Darkness Calling Recap

A college student, Lily Baker, is sitting at home and passively listening as her roommate complains that she's shutting her out. The roommate starts to leave and Lily grabs her arm, begging her to stay. The girl vomits up blood and collapses as Lily stares at her hand in horror.

As John drives to Lily's house, he calls Bobby and tells his friend that Lily's mother Cindy died in a house fire when Lily was six months old, the same year that Mary Winchester died. John figures that Lily and Sam have the same powers and that the demon will try to recruit her. Bobby is horrified to realize that John plans to use the girl as bait. However, he informs his friend that Grey Baker, Lily's father, left his daughter when she was young. No one knows how the roommate died, and Bobby warns John that Lily's powers are different than Sam's.

John arrives at Lily's house and loads his gun, and spots someone in an alleyway watching the house. He circles behind the man and douses him with holy water, confirming that he isn't demon-possessed. The man explains that he's Grey Baker and that he's there to protect Lily. They spot a group of people gathering outside of the house and John warns Grey that they're low-level demons, there to make sure their leader is uninterrupted. Grey knows nothing about demons and John tells the man to do what he says.

The demons sense John and walk toward the alley, and John drags Grey up to the top of the building. He then climbs up to a water tower, mutters a prayer, and drops a crucifix in the tank. Once he drops down, John makes a torch and tells Grey that demons possess human bodies. Their leader, the yellow-eyed demon Azazel, killed his wife Mary, and Grey remembers finding Azazel standing over his daughter's crib, feeding her blood. Grey was frozen with terror and when his wife went to their daughter, the demon killed her.

John wonders why Grey abandoned Lily, and Grey explains that Lily grew increasingly stranger as she grew up. He finally left her, saying that he couldn't be her father anymore. He told her not to look for him and walked out. John asks if he's really there to protect Lily, and Grey insists that he is. John gives him a crossbow and palo santo arrows, and then leads him downstairs where they confront the demons on the ground floor. When the demons advance on them, John lights his torch and holds it up to the fire sensor. The sprinklers go off, dousing the demons with holy water, and they shriek in agony as John walks out past them with Grey. However, the hunter warns Grey that Lily isn't safe yet.

As Lily sits in her house, the lights flicker and a possessed woman steps out of the shadows. Her eyes glow yellow and Azazel tells Lily that he's there to take her home. Lily tries to run but Azazel easily cuts her off and says that they share his blood. Lily insists that it isn't true but Azazel offers her a place at his side where she can use her power freely. The girl insists that her roommate's death was an accident, but Azazel assures her that he understands she did it deliberately and that it's all right.

Grey arrives and shoots Azazel with one of the palo santo arrows, but it has no effect on the more powerful demon. Azazel pulls the arrow out of his possessed body and tells Grey that he can sense his fire. As Grey starts to freeze, John fires his guns through the skylight, blasting away the host body's head and chest. The corpses falls to the floor and Grey wonders if it's over, but John tells him to get Lily out. Azazel, unharmed by his host body's damage, telekinetically slams John up into the ceiling and then asks Grey if he would do anything to kill him. Grey says that he would and Azazel invites Lily to come with him and help change the world.

Grey runs up the stairs to attack Azazel, but the demon easily pins him to the wall as well, pointing out that he ran away from his daughter. Azazel prepares to kill him and Grey tells Lily to run. His daughter hesitates and then touches Azazel's body. He's staggered but happy that he can now see the anger in her eyes. However, John takes advantage of Azazel's momentary lapse to swing down on a chandelier and cut the body's arm off. Lily grabs what's left of the corpse's head and uses her power, and Azazel evacuates the body in a burst of black smoke and flows through the ceiling. While John makes sure that the corpse is dead for good. Lily thanks her father and he promises to never leave her again.

As John drives away with the Bakers, Lily explains that her power manifested six months ago. They stop at a motel for the night and John tells them to stay there and call him if anything happens. He then drives off, calling Bobby to have him find a safe house for the Bakers. Bobby is surprised that he isn't using Lily as bait and John says that Azazel is too powerful, and that they need Samuel Colt's gun.

At the motel, Grey apologizes again and sees black smoke drifting down from the ceiling. When it tries to enter Lily, Grey runs over and knocks her aside, and Azazel's essence flows into him. Fighting for control and losing, Grey tells Lily to run.

The next morning, Lily calls John and tells her that something has happened. He returns to the motel room and finds Grey's corpse on the ceiling. Lily tells John that she had to kill her father and that she's cursed. She tells John to leave her alone because she's not meant to have friends or family. John insists that he can help her like he's trying to help Sam, but Lily says that there's nothing he can do for her.

John reluctantly drives away and calls to tell Bobby that he doesn't need to find the Bakers a hideout anymore. However, they need the Colt more than ever.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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