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The Prize Recap

At the palace, Treville is mock-sparring with Louis, who insists that he's fighting fit. Treville advises the King to get some rest, but Louis challenges D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan begs off, citing a hand wound. As Louis waves to his son, he suddenly collapses, coughing up blood. Anne runs over but can only hold her husband as he dies. Treville sends D'Artagnan to find Athos and then runs into the palace, finds the Dauphin, and takes him out.

A few minutes later, Athos arrives and Treville tells him that it's finally happened. He tells Athos to hide the Dauphin--now the king--somewhere in Paris until it's safe to return. He orders Athos to only involve the people he trusts… and not Aramis. Athos agrees that it's safer if Aramis doesn't know, and tells the Dauphin that he is an honorary Musketeer and will have to be brave and clever and strong. As he rides off, D'Artagnan and Treville watch and Treville warns that civil war is coming to Paris… and the Dauphin is the prize.

Anne is tending to Louis' body and swears to protect the Dauphin. When she discovers that the Dauphin has been taken, Anne confronts Treville. He says that the Dauphin wasn't safe at the palace, and the Duke of Lorraine's army is coming for the boy. Anne demands to know where her son is, and when Treville doesn't answer, she warns that he is going against France and against her.

Outside the city, Gaston and the Duke wait with their armies. Lucien is nearby, and the Duke warns Gaston that Lucien is not family no matter what he has done for them.

Athos takes the Dauphin to the garrison, and then hides as Aramis and Porthos comes out. Aramis wants to see Anne immediately, but Porthos doesn't want to hear it and says that they need to focus on the Dauphin's enemies. Once they ride off, Athos calls Constance over and shows her the boy. She takes them both inside to where Sylvie is resting. She suggests that they take the Dauphin to the settlement, but Constance says that there's a better place but they'll need different clothes for the boy.

The Council gathers for the formal reading of Louis' will. Magistrate Bellavoix informs Anne that Louis revoked his choice of her as regent, and the council secretly ratified it. Treville is shocked that he wasn't informed, and Bellavoix tells him that Louis appointed Treville regent because of the war with Spain. Anne storms out past Aramis, D'Artagnan, and Porthos as they arrive, and Porthos stops Aramis from going after her. Meanwhile, Bellavoix tells Treville that the council finds no fault in him and will support him... except for the nobility.

Treville and the Musketeers go to his office, and Treville says that he needs their help more than ever. He tells them not to concern themselves with Athos, and has the Musketeers deliver an order to Marcheaux disbanding the Red Guard.

When Marcheaux reads the order, he says that his men will drive Treville and the Musketeers out of Paris. The Red Guard attack D'Artagnan and Aramis, while Porthos subdues Marcheaux. Once the Red Guard is defeated, Marcheaux warns that no one will accept Treville as Regent. Porthos nerve-punches him unconscious and the Musketeers share a toast to the new King. As Marcheaux goes for his sword, Athos arrives and kicks it away, and Marcheaux tells them to enjoy their victory while it lasts because there's an army coming.

When Gaston learns that Louis appointed Treville as Regent, he flies into a fury at the thought of a commoner in the position. The Duke notes that Treville is a hero to the people, but Gaston says that they will take Paris immediately. He will appoint himself as the Dauphin's protector, and then arrange an "accident" in a few years. The Duke's army will hold the city until Gaston gives him back his title and full independence.

In Paris, Constance and Sylvie take the Dauphin through the streets. The women take the boy to the abandoned tavern that once belonged to Christophe until he left.

Athos reports to Treville, who doesn't want to know where the Dauphin is. Anne comes in response to Treville's summon, and isn't interested in hearing Treville's pledge of loyalty. She asks Athos where her son is, but he refuses to say. They go to the council room and Treville explains that they need Anne's signature on Gaston's pardon. She refuses to pardon her brother-in-law so that he can pay his respects to Louis, and Treville says that they'd rather have him come in peace then with the Duke's army. He asks Anne to trust him, and after a moment she signs.

Treville goes to his office and summons the Musketeers, and orders Porthos and Aramis to take it to the Duke. While they're delivering the royal pardon, they're to estimate the strength of the Duke's army. The Regent sends D'Artagnan to find a boy similar to the Dauphin to use as a decoy. Aramis asks to see his son or visit Anne, and Treville refuses his request.

Porthos and Aramis ride to the Duke's army, and Porthos explains that Lucien is paying the Duke's troop costs.

Marcheaux meets with Lucien and vows to kill every Musketeer he and his men can find. Lucien tells him to pay the Red Guard and they will control the city while Gaston controls the palace. Porthos and Aramis are taken past to Gaston, who insists that Louis dishonored him by making Treville Regent. Aramis says that Louis' will is complex and Treville thinks that Gaston will want to see it, and they have orders to escort Gaston back. Gaston orders them out and tells the others that he must go so he can try and find a way to avoid spilling French blood. Lucien advises against it, but Gaston refuses to let him suggest what he might do and prepares to ride out.

Constance goes upstairs after preparing the bed and discovers that the Dauphin is gone. They run out to find him, and find him taking plums from a booth. The owner, Claudette, calls the Red Guard over. Constance and Sylvie slip off into the crowd with the Dauphin.

Gaston arrives at the palace and Treville tells him that there is no legacy. He explains that he arranged the pardon, and plans to ensure that the Dauphin loves and respects Gaston. Gaston wonders what he gets now, and Treville offers the Luxembourg Palace and a generous stipend. He explains that he wants France united and it's in his interest to make Gaston happy. Athos arrives and says that the Dauphin is unwell. Gaston insists on seeing his nephew, but Treville says that it isn't the time and Gaston goes to see his brother lying in state.

Treville and Athos join the others, and Porthos warns that if the Duke's army takes the eastern armories then they'd be difficult to stop. D'Artagnan has found a suitable boy and they've dressed his mother as a lady in waiting. Treville sends Aramis to make sure that Gaston takes the bait, and leaves with Porthos to talk peace with the Duke.

Gaston tells his brother's corpse that it is his turn to rule, and promises that Paris will run with blood if anyone stands in his way. Aramis comes in and Gaston leaves for his room. However, he goes to the Dauphin's room and finds no one there. Gaston hears a horse whinnying and looks outside the window, and sees Athos escorting the "Dauphin" into a carriage.

Anne is with Louis when Aramis comes in. He says that Treville's plan worked and Gaston believes that the Dauphin has been taken out of Paris. Anne asks Aramis where her son is, and Aramis says that he doesn't. Gaston returns and Anne ignores him, walking out. He then demands to talk to Treville, and Aramis tells Gaston that Treville is with the Duke.

At the army camp, Porthos and Treville meet with the Duke and Lucien. Treville assures the Duke that Gaston in unharmed, and he's there to negotiate with the Duke but not Lucien. The Duke agrees and ushers Treville inside.

Aramis asks Athos and D'Artagnan where the Dauphin is being hidden, and Athos insists that people they know are taking care of the boy. When Aramis demands the caretakers' names, Athos ignores him and walks away.

Treville and the Duke haggle over Lorraine independence. When the Duke threatens to move his army in, Treville warns that his generals may balk at the thought of killing their countrymen. If the Duke sends his men home then they will consider reinstating Lorraine as a fully independent province.

Outside, Porthos points out to Lucien that the Duke doesn't need him. Lucien figures that the nobility will always need his gold.

Treville tells the Duke that he has made Gaston an offer of reconciliation. Gaston will have everything he wants except the throne, and if he gets that then Treville warns that Gaston will betray the Duke and kill the Dauphin. He gives the Duke until dusk to consider the offer and leaves.

Constance takes Sylvie and the Dauphin to her former home. As she tucks the boy in, she says that she met D'Artagnan there, and then goes to tell Athos that we've moved the Dauphin.

Gaston returns to the Duke and lies, saying that Treville offered him nothing. He wonders what Treville offered the Duke, and the Duke lies as well. Gaston describes what he saw, and insists that they should strike immediately. The Duke says that he's not ready. Meanwhile, Lucien goes to Marcheaux and tells the former captain that Treville is maneuvering to cut him out of any deal and divide the two royals. He figures that Treville wouldn’t have risked sending the Dauphin out of Paris, and tells Marcheaux to look for the Musketeers because one of them will lead him to the boy.

Constance goes to the garrison and Brujon says that Athos is at the palace but there's someone waiting to see Constance. It's Anne, who has worked out that if Aramis didn't know where the Dauphin is then Constance must know. The Queen has found her son's abandoned clothing, and orders Constance to take her to the Dauphin. Constance finally agrees to take the Dauphin to the Church at Saint-Sulpice in an hour, and Anne can see him if she hides there. Realizing that her son's life depends on it, Anne agrees.

Marcheaux finds his men where they are drinking and says that they have work to do. They ignore him until he kicks a table and says that they will hunt Musketeers. Marcheaux tosses Lucien's money at the men and says that he knows where Porthos is... and he's as good as dead.

At the palace, D'Artagnan talks to Athos and warns that all of the secrecy is wrong. Athos agrees and says that Constance has the Dauphin.

Constance returns to her former home and tells Sylvie that she has to take the Dauphin to Saint-Sulpice at the Queen's command. She takes the boy to the church and they sit in a pew.

Sylvie goes to the garrison and tells Aramis that she needs his help. Marcheaux watches from nearby and hears them discussing Saint-Sulpice.

A veiled Anne goes to the church balcony and looks down on her son. Marcheaux and a Red Guard come in, knock Constance aside, and grab the boy. After they leave, Sylvie arrives and Constance tells her what happened. Aramis attacks Marcheaux but he's forced to deal with the other man, and Marcheaux makes good his escape. Constance and Sylvie grabs the Dauphin, and Anne steps out of the shadows and admits she ordered Constance to bring the boy there. Aramis admits that he might have done the same, and promises that he will always watch over them.

Once Anne leaves, Aramis tells the women that Marcheaux and his men will swarm the area. Constance remembers a laundry that she brought the Dauphin as a baby, and the women there will help. However, she'll need the Musketeers' protection. Aramis has no choice but to go and get his comrades.

As dusk approaches, Treville tells Porthos that he must talk to the Duke alone. He gives Porthos authority to offer Gaston even more money and joint control of the army, as long as the Musketeer keeps Gaston away. Porthos talks to Gaston outside and makes the offer and Gaston listens, intrigued.

Treville offers to negotiate further concessions if the Duke pulls his army ten leagues back. After a moment, the Duke agrees and offers his hand, and the two men shake.

Aramis finds Athos and D'Artagnan at the garrison and tells them what is happening. They ride to the laundry.

Marcheaux tells Lucien what happened, and insists that he has men all over Saint Antoine. Lucien figures that the Duke will negotiate and vows to use the Dauphin to raise Gaston up and destroy the new treaty.

At the laundry, Audrey feeds the Dauphin and the two women. D'Artagnan arrives and assures Constance that Athos was right to swear her to secrecy. Audrey takes them to a cellar to hide and he sends the women on their way before going down with the Dauphin.

As the Red Guards tear apart Saint Antoine, Athos and Aramis arrive and find Marcheaux waiting for them. The Musketeers draw their swords and attack, and Marcheaux walks off while his men fight.

Lucien and his Red Guards enter the laundry and Audrey feigns ignorance. The intruders find nothing and start to leave, but Lucien notices Audrey sigh in relief and calls his men back. He starts jabbing his sword between the floorboards, finally stabbing D'Artagnan in the shoulder. D'Artagnan moans in pain, and D'Artagnan emerges to attack him. The Red Guards subdue him, and Lucien leaves with the Dauphin and the Musketeer.

Aramis and Athos finally kill their opponents, and Audrey arrives to give them the news. Athos figures that Lucien will go back to the Duke's camp to disrupt the treaty, and the two Musketeers head out.

Once the Duke pulls his troops back, Treville says that he will recommend full independence for Lorraine. Before the Duke can sign the treaty, Gaston and Porthos come in. Gaston says that he accepts Treville's offer, and Treville says that Porthos wasn't authorized to offer anything. He realizes that the Duke has negotiated a treaty and insists that he's the rightful regent of France. The Duke dismisses him as a vindictive child and says that he's keeping his word, and Treville has Porthos arrest Gaston.

As the Duke prepares to sign, Lucien and his men drag in D'Artagnan and present the Dauphin. The Duke insists that he owes Lucien nothing, and then signs the treaty. Lucien stabs him in the chest, while Treville and Porthos attack their captors. D'Artagnan breaks free and sends the Dauphin to Treville, who grabs him and yells at the Musketeers to get the horses and then runs out, barring the door behind him. Gaston runs off in the confusion, while Lucien finishes off the Duke.

As Treville gets to the horses, carrying the Dauphin, one of the Red Guard shoot him in the back. Porthos returns fire and Treville puts the boy on the Musketeer's horse, and yells at Porthos to go as more men run out. Porthos gives Treville a knife and rides off, and Treville charges the Red Guard with knife and pistols. He kills three men but the others shoot him down as Aramis and Athos arrive and open fire. Lucien fires the final shot into Treville and walks away, while the Musketeers finish off the Red Guard.

The Musketeers run to the dying Treville. They assure their friend that the Dauphin is safe and can only watch as he dies.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 7, 2016

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