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Top Ten Meltdowns Recap

Anthony looks at the owners and staff who have lost their temper when Hotel Impossible has visited their hotels... and some of the times when Anthony has lost his temper.

#10 Meltdown: Cherry Bomb

At the Autoport Motel in State College, Pennsylvania, he talks to one of the staff members about her past as part of a swinging couple. He discovers that the owners, Linda and Gregory Mussi, had lost $1.3 million in a court finding. Anthony tells them that he can't help foreclosed hotels, and Linda breaks into tears and says that she can't stand to lose the property. Anthony tries to make changes quickly, and discovers that he's up against bed bugs, a maintenance room in disarray, and a major shortage of sheets. Anthony tells the Mussis that he has to tell the banker that he doesn't have faith in them. Linda breaks down and complains that she has to micromanage her staff. However, Linda then turned it around and talked like a real GM, promising Anthony that she'll run the place properly and have all of the staff step up. Anthony tells her to tell the banker the same thing in a professional manner, and gets the hotel a second chance.

#9 Meltdown: Crappy Management

Anthony visits the Crookston Inn and Convention Center in Crookston, MN. The banquet manager is running the ballroom into the ground, and the head of housekeeping, Rachel, tells Anthony to stay out of her way. The rooms are filthy and Anthony has the employees talk about their experience while the owners secretly watch from the other room. The owners are shocked and the husband, Todd, admits that there's a lot of pressure on his wife. Anthony says that there are employees that he's met that would never work with him. Todd takes the managers out of their managerial roles.

#8 Meltdown: Joe the Volcano

At the Waldorf Niagara in Niagara, NY, Anthony discovers that the property is infested with bugs. The employees don't know how to work the fire alarm system, and the GM Joe couldn't fix the problems. He tests one fire alarm and discovers that it doesn't work. Anthony storms out and complains to the camera about how the guests are in constant danger. When he confronted Joe in the parking lot, he said that Joe has to go. Joe blows up about the owner, who refuses to spend the money. Anthony realizes that at least Joe has the passion, and eventually Joe says that he will make the changes and succeed, or die trying.

#7 Meltdown: Text Abuse

At the Charles Inn, at Bangor, ME, the owner Connie has a failed romantic relationship with the bartender, Paul. However, he refuses to go and verbally abuses her. Paul claims that she pushes him and has quite a temper. Connie's daughter Christina confirms her mother's side of the story and shows Anthony an example of a text message Paul sent her mother. Anthony reads the abusive message out loud and Christina breaks into tears. She asks Anthony to get Paul to leave. Paul agrees to go

#6 Meltdown: Forced Retirement

Anthony goes to the Sevilla Inn in Kissimmee, FL, and finds rooms swarming with bugs. The exterminator confirms that it's the worse that he's ever seen. The owner Rene's daughter yells at her father, and Anthony tells them to calm down or he won't help them. The daughter says that the stress of the business has taken its toll, and she and her brother wanted to take over the business. They both believe that Rene will die if he keeps working there. The children confront Rene and say that they're worried about his health, and insist that they can handle the hotel. Rene agrees, breaking into tears, and says that he'll take a rest.

#5 Meltdown: Sister Act

At the Grant Hills Motel in Galena, IL, Anthony discovers that the hotel is failing because of the rift between sisters Ramona and Renee. Ramona owns the hotel and Renee is the front desk manager, but they barely speak to each other. To get the hotel back on track, Anthony brought them together but Ramona can barely stand to look at Renee. She says that Renee is dead to her, and Anthony calls in a clinical psychologist to help them. Since then, the business and their relationship has improved.

#4 Meltdown: Tough Guy Tears

Anthony goes to the Curve Hotel in Palm Springs, CA, he discovers a complete lack of upkeep around their pool area, including vomit on the mattresses. The head of housekeeping, Joaquin, blows up at Anthony when he starts wrecking the place to prove his point. Anthony figures that he's passionate, and calls a meeting with the owners. Joaquin breaks into tears when Anthony says that he has more passion than the owners. He shakes Joaquin's hand and commends him for his passion.

#3 Meltdown: Island Bar Breakdown

The Casa Verde Hotel in Puerto Rico is hard to find, but their loud bar isn't so difficult to locate. A bartender tells Anthony that guests shouldn't come there to sleep. Anthony talks to the owner, Billy, who wants to make a change because the bar is bad for his children and for the community. He blames himself for ruining the lives of all of his customers for selling them alcohol, and breaks into tears. Billy is a recovering alcoholic, and closed the bar. The hotel has become a big success since then.

Honorable Mention

Before moving onto the top two, Anthony reviews the Ritz Hotel, the Los Olas resort, the Charlroy Motel, the Vermont Inn, the Charles Inn, the Heathstone Inn, and the High Meadows Inn.. They work mostly with family-owned hotels, and sometimes when Anthony saves the businesses, he helps the hotels.

#2 Meltdown: Recovery Impossible

Anthony goes to the Simmons Hotel in Hershey, PA, and discovers that the exterior is spotless and the rooms are clean. The GM, Whitney, is the son of the 91-year-old owner, and the reviews say that he drinks. Whitney's son Ian finally says that his father has a drinking problem. Whitney insists that he doesn't have a problem, and says that he has been in three rehabs. Anthony calls in a professional and Anthony admits that he's had problems but he can control it now. Ian says that Whitney's alcoholism is ruining relationships, and Whitney snaps at him. He says that he can listen to Ian, and Ian says that he wants to get out of the area. Whitney finally says that he has to go, and Anthony tells him to sit back down unless he's a coward. They manage to get Whitney to a rehab center and the hotel starts to improve.

#1 Meltdown: Used & Abused

After recapping the meltdowns, Anthony reveals the #1 meltdown: the Country Barn Motel and Campground. The front desk has bars between the desk and the guests, and the GM has only been there for six months. The GM, Sherri, breaks into tears in her office when she thinks all the problems are being blamed on her. Anthony meets with her and she says that nobody backs her up. Sherri says that the police don't come there nearly as often, and she lives there because she makes $9.50 an hour. She pays $273 a week to live there on top of that, and works 61 hours a week.

Anthony only stays at the property to do something for Sherri. He confronts the owners about their ability to manage anything, and figures that they're taking advantage of Sherri, Anthony, and the guests. However, the owners make a commitment to improve the hotel and Sherri's working conditions, and Sherri agrees it will make her life easier.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 7, 2016

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