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Reunion Recap

Sam and Dean get word of a series of deaths where the victims were all Hunters and drained of blood. The brothers go to the cabin of the ninth victim, Daniel Elkins, and discover that he had used salt to seal the windows and doors against demons. Dean finds an empty gun case and Sam notices scratches on the floor. The brothers realize that the scratches are a postal drop box that Elkins used and go into town to see what is in it. They find a letter addressed to their father John.

When the Winchesters return to their motel room, they realize that the salt line across the door is broken. They break in and find a man sitting in the shadows. When Dean orders the man to surrender, the man spins and disarms him, and they realize that it's John. He says that they look good and explains he was coming to investigate Elkins' death when he realized that his sons had made it there first. John asks about the case and the brothers report that it was empty. At that, John takes out a police scanner and tells Sam and Dean to get some sleep and he'll wake them if anything happens.

In the woods outside of town, several teenagers are partying. A girl lags behind and when she catches up to their car, she discovers that her friends are gone.

At a nearby abandoned house, a group of vampires have set up shop. Their leader, Gayle, is holding the Colt. A hunting party returns with the captive teenagers and Gayle takes one girl and leads her off into the woods. Gayle's son Ryan watches from the forest as Gayle slits the girl's throat and then uses the blood to contact the yellow-eyed demon and inform him that the Colt is in his possession.

Two police officers on patrol spot the girl on the road and call it in. John picks it up on the scanner and wakes his sons, and tells them that they're going to get the Colt back. They go out and John tells Sam and Dean to hang back while he talks to the police. Sam is unhappy that their father is giving them orders and cutting them out of the loop again, but Dean is just happy to be back with their father. John comes over and tells them that a vampire killed Elkins, and they are lurking at the house nearby. Sam questions his father, wondering how he knows a vampire is responsible, and John shows him a fang that he found at the site of one of the vampire's victims. As they go back to the Impala to follow John, Sam complains that their father never tells them anything about what's going on. Dean reminds his brother that John has always been like that, but Sam isn't reassured.

Ryan sneaks into the shed where the vampires are keeping their captives. He escapes with one girl but Gayle knocks Ryan down and takes the girl away.

John, Sam, and Dean approach the house and spot the vampires camping outside. One of them is wearing Elkins' cross, and one of the missing girls is visible in the shed. When Gayle comes out, Sam and Dean recognize him from their previous encounter. Unimpressed, John tells them that Gayle is the one who has been killing the hunters, and notes that Gayle has the Colt in his belt.

The Winchesters go back to their cars and John says that they'll go back during the day when the vampires are sleeping and get the Colt. Dean wonders why the gun is so important and John explains that in 1835, gunsmith Samuel Colt made a special revolver and thirteen bullets, and gave them to a hunter. The hunter used five of the bullets before he disappeared along with the Colt and the remaining bullets. When Sam wonders what is so special about the Colt, John explains that the Colt can kill any supernatural creature... including the yellow-eyed demon.

The next day, Sam and Dean go to the hospital. Dean goes in posing as a doctor and steals some dead man's blood. As they drive back to the house, Dean wonders why Gayle has started killing people. They come to a roadblock where the police have found one of the dead teenagers, drained of blood. As they check the crime scene, Sam and Dean spot Ryan in the woods and run after him. They chase after him and tackle the teenager, who insists that he didn't kill anyone. Ryan explains that he and his father were trying to live normal lives, avoiding taking human blood, when a hunter attacked Ryan and cut his throat. Rather than fight back, Ryan let the hunter kill him. Gayle sold his soul to the yellow-eyed demon to save Ryan's life and has been attacking people and converting them into vampires since then. Ryan admits that Gayle attacked Elkins and took the Colt, and asks them to help his father. Sam says that they'll do what he can but warns Ryan that his father isn't the same that he was before.

That night, Sam and Dean report back to John and tell them about Gayle. Dean wants to kill the yellow-eyed demon as soon as they get the Colt, but John tells them to rescue the girl and then leave town. The brothers object but John refuses to discuss it with them. Sam stands up to his father, saying that they're not kids anymore, but John tells him to do as he's ordered and dips his crossbow arrows in the dead man's blood.

The next morning, John sneaks into the house and kills the vampire on guard. He then gets to the main room where Gayle is sleeping and reaches for the Colt. Gayle wakes up and the other vampires lunge at John, who shoots them with the arrow bolts.

While Gayle is distracted, Dean and Sam sneak into the other room and use machetes to kill the remaining vampires.

The two injured vampires clutch at their wounds, screaming, and John tells Gayle that they were poisoned with a dead man's blood. He shoots Gayle in the heart but the vampire says that he's not an ordinary vampire anymore. His eyes glow black and John, anticipating the demon's presence, uses holy water to burn Gayle. Gayle manages to kick the Colt away and tackles John, just as Dean arrives and picks up the Colt. He orders Gayle to let John go, trying to convince Gayle that they can help him. Gayle refuses to surrender and Sam grabs the gun and tells Gayle that it's his last chance.

Gayle threatens to break John's neck unless Sam drops the gun, but Sam refuses, saying that he's had enough of John and doesn't care if he lives or dies. Fighting for control against the demon, Gayle manages to let John go. Dean tosses John his knife and the elder Winchester cuts Gayle's throat with it. The demon evacuates Gayle's body just as Ryan arrives and runs to his dead father, crying.

Later, the Winchesters are preparing to leave and John says that they'll split up again. He refuses to take a chance but Sam and Dean band together, saying that they're stronger together then apart. John finally agrees but insists that they memorize all of the information that he's gathered. He shows them his collection of books in the back of his Hearse and explains that he was tracking the demon, who only reappeared a year ago. He left without the brothers because he didn't want them with him until they were ready. As they talk, Sam suddenly has a vision of a young girl running through blackness, and collapses to the ground.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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