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Alpha and Omega Recap

After Amara leaves, Dean checks on Castiel and Sam goes to Chuck. Castiel looks up and tells Dean that Lucifer is gone. He doesn't know where Amara sent Lucifer. Meanwhile, Chuck wakes up and says that he's slowly dying, and he doesn't know of any way that they can fix him. He figures that Amara could help him, but it's never going to happen. Rowena and Crowley come in and she tells them to look outside. The sun is dying, and Castiel points out that without it then everything on Earth would die.

Chuck teleports everyone to the bunker and collapses, and Castiel wonders what they do now. Dean gets a six-pack of beer out of the refrigerator and figures that there's nothing else they can do.

In a house in London, a limo pulls up and the chauffeur Reggie helps the owner Toni Bevell out. She looks up at the dying sun and then goes inside. Her servant Anna comes up to help her, and Toni insists on informality despite her status as a lady. Anna says that the boss is down for his nap and there's tea in the study. As Toni has tea, she turns on the news and listens to Dr. Nigel Pinfield says that people need to understand that the sun goes through periods of high and low level. Toni doesn't know better, and takes a call. As the caller says that the sun is cracked, Toni opens a secret panel and goes down to the cellar where a study is hidden. She then looks up a panel dedicated to Sam and Dean sightings and says that she's on her way.

At the bunker, Dean finishes off the six-pack and offers to make a run to get more. In the main room, Crowley is having a drink while Rowena goes to the kitchen to make tea for Chuck. Meanwhile, Crowley raids the liquor cabinet and warns Chuck that Rowena is using him. Chuck figures that "nice" is all they got, and Crowley says that he's not calling him dad.

Toni kisses her son goodbye and tells Anna to tell her son that she'll be home as soon as she can. She tells Anna that it's as bad as it can get, and Anna reveals the gun that she packed in Toni's luggage in case her magic doesn't work.

Rowena talks to Chuck about Crowley as a baby, and Chuck sympathizes with her. Crowley keeps drinking and is glad the world is ending. Sam comes in and wonders what they're doing, and insists that they should do something. Chuck says that it wouldn't do any good even if they could lock Amara away, because he's dying. When he's gone, the cosmic balance between light and dark is over. Sam figures that they have to kill her, and Crowley agrees.

Dean drives into town with Castiel and asks how his friend is doing. Castiel says that he was stupid, and Dean admits that it was their best shot and Castiel stepped up. He assures the angel that he does help, and that he and Sam forget about everyone else sometimes. Dean tells Castiel that he's their brother, and a surprised Castiel thanks him. Sam calls Dean and says that he's got something, and Dean heads back.

At the bunker, Sam figures that killing Amara is their only chance to balance the scales if Chuck dies. Dean wonders how they're going to do it, and Sam asks Chuck if it's impossible. Chuck finally says that Amara might have a weakness: light. He figures the light of 10,000 suns going supernova would do it, and he doesn't have the power to do it. Castiel suggests that they use Crowley's trapped souls, and Rowena says that if she has enough souls then she can build a bomb. Chuck admits that it might work, and Castiel figures that he can recruit the angels while Dean says that they can get ghosts from Waverly Hills Sanatorium where thousands of people died. Crowley agrees to raid Hell and they got to work.

Amara visits a conservatory park filled with dying plants and looks up at the sun. She looks at her hand in surprise and then looks up at the sun.

Dean and Sam enter the sanatorium and go to the main room, and Sam lies down a salt circle. No ghosts appear, and Sam tells Dean to finish up while he goes piss off the ghosts. A ghost slams into Dean and he shatters it with an iron rod. Meanwhile, Sam goes through the house shooting at ghosts. Once he has their attention, he retreats to the main room. the ghosts manage to disarm them, but Dean activates Rowena's pre-cast spell, and the crystal sucks the ghosts in. As they go, Billie watches them.

Back at the bunker, Castiel says that angels won't help. They know God is dying and don't think they can win. The angels are sealing heaven so that they can die with dignity. Crowley says that while he was indisposed, his minions raided his stash. A proximity goes comes off and the Winchesters draw their guns. Billie walks in and wondered why they were busting ghosts when the end is nigh. Sam explains their plan and Billie says that she's there to help them. If they want souls, reapers have souls.

An older woman, Bea, enters the conservatory park to feed the pigeons. Bea says that her husband died a few years ago and her son is trying to send her to a retirement community, and admits that she hates her son a little bit. However, she says that even when they hate family, they love them.

At the bunker, Billie transfers a hundred thousand souls into the crystal. Rowena says that they're good and takes the crystal, and Billie promises that they'll see her around... but hopefully not that day. She says goodbye to Crowley by name, and he just smells. Chuck says that he can track Amara now that she's not bothering to ward herself, and then someone with a personal connection needs to get close to Amara with the bomb. Everyone looks at Dean, who finally agrees. Rowena says that he'll be the bomb after they take the souls and put it in Dean's heart. Once Dean gets close to Amara, he puts his fingers together and the bomb will go off.

Rowena casts the transfer spell and Dean moans in pain. Once she's done, Rowena says that Dean has a little more than an hour.

Toni arrives in the U.S. and she tells the waiting chauffeur to take her to Lebanon, Kansas.

The brothers go to their mother's grave, and Sam tells Dean that he doesn't have to do it. Dean says that of course he does. He then goes back to where the others are waiting, and Sam gently kisses the tombstone. Meanwhile, Chuck admits that he doesn't want to see Amara dead but he understands. Castiel hugs a surprised Dean and offers to go with him, but Dean says that he has to do it alone. He asks Castiel to look out for Sam and make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Dean then says that he wants a big funeral and his ashes put to rest next to Mary. He and Sam hug, and Chuck teleports him to Amara.

Dean finds himself in the conservatory and notices the dead plants.

The others drive to a bar, The Last Stand, and discover that it's closed. Crowley magicks the doors open and they go in to drink.

Amara calls to Dean and he says that he's there to give her what she wants: him. He walks toward her and says that he can't stand to see the world die. Amara knows about the bomb and points out that Dean has never been able to hurt her. Dean says that he doesn't have a choice, and Amara says that it's not her affecting the sun. With Chuck dying, the scales are tipping toward nothingness... including her.

The group watches a newscast on the TV until Crowley gets bored and turns it off.

Dean says that Chuck didn't want Amara dead because she's family.

While they wait for Dean to succeed or fail, Sam asks Chuck how he's doing.

Amara says that she just wanted to hurt Chuck, not kill him. Dean says that he and Sam have had fights, but they've always made it right in the end because they're family. They need each other, and when everything else goes to crap, all they have is family. Dean figures that Amara is human where it counts and she needs her brother. She doesn't want to be alone, and deep down she didn't want Dean: she wanted Chuck. Dean asks Amara to put aside the rage and tell him what she wants.

Sam asks Chuck to hang in a little longer, and goes to get him some water. When he comes back, he discovers that Chuck is gone.

Chuck finds himself in the conservatory when Amara has brought him there. Amara says that in the beginning it was just the two of them, and they were family. She loved Chuck and knew that he loved her. Chuck assures her that he did, and Amara says that she hated him needing something other than her. He locked her away and all she could think of was making him suffer. Amara thought revenge would make her happy, but she's wrong. She says that what Chuck has made is beautiful and wishes that they could just be family. Chuck agrees and they take each other's hand. Dean looks up at the sun and watches as it reignites.

In the bar, Sam and the others realize that the sun is coming back. They go outside and confirm that it's true, and Castiel wonders what happened to Dean.

Once Amara has finished healing Chuck, Chuck tells Dean that they're just going to go away for a while to be a family. He removes the souls from Dean, who asks about Earth. Chuck assures him that Earth will be fine because it has the Winchesters. Amara tells Dean that he gave her what she needed most and wants to do the same for him. With that, Chuck and Amara both disappear into the sky.

When Sam and Castiel return to the bunker, they find Toni waiting for her. She activates a rune to send Castiel away, and then draws her gun on Sam. She introduces herself and says that she's with the London Chapterhouse of the Men of Letters. Toni tells Sam that they sent her to take Sam in because of all the damage that he's caused. She dismisses him as a jumped-up hunter doing more harm than good, and asks where Dean is. Sam tells her that Dean is dead, and tells Toni to put the gun down as he advances on her, sure that she won't pull the trigger. She pulls the trigger.

Dean is going through the forest trying to figure out where he is. He hears a woman calling for help and runs to the nearby cemetery. Mary is standing there and Dean stares at her, shocked.

Written by Gadfly on May 26, 2016

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