closed the curtains and the moon was covered by the clouds so Madison didn't transform. Sam tells his brother that there must be another way to cure Madison but Dean tells his brother to give it up.

Dean starts searching the alleyway to find Madison and she attacks him. Sam arrives and calls to Madison to stop. She lunges at him instead and Sam has no choice but to shoot. Madison transforms back into her human form and looks up at Sam, smiling, as she dies. Sam looks down at her and cries, and Dean comes over and puts one hand on his brother's shoulder in a comforting gesture.

Later, the brothers hit the road. As Dean drives, Sam removes the bandage from his injured hand and remembers Jessica tending to a similar wound after he found John. He releases the bandage out the window and the winds carry it away.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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