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The Battle for Red Hook Recap

Captain Messina boards his charger boat and finds Eichhorst waiting for him. Eichhorst wants to rent the boat for a charter across the river to Red Hook the next night. When Messina refuses, Eichhorst offers him a considerable amount of money, half in advance. Messina wonders who he'll be transporting, and Eichhorst merely tells him that there will be 20 passengers. The captain warns Eichhorst that Red Hook has a lot of police security, and the German tells him that they can overcome any resistance.

When Eichhorst returns to his apartment, he finds Kelly there, her facial makeup in shreds. The German tells Kelly that she hasn't failed, and that Nora is nothing. He assures the strigoi that her pain will subside, and that they will return... and it is time for Eph and the others to see their true power.

At the loft, Eph and Abraham try to explain to Zach that his "mother" is now a strigoi with the memories of Kelly. Zach doesn't want to talk about it, and Abraham warns the group that the Master will come after them now that he knows that they're there. Eph suggests that they get some backup, and Nora suggests that they talk to Justine. Abrahamfigures that Eichhorst will come after them, and Vasiliy says that they'll need the police firepower to oppose the German. The old man reluctantly agrees to go with Eph to Justine, while Vasiliy says that he's going to check on Dutch at Nikki's new apartment. Nona agrees to go with him, and Eph tells Zach to stay with him and gives him a silver knife.

At Nikki's apartment, Dutch is busy welding bars for the windows when Nikki comes in. Dutch asks her how the phone call went with Nikki's mother, and figures that the woman said a lot of unpleasant things about her. Nikki admits that she did, and Dutch says that there's more to her then that, such as her feelings about Nikki. Vasiliy and Nora arrive and tell them what happened. The exterminator suggests that Dutch and Nikki come with them to Justine's command center, and Dutch says that she'll talk it over with Nikki. As Vasiliy starts to go, he asks Dutch if she'll be okay. Dutch kisses him on the cheek to thank him for coming over.

On the streets, Abraham updates Eph on his search for the [i]Lumen[/i]. Eph still plans to pursue research into the bioweapon, even though Abraham warns him that the Master can simply create more strigoi. Abraham realizes that Eph plans to kill Eldritch, and warns him that he knows from experience that it's important to remain human, even dealing with murderers.

That night at the command center, Justine and Kowalski are meeting with Lyle. Lyle wants Justine to move into Manhattan rather than Brooklyn as she has planned. She isn't happy with giving the rich priority, but Lyle warns her that they have contacts that can help them save the city. Eph barges in and warns that Kelly got into Red Hook passing as human. Abraham is with him and warns that Red Hook isn't secure. Justine recognizes Zach from his earlier visit, but has no idea what Abraham is talking about when he refers to the Master. Eph tries to cut Abraham shut, merely saying that the "infected" are adapting.

Messina takes his passengers --twenty strigoi, Eichhorst, and Kelly--to the Erie Basin and drops them off. Eichhorst tells Kelly to pay the man, and she drains Messina dry.

At Nikki's apartment, Dutch finishes her work and Nikki asks her if she loves Vasiliy. Dutch says that she does, and then asks Nikki if she really stole her money. Nikki insists that she didn't, but admits that the threw Dutch's laptop in the canal and insists that it was evil. The two women argue, and Dutch points out that Nikki's story about what happened to her after the convenience store attack doesn't add up. She warns that the two of them can never work together, and that she's loved Nikki but it's never made her happy. Dutch then grabs Nikki and the two women kiss, and then make love.

At an electric substation, the security guards lose contact with their compatriots in the station. They go to investigate and the remaining worker tries to leave. Eichhorst and his strigoi are waiting at the door, and Eichhorst tells the worker to tell the lights off.

As Eph and Abraham go outside the command center, the lights go out. Justine and Lyle come out and Abraham warns them that the strigoi cut the power and will soon attack. Lyle tells Justine that they're leaving and summons his limo, but Justine refuses to abandon her people. She tells Eph and Abraham that they're going to give the strigoi a fight.

As the police arm up at the checkpoint, Justine and the others arrive. Eph and Kowalski show Justine how to shoot, just as Vasiliy and Nora arrive. The strigoi finally attack and the police take them down. However, Abraham warns that it was only a probe sent to test their defenses. Kowalski calls for the remaining policemen in Red Hook, and Vasiliy offers to go to the substation to turn the power back on and the get the UV lights working. Eph and the others offer to go with him.

As the group goes to the truck, Abraham tells Eph that they did their job and now he has to confront Eichhorst when he goes to the loft. The old man says that Eph should come with him because the others can handle their own mission, and Eph promises to meet Abraham at the loft once they get the power going.

At Nikki's apartment, Dutch wakes up and realizes that the power is out. She hears gunshots from the checkpoint and tells Nikki that she's going but will return. Dutch gives Nikki a silver knife and kisses her. When Nikki wonders what she's doing, Dutch tells her that she's thinking of other people.

More strigoi approach the checkpoint and Justine and Kowalski go to an observation tower. They confirm that there are hundreds of strigoi approaching, and Justine starts to panic, blaming herself for all the deaths to come. Disgusted, Kowalski tells her that their men are down on the streets, and warns Justine that if she hesitates then it will get them killed. Bracing herself, Justine goes down to face her men.

Eph, Vasiliy, Nora, and Zach, enter the substation through the access tunnels. They enter the plant and find the dead security guards among the strigoi that they died fighting. More strigoi attack and one of them sees Zach before he dies. Kelly sees her son through the dying strigoi's eyes, and Eichhorst tells her to recover her loved one while he deals with Abraham.

Justine takes a truck into the streets and speaks on a megaphone, telling the people that no one is coming to rescue them and that they have to fight or die. Dutch is in the crowd listening.

At the substation, the group finds the control room and looks for the power switch.

The strigoi charge the checkpoint and break through despite police fire. When the police retreat, the strigoi attack and kill many of them.

Nora finds a chart showing the power lines, and Eph goes to help Abraham now that they have the situation in hand.

Justine arrives with the civilians and fight back against the invading strigoi. Dutch is among the civilians and hacks and shoots her way through the creatures. One strigoi grabs her... and then dies, Nikki's silver knife in his back.

At the substation, Nora manages to get the transformers online.

At the checkpoint, the UV lights come on, incinerating most of the strigoi and forcing the others to retreat.

As Vasiliy, Nora, and Zach hug in relief, Kelly appears at the control window room. Zach runs to Nora as Kelly starts pounding on the window. Vasiliy has Nora draw Kelly off to one side, and then goes out through the door and shoots at the strigoi. Kelly runs off and Vasiliy goes after him. He loses her in the darkness and returns to the control room, but Kelly attacks him and grabs his gun. Vasiliy is forced to duck into the darkness and Kelly turns to the window. Before she can shoot it out, Vasiliy returns and wrestles with her, yelling at Nora to get Zach out. The bloodworms ooze out of Kelly's wounds and Vasiliy is forced to release her. The police arrive and open fire, and Kelly runs out of the building.

Eichhorst enters the loft and searches the place. As he finds Abraham's notes on the [i]Lumen[/i] and an old photo of Miriam, Abraham calls to him from the street. Eichhorst goes out to find the old man, who dares him to attack. Before Eichhorst can, Eph opens fire from a nearby warehouse. The German shoves Abraham to the round and enters the warehouse. He calls to Eph, taunting him about his family's Jewish heritage and his familiarity with the German sniper rifle. Eph takes several shots at him and runs to the warehouse roof. Eichhorst confronts him, well aware that he's out of bullets. However, Abraham fires from the top of a neighboring building. Eph reloads and Eichhorst, realizing that he's outnumbered, leaps off the warehouse and runs off into the night.

As the sun come up, the group reunites at the checkpoint. Dutch finds Vasiliy and hugs him, and Vasiliy says that Nora was the one who restored the power. He asks how Dutch did, and she says that Nikki saved her life. Surprised and touched, Vasiliy thanks Nikki. Zach hugs his father, and Justine gets up to tell everyone that it's the moment when the people of New York came together to fight back and stop the infected.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 14, 2015

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