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Enemy Lines Recap

On a beach in Hawaii, Dr. Theo Yedlin emerges after swimming and goes to his hotel. His wife Rebecca is waiting and Theo invites her to swim. Rebecca just looks at him and smiles, and Theo goes to the bar to order a drink. Arnold Pope is down the bar and says that a storm is blowing in, and warns that nobody is leaving. He orders a drink for Theo and they start talking. Pope says that sometimes he wishes people could just start over, and says that change is coming because of everything Humanity is doing to the planet. Theo says that he saves people because he's a doctor, and they keep drinking. Pope asks Theo if he had a chance to save a thousand people at first, put them down and then wake them up , then would he do it even if everyone thought he was crazy. As Pope leads away, he tells Theo that he's going to save a lot of people.

Two thousand years later, Theo is removed from suspended animation and finds himself on a couch in a study. A woman, Kerry Campbell, is seated nearby and greets Theo by name. Theo assumes that he passed out drunk and tries to leave, and Kerry calls over a radio that he's awake. Meanwhile, Theo discovers that the door is locked. Kerry says that he's needed at the hospital, and Theo says that he's ona vacation with his wife. She assures him that Rebecca is wife and tells Theo to come with her. Theo and Kerry take an elevator down into a series of underground tunnels. When Theo wonders where they are, Kerry tells him that he's in Wayward Pines.

Kerry leads Theo to a gate and gunfire sounds in the distance. They get into a car and start driving, while a woman announces over the loudspeaker that due to rebel activity, curfew will begin early. Kerry says that they're going to the hospital and Theo isn't the patient. She explains that the bullet is lodged at the base of the neck and gives Theo an x-ray. A boy rides by on a bicycle, staring at Theo.

Rebels are in the bushes tracking the car. Meanwhile, Theo has enough and jumps out of the car. He runs, and Kerry orders her men not to kill Theo. She yells after Theo, warning that there's nowhere to go because it's a small town and they'll find him. One of the rebels tosses a grenade and Theo sees the explosion behind him.

Theo keeps going and comes to a series of houses. He knocks at the door of one and then peer sin the window. A man at the next house is whistling and painting the house even though it's dark, and more gunfire echoes in the distance. The husband opens the door and Theo asks for his cell phone, and the husband says that they only have a land line. Theo comes in to dial the police, and the husband suggests that Theo relax and listen to Hector play the piano. When Theo asks about the explosion, the husband dismisses it as a transformer. Meanwhile, his wife goes to the kitchen and looks at Theo. Theo notices her and says that he has to go, and leaves despite the husband's insistence. Once they're alone, the husband tells his wife to call it in.

As a jeep comes down the street, Theo runs off the road and stumbles, and finds casings on the ground. The security guard orders Theo to get up, and Theo sees a huge wall ahead of him, covered in bullet holes and blood.

The guard takes Theo to the hospital, and Kerry tells him not to run again. He wonders where all the doctors are, and Kerry says that he died. She takes him to his patient, and Jason Higgins meets him in the hallway and thanks him for confusing. Jason says that it's confusing, and says that the town is part of a secret government study determining the psychological effects of war trauma on citizens and they're all volunteers. They're in the middle of a tactical roleplay, and Jason says that Rebecca and Theo's superior Bill Gibbons know that he's there. He claims that Rebecca thought it would be best if Theo got right back to work, and assures Theo that she's on her way. He offers to fill Theo in on the details later and for now, Theo should focus on the patient because they can't really wait.

Theo examines the patient--Kate Hewson--and Jason says that she's more important than most. When Theo wonders why the patient is septic and hasn't been treated or moved, Jason says that they have nurses and a team missing but they needed Theo. Theo calls for coffee and then begins the operation as Jason and a team of teenagers in white doctor coats watch from the gallery. Jason tells Theo that he's wasting time, and Theo goes to work.

Kerry goes over a map of the town and is determining which rebel houses have been cleared. Jason comes in and tells her that Theo said that the surgery will take hours. Kerry talks to him in private and says that they lost another man, and Jason figures that Xander Beck was responsible. She tells him that Xander just got back, but Jason doesn't trust him. Kerry reports that two more died in the hospital, and goes to a board where a photo of Ben Burke is posted with other rebels. Latest surveillance shows that there's no unusual activity out of the fence, and Jason figures that Pilcher would have been disappointed in him. Megan Fisher comes out in a wheelchair and tells Jason that if the rebels had gone along with Jason and Pilcher in the first place, there'd be no problems. She assures Jason that Pilcher would understand how important it is to end the rebellion and weed out the troublemakers. Kerry says that the head of security, Mario, needs Jason, and he goes to meet with him.

At the secret rebel headquarters, Xander tells Ben that they have to keep picking off Jason's forces one by one. Ben insists that they need to change Wayward Pines from the inside, or all of the deaths were for nothing. Xander tells him that he might have to lower his standards and goes to get some sleep so he can continue working in the morning.

After the surgery, Theo washes up and one of the doctors, Oscar, comes in and asks if Theo can teach his work. Theo says that he doesn't work there, and Oscar is surprised to hear him say that. Kerry comes in and Theo says that Kate will recover. He asks about Rebecca, and Kerry says that they'll bring her there as soon as she arrives. Until then, he'll stay at the doctor's quarters at the hospital.

Theo goes to his room and finds his personal belongings in a labeled bag. He puts on his wedding ring and remembers their conversation in Hawaii.

When Theo says that they can compromise, Rebecca wonders how they compromise about having a baby. He points out that she knew who he was going in, and Rebecca assures him that she loved him for it.

Theo twists the ring on his finger and smiles. He then goes to get a pop from a machine in the hallway, and music plays from another hallway. Theo goes to investigate and sees the doctors administering electroshock to a woman, Arlene. They assure her that she's doing great, and close the door when they see Theo looking in.

The next morning, Kerry wakes up Theo and tells him that Kate is awake. He checks on her and she says that she's heard of Theo. Kate says that he's Group C and they just woke him, and they haven't told him yet. When Theo mentions the government program, Kate confirms that Jason briefed him just as Theo discovers that Kate is strapped to the bed. Kerry comes back and tells Theo that his room at the hotel is ready and Rebecca will meet him there, and they'll make the travel arrangements so he can go home. Kate remains silent and Theo leaves.

As Mario drives Theo to the hotel, Theo asks where they are. Mario says that he's from Wayward Pines and has never left, and insists that he never wanted to travel anywhere else. He insists that having an important and happy life is the most important thing he can do for humanity.

Jason visits Kate and says that he didn't have to save her. He wants her to tell him where Ben and the other rebels are so that they can end the resistance. Kate points out that they blew up his surveillance system so he can't track the rebels, and Jason insists that he's trying to preserve life. She reminds him that she killed her husband in front of her, and Jason tells her that he's doing what Pilcher wanted. Kate believes that he wants to preserve life, but all he knows how to do is control it and he can't. Disgusted, Jason walks out.

Theo walks down the main street to the hotel with Mario behind him. The doctor passes people going about their business and stores filled with older cans of food. A boy, Danny, begs his mother Ruby not to go. She says that she has to because of the rules, and the uniformed guards take her away. When they get rough with Danny, Theo objects and they tell him to stay out of it. Ruby assures her son that she'll be right back, hugs Danny, and goes with the guards. When they arrive at the hospital, Theo asks where they were taking Ruby and what the rules are. Mario ignores his questions and says that someone will bring Theo something to eat.

Theo sits in his room and contemplates his meal.

Rebecca is sketching on a pad, says that she's hungry, and tosses the pad into the suitcase. She complains about his passive-aggressiveness, and Theo insists that he's not threatened by her success. Rebecca tells him that he doesn't have to try and fix everything all the time, and he has to accept that she isn't built that way. Theo says that he doesn't and walks out.

Theo tries to the window and discovers that it's sealed. Xander comes up to the window and opens it, and tells Theo that they're getting him out of town. He takes Theo to the underground tunnels where the rebels are lurking, and asks if Kate said anything to Jason. Theo says that he doesn't know, and the only thing she told him was that he was part of Group C. He goes on ahead and finds dozens of people walking by to the town square. Xavier warns that Theo won't want to see it, but Theo follows the townspeople.

As Jason and Kerry walk to the square, Jason insists that it has to be done and it's on Kate. He then addresses the crowd and says that he knows people have disagreed with the way he's handled matters in the last five years. Jason admits that he's not the leader that Pilcher was, but Pilcher wouldn't want the rebellion. They have to work together and defeat the real enemies, because the survival of Wayward Pines is the one thing that they can all agree on. Jason offers an amnesty to anyone who surrenders.

Ben and the rebels sit in a van and listen.

Kate listens in the hospital.

No one steps forward and Megan nods to Jason. He tells Kerry that he tried, and the guards bring out several people... including Ruby. Jason says that he's doing what Pilcher would have done, and what is best for Wayward Pines. The guards force the prisoners to the platform and have them kneel, and Jason appeals to Ruby. She ignores him, and Mario shoots her in the head. Theo runs forward but the guards stop him, and a surprised Theo calls to him from the crowd.

As the guards pull Theo back, Jason prepares to execute the next prisoner. Ben steps out with several of his men and says that if Jason wants to stop the killing, they're there. When they put down their guns, Jason has the guards take them. He tells Mario to take Theo as well and then leaves with Kerry. Later, Jason goes on the loudspeaker and tells the citizens that the rebellion is over and they can enjoy their lives in Wayward Pines.

Rebecca goes to the Wayward Pines Academy where Theo is being detained with the rebels. He says that they have to leave and warns Rebecca that something is wrong. Mario says that Jason wants to talk to Theo, and Rebecca promises that she'll be there for Theo when he comes back. Theo and Xavier are escorted outside, and Jason invites them to share a meal with him up on the mountains and discuss the future of Wayward Pines. Theo wants the truth, and Jason says that he'll tell him if he comes with him. Meanwhile, Mario puts handcuffs on Xavier as a "precaution" and puts him in a van with Ben.

Kerry reminds Jason that the First Generation isn't supposed to harm each other. Jason insists that he's not harming Ben, and Kerry says that they need to keep Theo awake because they need skilled doctors. He says that the residents are almost ready and Kerry warns that his tactics are a mistake.

In the hospital, Megan visits Kate and tells her that the rebels have surrendered. She says that they all have to move forward for the good of Wayward Pine, and admits that Jason sent her because he wants to talk to Kate about the future. Kate says that they can debate the future forever, and Megan insists that there have been angry words--and deaths--but she's sure that they can work together. Kate smiles and says that it's time to let go, and Megan prepares to inject a syringe into her IV. Kate knocks her down, grabs a scalpel, and holds it to Megan's throat. She says that Humanity has done so many great things, but now it's the First Generation's future and she wants no part of it... and cuts her own throat.

Mario drives the van to the wall and punches Theo, and then opens the gate. The head of security gets out and jams the gas pedal so that the van goes through the gate and out into the wilderness. it finally crashes and the gate closes behind them.

In the houses of Wayward Pines, the phones ring and lights come on. A phone rings in the hospital, but Megan isn't there.

Theo wakes up just as an abbie screeches at him through the windshield. It smashes the glass and more abbies swarm out of the forest and throw themselves at the electrified gate only to die by the dozens.

Written by Gadfly on May 26, 2016

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