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Nightmare Recap

Sam and Dean drive to Saginaw and go to a bar that Sam saw in a dream. The bar is filled with hockey fans and Dean wonders how they're going to find the man. His brother gives him a detailed description of the man they're looking for, Jim Miller. As Sam goes in to find Jim, Dean hits on an attractive woman coming into the bar. She admits that Sam is cute but she's clearly interested in Dean. However, Sam pulls his brother away when he finds Jim. Jim doesn't want to talk to them and goes into the restroom. However, the toilet overflows and the water first leaps up onto the ceiling and then grabs Jim's head and pulls him into the toilet bowl. By the time the brothers break down the door, they discover that Jim is dead, apparently drowned.

Later after the police close the crime scene and declare Jim's death an accident, Sam and Dean hit the road. Sam wonders what good his premonitions do if he can't save the people he sees, and believes that some evil force killed Jim despite the fact that there's no evidence. The brothers drive to Jim's house and talk to the family, posing as priests. While Dean talks to the stepmother, Sam chats with Max, Jim's 22-year-old son and only child. Max figures that Jim passed out and drowned, admitting that his father drank a lot. Sam asks if the house has had any problems and Max says that it's been fine ever since they moved to Saginaw from Freeland five years ago. While Dean eats the food donated by the neighbors, Sam admits to Max that he and Dean are brothers and that they lost their mother when Sam was very young.

Once they're done interviewing the family, Dean and Sam step outside and scan for EM anomalies. They don't find anything and Dean figures that they're done. However, Sam notices a garbage bag leaking blood and takes a sample. The brothers go to a park and Dean pays for an analysis of the bag contents. The results show that it's dog blood. Sam hasn't found any signs of supernatural activity in the area. He suggests that a curse may be involved and that they should go to Freeland to talk to the Millers' previous neighbors.

In Freeland, Dean and Sam talk to a neighbor of the Millers who explains that Jim was a mean drunk who used to beat Max at every opportunity. She called the police on several occasions but each time Jim's step wife defended her husband, insisting that Max was lying. The neighbor woman tells them that Max's birth mother died in a house fire when he was baby. As they talk, Sam gets a vision of Max confronting his stepmother. He picks up a knife but then leaves it floating in the air using telekinesis. Sam can only watch as Max thrusts the knife into his stepmother's eye.

When he snaps out of his vision, Sam tells Dean what he saw. They drive back to Saginaw and Sam explains that Max used telekinesis to kill Jim and that he'll kill his stepmother the same way. When Dean wonders why Sam is having visions about Max, Sam figures that the two of them are connected because they have a common tragedy. Dean tells his brother that he's not a murderer but warns that they'll have to kill Max even though he's a human, not a monster. Sam refuses and asks for the chance to talk to the boy and convince him to stop. Dean reluctantly agrees but carries a gun just in case.

At the Miller home, Max confronts his stepmother about how she never defended him against Jim's beatings. He levitates a knife into the air and prepares to thrust it into her eye. Sam and Dean arrive just in time and Max lets his stepmother go. Sam talks to him privately in Max's bedroom and notices that he has dog toys and a leash. Max tells his new friend that after his father turned him out into the rain one night, he found a stray dog and brought it home. He called the dog "Hope" and kept it alive. However, Jim came home one night and found it. Disgusted, Jim told Max that he had no hope and that he was a demon child. After killing the dog, Jim beat Max while the stepmother ignored the entire thing.

Max explains that his father thought he was a demon saying that he caused the fire that killed his mother. His mother died the same way as Mary and Jessica: pinned to the ceiling and covered in flames. Sam tells Max that his mother and girlfriend died the same way and that they must be connected. He explains about the premonitions that he had and confirms that Max's power manifested six months ago at the same time that Sam's did.

When Sam says that they must have been chosen for a reason, Max insists that God gave him his abilities to keep him company. He levitates Hope's collar into the air, angry, and Sam tells him that he isn't alone now because he called out to Sam in his dreams. Sam promises that he'll do what he can for Max but that he has to stop murdering people. Max refuses, saying that he's beyond help, and then levitates the bed up and drops it on Sam, trapping him in the floorboards.

Dean hears the commotion and runs up the stairs to investigate. Max comes down, sees the gun that Dean is carrying, and levitates it into his hand. He demands to know who Dean really is and prepares to shoot first Dean and then his stepmother. Dean leaps in front of the bullet meant for the stepmother and takes it in the head, dying instantly...

Sam snaps out of his vision of his brother's death and concentrates. As Max leaves the room, Sam telekinetically shoves the bed away and runs after Max. Meanwhile, Dean hears the commotion and runs up the stairs to investigate. Max comes down, sees the gun that Dean is carrying, and levitates it into his hand. As he prepares to shoot his stepmother, Sam calls out, tell him not to shoot. He promises to do everything he can for Max, who must know deep down that hurting others won't change his life. Max lets the gun go but holds it telekinetically in mid-air, and admits that Sam is right and he can't change anything. He then shoots himself in the head with the gun, killing himself instantly.

Later, Sam and Dean are preparing to leave town and Sam is blaming himself for Max's death. Dean pulls the car into a hamburger stand drive-thru and tells Sam to stop blaming himself. As Dean places an order, Sam finally admits that he has powers of his own. Dean half-jokingly asks him to bend a wrench and Sam hits him with it, insisting that it isn't funny and that he could become a killer just like Max. After a moment, Dean assures him that it won't happen because he'll always be there for him.

As the radio weather report says that it's clear skies ahead, Dean pulls up to the register window and the woman from the bar greets him. She's glad to see him but Dean says that they're heading out and he doesn't know where they're going. Dean promises to see the woman again if he can. As they leave, the woman says to be careful because there's a storm up ahead. As the brothers look at the skies, they're unaware that the woman's eyes are glowing yellow.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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