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All In Recap

Cameron comes by to see Kirsten at her house, and he says that he and Camille are both worried about her. He asks Kirsten if she's okay after Liam being murdered, and she insists that she's fine. She wonders what Daniel was mixed up in, and says that she doesn't want to bring Ivy into it after what happened to Liam. Cameron suggests that Kirsten should see Ivy again, but Kirsten refuses and Cameron warns that she's turning obsessed.

At the lab, the team is prepping a new body: Liam. Camille watches and Quincy notices her. Linus comes in and tells Cameron that his father has a 50/50 chance of pulling through, but figures that it's best if he's there working. Meanwhile, Camille tells Quincy that she's going to sit out the Stitch. She blames herself for getting Liam killed, and Quincy warns her that sometimes it is the job. Camille doesn't buy it and tells Quincy to go, and he asks her what she could have done differently. She figures that she could have warned Liam that it was risky getting close to Daniel instead of making out with him. Quincy assures her that she's strong enough to handle it, and says that he's helping her to thank her for when she helped him after he got shot.

As the team begins the Stitch, Cameron warns that the bullet went through the part of the brain where memories are stored. They begin and Kirsten finds herself on a park bench. Liam approaches her for the first time when they met at school and she gives him the cold shoulder. Meanwhile, Maggie gets a text from the family readiness group and steps out to make a call.

Kirsten sees Liam's memories fracture from the bullet's path, and the team moves her to a memory hotspot. She hears electrical buzzing coming from overhead, and Kirsten sees Daniel telling Liam to stay close to Liam and use his phony British accent. Liam suggests that he could marry Kirsten, and says that if she doesn't accept his proposal then he'll stay in LA and get back into her life. Daniel suggests that Liam get back to Kirsten through Camille. As Maggie comes back, the team moves Kirsten to the death memory. She watches as a sniper targets Liam and shoots, and bounces. Kirsten says that Liam got what he deserved.

Back at the house, Kirsten goes over her board on Daniel's disappearance. Camille comes in and asks if everything is okay. Kirsten insists that every equation that can help her is there, but it's not enough. She starts to panic, dismissing her work as a waste of time, and then notices that someone moved a string. Camille says that it wasn't her, and Kirsten figures that Ivy could have done it. It's an equation for power loss during a transmission, and Kirsten explains that when Liam met with Daniel she heard a lot of electricity in the background. The string leads to a map of Monterey Park, and Kirsten confirms that there's only one DWP substation in the area. It's old but not abandoned, and Kirsten figures that Ivy left her the message because she couldn't come out and say where Daniel was.

At Cameron's apartment, Nina wakes up in bed and discovers that he's cooking breakfast. As she puts on Cameron's robe, she finds his NSA badge in the pocket and comes out to ask him if it's real. Cameron admits that he works for a classified crime unit at the NSA, but Nina doesn't believe him at first. She realizes that he's not joking, and Cameron admits that Kirsten is a NSA agent as well. It's his job to keep her safe, and that's how they became so close. Cameron says that he's done with the secrets and asks if they can move forward together, and Nina admits that she finally got the swashbuckling scientist that she always wanted.

Kirsten goes to the substation alone and hits the buzzer. Ivy opens the door and complains that Kirsten ruined everything. She says that Daniel is gone again and leads her in. Ivy explains that Daniel cleared everything out, but she doesn't know what he was doing. She points out that Kirsten got her to betray her father, and Daniel left because he knew Kirsten wasn't coming alone. Maggie and Quincy lead an NSA assault squad in, and Kirsten says that someone in the NSA tipped Daniel off. She then tells Ivy that she could have protected Daniel. Maggie tells Ivy to come with her, and Ivy goes rather than be with Kirsten. As she goes, Ivy passes on Daniel's message that Ed kept some important information from Kirsten. Kirsten doesn't believe it, but Ivy says that Ed never told her that Kirsten's mother Jacqueline is still alive.

Later at the lab, Maggie is looking at a photo of her son when Kirsten barges in and asks if Jacqueline is dead. Maggie angrily tells her to back off, saying that Kirsten isn't the only one with issues, and then apologizes. Kirsten says that she's checked all of the records and there's no record of her mother existing. Maggie says that all of the records have been erased. Ivy will be released after questioning and doesn't want to talk with Kirsten. Daniel reached out to Ivy six months ago but she never knew that he was wanted for murder. She has no idea what Daniel was working on, and Maggie figures that she was being groomed for Stitching. The NSA is going to watch Ivy to see if Daniel reestablished contact, but Maggie figures that he's gone. Kirsten asks about her mother, and Maggie admits that she doesn’t know if she's alive. She says that neither she nor the NSA can be obliged in the investigation, and emphatically tells Kirsten not to call Quincy and reach out to the DA's office.

Quincy's ex-wife Stephanie comes to see him with the exhumation order for Jacqueline's crypt. He invites her to sit, and when she does she says that she visited Quincy in the hospital after he got shot. Stephanie wasn't sure if he wanted to see her, and Quincy says that it would have been okay. She points out that he's not wearing his wedding ring, and Quincy says that it didn't feel right. Stephanie says that she has been doing some thinking, and asks if Quincy could love her again. He says that he never stopped, and she suggests that he give them another try. Before Quincy can answer, the phone rings and Stephanie says that they'll talk later. She holds up her hand and reveals that she's still wearing her wedding ring. Quincy takes Kirsten's call and says that he has the exhumation order.

At the crypt, Quincy, Cameron and Kirsten watch as the workers remove Jacqueline's coffin. They open it up and discover that it's empty.

Later at the lab, Mitchell comes in response to Kirsten's message. She steps out and asks where Jacqueline is. When Mitchell says that she's dead and buried, Kirsten says that she's leaving the program if she doesn't get the truth. He tries to walk away and Kirsten grabs his arm, and Mitchell angrily says that she has no power and no future beyond what he gives her, and advises her to be careful because he won't let his possessions threaten him.

At the house, Camille calls Quincy and thanks him for his talk earlier. She invites him over but Quincy says that he can't because he's having dinner with his wife. Quincy explains that Stephanie came by and said that they should give it another shot, and they're going to talk it through. Camille pours herself a drink and says that it's amazing. Once she hangs up, Camille says that she's stupid.

Kirsten goes to Cameron's apartment, clearly upset, and asks if Nina is there. She says that she really screwed things up, and Cameron tells her that she'll figure it out. He asks Kirsten what she wants, and Kirsten says that she wants to be with her mother and have the childhood she never had. The only place she's ever felt at home is with Cameron, and Cameron hugs her. After a moment Kirsten kisses him, and Cameron kisses her back. After a moment, she apologizes and goes.

Kirsten returns home and tells Camille it's been the worst day of her life. Camille doesn't care at first, but invites Kirsten to tell her everything. When Kirsten does, Camille says that they should solve the crap out of it. Kirsten takes a drink from the bottle of wine and says that Ed knew Jacqueline was alive. Camille suggests that he did tell Kirsten and she didn't realize it, and she remembers Ed saying that if anything happened to him then he should be cremated and the ashes put in the specific urn. They check the urn and find a binary pattern of bumps on it. Camille deciphers them and comes up with an address, followed by a four-digit entry code. Camille grabs the wine and Kirsten calls a taxi.

At the address, Kirsten and Camille enter the entry code and the door opens. There's a cylinder and old blood dried on the floor. The cylinder has a monitor with JAS6/13 on it, and Kirsten points out that JAS stands for Jacqueline Adele Stinger and 6/13 is her birthday. They open the cylinder and find a dying man inside. His nametag says that he's Dr. Jean-Simone Khouri. Khouri wakes up and Kirsten asks him who took Jacqueline. He stares at her for a moment and then falls back, dead.

The team brings Khouri's corpse the lab, and confirms that he helped develop NASA's deep space sleep technology. Kirsten's figure the technology kept Jacqueline alive, but Maggie abruptly says that they don't know that for sure. Once she leaves, Kirsten apologizes to Cameron for kissing him, and he assures her that it's okay.

Linus visits Samir at the hospital, and they tell him he should go back to work. They finally admit that they know what he really does and have since Maggie approached them when Linus was in high school. The Ahluwalias had security clearance from when they did software for the government, and they tell Linus that his work is important. They're telling him now in case something happens to Samir. He wants Linus to Stitch into his memories so he knows how he's always been proud of his son and how much he loves him. Linus says that he doesn't need to Stitch to know that.

The team prepares to Stitch, but Mitchell barges in and angrily orders them not to Stitch. He says that Kirsten has no right to use the project resources of his lab, and tells Maggie to end it. Maggie looks at Kirsten and then tells the team to proceed. Quincy escorts Mitchell to the observation balcony and the team begins the Stitch.

Kirsten sees Khouri checking on Jacqueline's hibernation chamber. He pretends to talk to Jacqueline, who is sealed inside the chamber, and Khouri says that he's been waiting for fifteen years--when the accident happened--so that she can tell everyone what he's been telling her. Next, Kirsten sees a memory of NSA agents coming in and saying that Turner wants the asset moved. When Khouri warns that Jacqueline hasn't been prepared for transit, he struggles with the head agent. Her gun goes off and Khouri is mortally wounded. They remove Jacqueline and leave, and the dying Khouri manages to crawl into the chamber and program it to keep him in hibernation.

Young Cameron appears in the Stitch and tells Kirsten that Khouri took care of Jacqueline for 15 years. While the team tries to track the anomaly, Kirsten asks where Jacqueline is. She says that she's talking to Cameron as a boy, and then demands answers. Linus confirms that someone is hacking their quantum computer. Someone else has a quantum computer, and the two are entangled. Mitchell says that Daniel owns the fifth unknown computer, and they realize that Daniel has been running the anomaly the entire time.

Young Cameron says that it's time and disappears with Kirsten inside the Stitch.

Linus says that Kirsten has disappeared off the memory map. As he tries to get her back, Captain Stamperson arrives with his men and Mitchell tells him to shut down the project. Cameron insists that they can't shut down the project until they recover Kirsten's mind. Once everyone is taken into custody, Stamperson gloats over getting revenge on Cameron. Tim punches him, and Quincy and Camille disarm the other NSA agents. Maggie has them secured in the interrogation room, and Mitchell warns Maggie that she's crossed him. Unimpressed, Maggie has Quincy take Mitchell to the interrogation room with the others. Cameron realizes that Kirsten is in her own memories.

Kirsten and Young Cameron appear in a virtual representation of her childhood home. Jacqueline is brushing Young Kirsten's hair.

Camille confirms that the hacker has rerouted the Stitch from Khouri and back into Kirsten.

Young Cameron asks Kirsten how she feels, and she says that feels like she's home.

Linus figures that Daniel is using a digital avatar of Cameron as a boy to pull her deeper into her own mind. Cameron admits that there's no time limit, and tells Linus to hijack the avatar signal.

Crying, Kirsten says that she never wants to leave and Young Cameron says that she never has to.

Cameron explains that once they hijack the signal, he can talk to Kirsten through the avatar and convince her to bounce. Meanwhile, Maggie gets a text from an Army field hospital in Baghdad and steps out to take the call. Cameron talks to Kirsten through the avatar and says that it's time to go. She wonders why she would ever leave the memory, and Cameron says that it's not her mother. He says that he'll help Kirsten find her real mother, but Kirsten is tired of looking. Kirsten says that Cameron has Nina and she finally has her mother. Cameron says that he has Nina, but Kirsten has him. She asks him not to leave all of them behind.

Nina is in Cameron's apartment and runs to the door.

At the hospital, the doctors try to revive Samir.

Kirsten insists that everyone eventually leaves her except for her mother, who has always been in her heart.

In her office, Maggie looks at the photo of her son.

Cameron admits that most people leave sooner or later, but the two of them are not most people. He takes her hand and says that no matter what Kirsten thinks, he will never leave her.

Written by Gadfly on May 25, 2016

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