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Containment Recap

Night at a soccer field, and someone in the bushes watches the young players practicing. A boy, Cameron Wells, kicks the ball into the bushes, and his father Joel sends him to get it. As Cameron reaches for the ball, something grabs him and drags him away. On the field, Joel hears Cameron screaming.

Koen drives to the Zone and the CA guards check his ID. They let him through and inside, he parks and starts walking. Koen then remembers Waruu beating him up as a child.

A young Waruu and his friends hold Koen down, and Waruu insists that his half-brother admit that his mother is a white whore. When Koen refuses, Waruu releases spit in h is face and walks away with his friends.

Two Hairies come over and ask Koen what he's doing there. Before they can attack him, Aunty Linda looks out of her window, sees them, and tells them not to fight. She's surprised to see Koen there, and he says that he needs to talk to her. Linda tells Koen to come upstairs, and she hugs him. Koen's left eye turns blue and he gets a vision of Linda receiving injections in a lab. He then asks why Jimmy picked him, and she admits that she has no idea. She figures that Waruu will be pissed because he's been waiting to become the Cleverman all of his life. Linda tells Koen that it's a big responsibility, and tells Koen that he has a chance to start over.

Linda brings out a suitcase and says that it has Koen's father's uni things in it. She found it after the accident, and tells Koen that he can't change the past but can try to do better. Linda admits that Koen's father wasn't perfect, and the gift of the Cleverman is Koen's and no one can tell him what to do with it. Koen says that he sees thing, including Linda receiving treatments, and she admits that she has lymphatic cancer and will be dead in six months. She's surprised he saw it all, and asks Koen what he's going to do with his new gift.

At home, Waruu remembers examining Jimmy's corpse. Nerida comes and tells her husband that he doesn't need a title, and Waruu insists that "Cleverman" is more than a title. Harry arrives and talks to Waruu privately, and says that they need to take action after Boondee and his family were taken in. As Harry shows Waruu photos of trucks that have been going back and forth. Alinta finds Waruu's phone and dials the last number, and Belinda answers. The girl hangs up without responding.

Harry tells Waruu and Nerida that the trucks have ventilation, and knows a guy on the inside who can get them into the main cells. Waruu figures that Harry wants to break out the prisoners and bring them to the Zone, giving the CA the excuse they need, and Harry insists that they'll be ready for them. As Waruu insists that they need a political fix, and that's why he's going on the show, Alinta comes in and slams Waruu's phone down on the counter before walking off. He looks at it and realizes that someone just dialed Belinda's office.

In prison, Djukara is exercising against prison regs. As the other prisoners warn him, Dickson comes in and sees Djukara, and orders the other prisoners down on the floor. Djukara ignores the head guard, who opens the cell door. The Hairy attacks him and then the other guards, but they overwhelm him through sheer numbers They beat him Djukara and Dickson finally punches him unconscious.

Latani is in his family's abandoned apartment. Virgil knocks on the door and says that she knows Latani is inside and hungry, and leaves a plate of food. Latani gets it and goes back inside, closing the door behind her. Virgil comes back and tells her to leave the plate, and invites the girl to come visit her if she wants.

The guards drag Djukara into a cell with Boondee. Djukara feigns unconscious, getting a look at the security key code.

At the soccer field, the police are bagging up Cameron's body when Belinda and her news crew arrive. She calls Jarrod and says her team are the first ones on the scene, and Jarrod assures her that it's their exclusive for the next hour. He'll break to her in the middle of the show, and says he'll think about telling Waruu ahead of time.

At home, Jarrod finds a pregnancy test stick in the bathroom garbage and realizes that it's negative. He goes to Charlotte and asks why she didn't say something, and Charlotte says that she couldn't bear to see his disappointment. Jarrod suggests that they try again, and Charlotte assures him that she isn't giving up but just drawing a line in the sand. The couple hug as Charlotte cries.

At home, Koen looks at the club that Jimmy gave him.

Waruu looks at himself in the mirror.

Koen looks through his father's things and finds photos of himself and Waruu. One of them is torn in half, one half-brother on each half.

At the prison, Dickson brings Araluen and two other Hairywomen in. A woman, Frankie, comes in and looks them over. Dickson tells Frankie to pick one, and asks when his money will come. Frankie ignores him and says that she needs English, and Araluen speaks up and tells Frankie to take her. When Frankie asks if she knows what she's volunteering for, Araluen says that it doesn't matter. Frankie checks her teeth and hands, and says that Araluen will do whatever she wants her to do, and then tells Dickson that she's found what she needs. Dickson shoots the other two Hairies in the head and Frankie injects Araluen with a sedative.

Latani goes to Virgil's apartment to return the plate, and Virgil introduces herself. She invites Latani in for tea, and Latani turns to go. Virgil says that she knows what Latani is and doesn't care, and goes back inside. After a moment, Latani goes in with her and closes the door behind her. Virgil is watching The Jane O'Grady Show, and invites Latani to watch it with her.

Geoff and Waruu are Jane's guests, and Jane points out that the government is committing almost two billion dollars to the new "Subhuman" containment program. Waruu objects to the forcible removal of Hairies from their homes, and Geoff says that he can't discuss operational manners. He insists that they are well-provided for in clean accommodations.

Nerida calls Alinta in to see her father on TV.

Waruu figures that the government is hiding something because they have something to hide. In the control booth, Jarrod watches as the technicians do their job. Jane agrees with Waruu that the government should let the press conduct guided tours, while Jarrod notices Harry standing nearby. The director, Rosie, identifies Harry as Waruu's right-hand man. Jarrod has the director do a close-up of Harry's hands, and he realizes that Harry is a shaved-down Hairy.

Geoff and Waruu continue arguing, and Geoff insists that Hairies are inherently violent. Waruu says that trucks come in the night to take Hairies away, and Geoff objects to the slanderous accusations. His opponent reminds Geoff that the Indigenous people started the Zone and accepted the Hairies, and the government created the wall and the checkpoints. Jane returns to the disappearances, and Waruu explains that people have reported to him that Hairies are disappearing.

Jane interrupts for a breaking story, and Belinda comes on to report that Cameron is the second victim of violence after Jimmy... and Hairies are considered responsible for both. Jane asks if Cameron's heart was torn out, just like Jimmy's was, and suggests that a Hairyperson would be strong enough to do it.

At the Zone, Maliyan picks up the TV and slams it to the floor in a fury.

Waruu objects to the media using his uncle's death, while Geoff says that they shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Virgil tells Latani that they said things about her people, the Jews, from time to time. She suggests that they watch something else, and apologizes for what happened to Latani's family. Latani confirms that the CA shot down her sister.

Jane asks Waruu about the Aboriginal stories of the Dreaming and how they warn that the Hairypeople are dangerous. Waruu says that the Hairypeople lived peacefully among humans without discovery until six years ago. After Jane ends the show, Waruu complains to Geoff that they set him up. Geoff points out that Waruu never finished high school and lives on government handouts and Nerida's salary, and he's not qualified to act as spokesman for anyone. Jarrod approaches Waruu and thanks him for coming, but Waruu ignores him and leaves. Harry introduces himself to Jarrod, and Jarrod smiles and glances down at Harry's hands.

At the bar, Koen is drinking with Blair and Ash. Koen tests his vision powers on Blair and sees a series of disturbing future images, including a man holding a gun to Blair's head and Ash dead. He dismisses it as nothing, and Blair cuts his arm twice with a lemon knife. They watch as the wounds heal in a matter of seconds, and Ash angrily tells Blair to stop doing it. As they talk, Koen hears a woman's voice in his head whispering "Ngaluunggirr".

Waruu calls Belinda and says that he told her what happened to Jimmy in confidence. She insists that it's her job, and he tells her to go to hell and hangs up.

As he showers, Koen hears the woman's voice in his head again whispering "Ngaluunggirr," and has a vision of her on a table in a lab. He goes out to where Ash is sitting on the bed. When she grabs his arms, Koen gets another vision of Ash dead and an empty shot glass. He claims that he isn't seeing anything and then complains of a headache, but insists that he's fine. Koen says that he wants to be left alone, and Ash storms out as the woman--Kora--keeps whispering to Koen.

In his room, Waruu goes to the window and looks up at the moon. Nerida calls him back to bed.

The next day, Jarrod is at his manor looking out at the ocean.

At home, Virgil is running a sewing machine when Latani wakes up. Latani admits that she's 15 and Virgil bursts into laughter, and tells the girl to never get alone. She asks what Latani's plans are, and Latani says that she's waiting for her family to return. Virgil warns her that they're not coming back, and says that Latani can stay with her. However, she warns that eventually the CA will find her. She says that she can help Latani, but Latani has to decide who she wants to be.

In the prison, Boondee approaches Djukara in his cell and admits that he doesn't know where Latani and Araluen are. Djukara says that he's trying to figure a way out, and Boondee says that they have to stay alive. Dickson comes down and demands to know what's going on, and Djukara tells him to mind his own business. Boondee says in their own tongue that Dickson will beat him, and then tells Dickson that he told Djukara that he has to fit in and socialize. Dickson laughs and asks for Boondee's name. When he hears it, he calls him "Trevor" because it's easier to pronounce. Boondee agrees and Dickson leaves. Djukara says that if Boondee had fought with him then Jyra would still be alive and they'd be free. His father says that he's wrong, and Djukara tells him to do his job and calls him a slave.

At the Zone, Charlotte is tending to her patients when Eve brings in flowers for her from Jarrod. There's a note from him suggesting that they try one more time. She calls Jarrod and thanks him for the flowers, and Jarrod suggests that they go back to the clinic. Charlotte says that she can't and asks him not to ask her again. Jarrod says that he's building an ark for them, but when Charlotte wonders what he means, he says that it's nothing.

Dickson drags Djubaka out of his cell.

Virgil gives Latani contact lenses and a fake ID card, and tells the girl to do what she has to do to survive. The old woman reminds Latani that she's faster and stronger than the CA, and Latani thanks her for her help before leaving.

Dickson and his men gather the Hairies and put a collar around Djukara's neck. The guard electrifies it briefly, and Djukara vows to kill him. Dickson tortures him again and explains that in England, they realized the best way to punish a prince was to punish his best friend. The guards bring Boondee in, wearing a collar, and Dickson says that when Djukara doesn't behave, he'll torture Boondee. He activates the collar and Boondee collapses to his knees in pain. Djukara begs him to stop, but Dickson continues until Djukara says that he'll follow the rules. Dickson stops but tells Djukara that they're not finished yet.

Araluen wakes up wearing expensive lingerie in a bedroom. She realizes that she's locked in.

Waruu and Harry are going over their plan to break into the prison. Harry thinks that they should do more than just film, and warns that the humans don't care. He tells Waruu that he doesn't understand because he's not a Hairy, and Waruu reminds him that he's a pariah in his own country. He insists that their either go in with just cameras or they don't go in at all.

Dickson makes the other prisoners watch as his men chain Djukara up and shave him. Djukara sobs in pain from the rough job, his body covered with cuts and welts. Boondee is forced to watch, and Dickson asks him if he's happy with his son's free haircut.

Latani puts in the contact lenses.

Araluen goes to the window and realizes that it's barred.

Latani goes outside.

Koen continues to hear Koar in his head. He writhes in pain, just as Blair arrives. He says that he doesn't hear any voice, and Koen says that he has to find her. They drive through the city and Koen directs Blair where to go. They finally arrive ata car park and drive in. Koen leads Blair to an elevator and they go up to a lab on the top floor. There's nothing there but empty office space, but Koen insists that the voice is there somewhere. He goes up the stairs to an occupied office space, and a scientist, Everick, demands to know who let them in. Blair claims that they're with cleaning services, and Koen slams Everick against the wall and asks where she is. Everick glances over at a door and Koen takes the key card from the scientist and unlocks it. Blair yanks Everick's phone away when she tries to call out, and demands to know what's going on.

Koen finds Koar on a table, wired to monitors. Despite the fact that she's unconscious, she speaks to him in his mind and asks for his help. He unhooks the wires and carries her out, and alarms go off. Blair locks Everick up and goes with his friend, and the security cameras pick them up. They get back to their car and Blair drives away. As they go, Koen sees an old Aborigine woman's face on Koar and then it disappears.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 10, 2016

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