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Blood Harvest Recap

The townspeople watch a video of Dr. Jenkins describing their journey into the future, and how they would recruit the workers. He finishes by saying that those who break the rules must face the consequences of their actions. The camera focuses on the rebels outside the fence, and Jason and Kerry are among those watching as the Abbies storm the fence.

As Megan and the students watch, Mario enters Jason's office and Jason says that they're going with Mario to the fence to see what is really happening. He tells the technician to cut the feed so that people don’t panic.

In a meeting room, Rebecca tells the soldiers to turn the TV back on so she can see what's happening to her father. They make it clear that she shouldn't interfere.

At the fence, the Abbies crawl over the bodies of their dead to reach the top of the fence. One rebel tries to walk away and an Abbie drags him away.

Jason and his soldiers arrive and open fire on the Abbies as they come across the top. One of them guts Kerry before Jason can kill it, and he and his men toss grenades over the fence. Jason goes to Kerry and calls for a medic, but the First Generation teenager doesn't know what to do. He says to get her to the hospital, and Jason carries her away while the soldiers continue firing. As they head to the hospital, the medic asks if they should prepare for surgery.

Theo slips away from the truck and into the forest.

At the hospital, the resident warns Jason that he's done what he can but he doesn't have the knowledge to help her.

As the sun rises, Theo comes to a field of crops and hears gunfire in the distance.

Jason calls Mario and tells him to find Theo.

As the Abbies charge out of the crops, Mario and his men arrive and open fire on them. Theo gets into one of the jeeps and the soldiers retreat. They take Theo to the hospital and Theo demands answers from Jason. Mario aims his gun at Theo's head, but Theo says that he's not doing anything until he gets an explanation. Jason says that they will all die and Theo has no idea what is going on, and Theo points out that if he dies then no one can operate. He tells Jason to get Rebecca there and tell him what's going on.

The soldiers finally bring Rebecca and the couple hugs. Jason wants Theo to begin operating, but Theo reminds him that he also wants an explanation. Rebecca glances nervously at Jason, who finally says that Theo was kidnapped in Hawaii and places in cryogenic suspension, and humanity has gone extinct and the planet has been overrun by evolutionary aberrations. The people in Wayward Pines are the only people left, and Theo doesn't believe him and lunges at Jason. The soldiers restrain Theo, and Rebecca tells her husband to save Kerry. Theo calms down and Jason tells the soldiers to release Theo.

Kerry wakes up later in a hospital bed and Jason tells her that she'll recover. He explains that they secured the fence and everything is okay, and Kerry wonders about the harvest and the other rebels. Jason tells her not to worry about it and rest, and Kerry thanks him for taking care of her. She wants to thank Theo, but Jason says that he was just doing his job... barely.

Rebecca takes Theo to their house and down the street. Theresa Burke watches them from her window. Inside, Rebecca warns that they don't have much food and says that rations get delivered on Tuesday. She explains that there has been less and less, leading to the rebellion, and they've been told that there will be a harvest soon. Rebecca says that it's hard for Jason and the others to know how much information to share, and admits that she didn't believe what had happened when she first woke up. She has learned to accept it over time, and Theo points out that they were just in Hawaii three days ago. Rebecca says that she has been living in Wayward Pines for three years.

Mario and his soldiers go to a greenhouse where a man, CJ Mitchum, is working. When Mario asks if he's coming to the meeting, CJ says that he isn't if it's about the war. Mario tells him that the rebellion is over and Jason is returning everything to normal, and points out that he thought CJ would be happy because he's one of Pilcher's protégés. They go to Jason and CJ warns that they delayed too long because of the rebellion. Jason explains about the Abbies sacrificing themselves and notes that it's like nothing that they've seen. CJ points out that they planted outside the fence because the chemical soil levels inside the fence save. Megan and CJ agree that they must protect the harvesters from the Abbies, and Mario says that they've rigged flamethrowers and can control it. CJ doesn't believe it, but Jason says that they have to push back and hope that it won't break them.

Theo wonders if they induced a coma when he hit his head, and Rebecca tells him to forget about everything that has happened before. All that matters is that they figure out a way to survive like everyone else in Wayward Pines, but Theo insists that it's a hallucination. Rebecca slaps him and points out that people don’t feel pain in a hallucination, and then kisses him. There's a knock at the door and Rebecca says that they have to answer.

A neighbor, Nancy, is there and says that her son Drake can't catch her breath. She's heard that there's a doctor in town again and sees Theo, and asks if he's a doctor. Theo says that he is and Nancy asks if he will help them.

The next morning, Theo goes to the hospital as a voice over the loudspeaker says that everyone should live their lives as normal. Inside, Theo finds an office with a sign saying that he's the Director of Medicine & Surgery, and goes inside. All of his diplomas are on the walls, but there's also a photo of Jenkins that he doesn't recognize. He tosses it away and Arlene comes in behind him. She explains that she's the receptionist and offers to help him with all of his medical needs. Theo says that he saw her undergoing electroshock, and Arlene says that she was getting a tune-up to even herself out. The residents come in and say that Theo has a lot of patients, and their leader Oscar starts to compliment him. Theo tells him to stop and grabs a doctor's coat.

Rebecca goes to the beauty shop where she works, and Theresa comes in and says that Jason put Ben outside the fence. She wonders how Jason could hurt another First Generation member, and points out that Theo was out there as well. Theresa asks Rebecca to send Theo over when he gets home. When Rebecca hesitates, Theresa points out that she's lost people, too, but she just got someone back. She begs Rebecca to help her.

At the Academy, Megan shows her students an Abby cadaver and says that they have three live Aberrations. She explains that they're learning more every day, and the more they understand, the better their chance of finding their weakness. A student, Frank, asks if they got the corpse off of the pile the Abbies made, and Megan assures the students that the Abbies won't do it again. She insists that Wayward Pines Works when they work together, and they can't be sucked into the divisiveness that some members of the community are trying to cultivate. As long as they stick together, they are perfectly safe.

Theo checks Drake and discovers signs of malnutrition. Nancy says that she gives her son all of the food first, and Oscar warns that not everyone qualifies for vitamins. Theo proscribes tubing and hydration, and has to do it himself. He goes out to the waiting room where there are lots of other patients waiting. Jason comes in and Theo asks if he knows what the condition of his people are. Theo insists that it's his job to heal people, and reminds Jason that he's the only one who can do the job. He asks how Kerry is, and says that he accepts some version of what Jason is telling him. However, he won't accept that he woke up in a dictatorship, and tells Jason to protect the people under his care. Jason warns him to watch his tone, but Theo reminds him that he's the only one who can be the doctor in town before walking away.

Jason visits Kerry and insists that he's not going to take suggestions from Theo. Kerry agrees, but warns that people are going to look for Theo for a lot of answers. She says that she'll help Jason control Theo, and Jason says that there can only be one person in charge. Kerry takes Jason's hand and tells him to work with him, warning that it isn't worth his time to start a fight. Jason agrees that Theo isn't worth it, and Kerry says that their lives--and the survival of Wayward Pines--are worth Theo's arrogance.

Later, Theo walks to Rebecca's shop. A girl, Lucy Armstrong, is waiting with her brother Frank and says that Rebecca left an hour ago. Lucy explains that she works for Rebecca, and Frank leads his sister off. Theo returns home and points out that Rebecca is a beautician, not an architect. Rebecca says what she was told to do, and she had no choice if she wanted to survive. Theo points out that her work meant everything to her, and Rebecca doesn't answer. He points out that the ice cream parlor in town is named after Rebecca's favorite professor at the Harvard school of Design, and wonders if Rebecca had anything to do with that. Rebecca dismisses his questions as paranoid, and says that two years ago the ice cream parlor burned down. They asked her to reconstruct it and let her pick the name.

CJ briefs the soldiers on how they will protect the harvesters using flamethrowers. He admits that they don't know what the Abbies understand about fire. As the sun goes down, the group heads to the crops and the soldiers spread out at 10' intervals. Abbies charge in and the soldiers open fire. The surveillance techs at the mountain warn that the Abbies aren't stopping, and CJ orders the soldiers to use the flamethrowers. The surviving Abbies retreat and the techs confirm that the fields are clear. They clear the first field and six trucks head back. Ben grabs one harvester and begs him to hide him in the truck and take him back. The harvester shoves Ben away and runs back, and Ben yells that he's First Generation. The other trucks drive back through the fence and seal the gate before Ben can get through. Ben looks up at the camera and says that it may be his last message.

A technician summons Jason to the monitors. He watches as Ben tells Theresa that he's sorry for taking things. Ben says that he just wanted to do what was best for everyone in Wayward Pines, and is sorry that it wasn't enough. He then tells Jason that Pilcher taught that one First Generation member can't harm another, and Jason cuts it off.

The next day, the soldiers unload the harvested food. In the diner, Theresa asks the workers if they saw Ben. No one answers her, and Theresa asks Mario if it's true that First Generation can never harm each other. She insists that Ben might be alive and wonders why they're not doing anything. Mario says that they're just following orders, and Theresa wonders how they can let Jason do it. She yells at them to do something, and Mario has two soldiers escort her home. The soldiers remind Mario that Theresa is right, and Mario says that Jason will just refuse any attempt they make.

At the hospital, Theo checks Kerry. She insists that she has to get back to work and starts to get dressed. Theo orders Oscar out and Kerry thanks Theo for saving her. Kerry says that Jason does what Pilcher would have wanted and what's right, but Theo figures that Kerry has Jason's ear. She tells him to make the hospital work and leave the rest to them, and walks out.

At home, Jason and Kerry have dinner. She picks at her food, and Jason says that the fence will hold, the rebels are crushed, and Wayward Pines is starting to come back together. Kerry says that Theresa is asking about Ben, and reminds him of the rules. Jason insists that he exiled Ben and the Abbies did the harm, and points out that Ben tried to turn them against each other. Kerry says that he may have to explain it to some people, and Jason says that Ben wasn't an original First Gen. She says that she wasn't an original, either, and Jason tells her that she's loyal. They kiss and Jason says that she's his.

In the field, Ben hears something moving.

At home, Theresa discovers that she's locked in. She calls to the soldiers outside, asking where Ben is.

Ben goes to investigate, wondering if it's Mario or Xander are looking for him. Abbie charge at him and apparently tear him apart.

Rebecca is making supper with fresh produce when Theo comes in. He says that he never delivered a baby, set a broken bone, or dealt with an infectious disease. Rebecca assures him that he'll get his skills back, and reminds him of the time he set her broken index finger. She says that when she woke up in Wayward Pines, she thought Theo was dead. Now he's sitting with her, alive, and she's happy about it. However, that's as far as she can go for now.

In his office, Jason is checking the monitors when Kerry comes in. He shows her that the Abbies aren't showing up on any of their 60 cameras.

An Abbie runs away from the fence.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 2, 2016

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