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Landslide Recap

The next day, Wynonna, Waverly, and Gus watch Willa sleep after Xavier gives her some pills top calm her down. Gus figures that it’s a second chance and Wynonna says that they can’t tell anyone until they know for sure. Xavier returns and shows them Willa’s DNA report... confirming that she’s an Earp. He assures the women that Black Badge doesn’t know anything about Willa. Willa wakes up gasping, reliving her killing Lou, and Waverly explains that she sent him back to Hell. When she wants to leave, Xavier says that she can’t go anywhere. Willa says that she doesn’t know any of them, and Wynonna tells her that according to the DNA test she’s officially an Earp and offers her a drink.

Revenants Abel and Zed are breaking open a roundhouse and Zed warns that they’ll be hungry. They cut through the lock and go into the roundhouse, and hear a woman yelling for help. They investigate and find two women strung up, and figure that they’re sick. When they free the women, t5he two women make eye contact with them and enthrall them, then start chewing on their rescuers.

Wynonna and Waverly take Willa to her old room to see if they can trigger her memories. She wonders why her parents never redecorated, and Wynonna doesn’t mention what happened to Ward. Willa finds a switchblade in the jewelry box and wonders what kind of people would give a kid a knife. She says that she’s going to take a shower, remove her robes, and goes to the bathroom. Once they’re alone, Wynonna insists that Willa needs them but Waverly says that Willa doesn’t know them. She then says that she has to go see Nicole before the poker spectacular.

At Shorty’s, Cryderman reminds Bobo about the poker spectacular. Cryderman points out that he has six big spenders coming to Purgatory and warns that he expects a certain level of sophistication. Bobo says that in four days he’ll leave, and demands what he asked for. Cryderman takes a package out of his briefcase and promises that it’s just part of what is to come. Bobo takes out several green crystals, and Cryderman says that there are more on the way. He tells Bobo that he’s handling Black Badge and leaves. The two women, Jolene and Cora, come over to flirt with Bobo.

Outside, one of the players, Bradley Stokes, arrives with a briefcase of cash. Cryderman sees him and welcomes him to Purgatory, and says that he’s gotten him one of the most expensive rooms at the hotel.

At the homestead, Wynonna and Gus drink and Wynonna says that they shouldn’t have given up on Willa after the Seven took her. Gus says that after six months of searching, they found a piece of Willa’s nightgown covered in blood. She suggests that bringing Willa back could heal them all, just as Willa comes in and asks for the truth about what happened to Ward.

Stokes goes to his motel room and makes himself at home. He goes into the next room and finds Jolene and Cora waiting for him, their eyes glowing blue. They entrance Stokes, walk out of the blood-splattered bathroom, and throw him onto the bed. The women undress him and Jolene takes the money while Cora rips Stokes apart.

As Wynonna shoots the Peacemaker, she tells Willa about the Revenants. Willa figures that Wynonna hates the curse, and Wynonna wonders it would make her if she didn’t. She then says that Willa was supposed to be the Heir and hands her the Peacemaker, and Willa remembers Ward teaching her how to shoot. She tells Wynonna that she remembers their father and Wynonna, but not what happened after the Seven took her. Willa then aims and shoots the next target. Xavier arrives and tells Wynonna that they’ve got something, and Willa tells Wynonna that she’ll be okay.

A man, Juan Carlos, spots the pink Cadillac on the side of the road, its hood up. Doc is dozing in the front seat, but wakes up and aims his gun. Juan says that he’ll be on his way, and Doc starts to ask for help. He notices a stone marker nearby and recognizes it, and then asks Juan for help. Doc admits that he got angry and threw the keys out past the marker, Juan goes to get them and walks safely past the marker. When Doc sees him succeed, he takes out the keys and claims that he found them. Doc introduces himself but Juan doesn’t give his name.

That night, Waverly shows Willa her death certificate and explains that they buried an empty coffin. She says that they killed her and asks what they buried in Ward’s coffin, and Waverly says that they buried Ward in it. Willa remembers the Seven pulling her out and wonders if Waverly is scared of her. When Waverly doesn’t answer, Willa runs outside and Waverly goes after her.

Xavier and Wynonna go to the abandoned rail yard and armor up and Xavier tells her that there was blood at the motel room but no body. He knows about Stokes and tracked his smart watch to the rail yard, and realizes that Wynonna is distracted. Xavier tells her to focus, saying that she’s the Earp that he needs. As they head toward the roundhouse, Wynonna says that Willa was trained to be the Heir and she’s just the understudy, and Xavier assures her that she’s getting better.

As they talk, they hear something inside and they enter the building. Wynonna finds Cora chewing on Stokes’ corpse and Cora tries to entrance Wynonna. It has no effect and the runs off, and Wynonna yells a warning to Xavier. Jolene steps out of the shadows and entrances Xavier, and Cora joins them as Xavier stares at them, smiling. The women kiss him and sense that he has power deep inside, and argue over who will have him. Wynonna arrives and clubs Cora with a sledgehammer, and Jolene runs off. She slaps Xavier out of it and shoots Cora, sending her back to Hell, and then she and Xavier go looking for Jolene.

Xavier finds Jolene and she comes toward him. He holds her and asks who she is, and Jolene says that they get hungry being alone and Cryderman sent them. He spins her away and Wynonna shoots her back to Hell. Waverly calls and tells Waverly that Willa took off.

Juan continues working on the car and tells Doc that he managed to find a fan belt for the Cadillac. He wonders where Doc is going, and Doc says that he’s just a drifter. Juan says that drifting is another word for running, and that being in the dark changes a mind. When Doc wonders what Juan is saying, Juan suggests that maybe it’s a woman and Doc insists that it isn’t. After a moment, Juan asks if Doc has ever been to war. He talks about when he got home from fighting, he didn’t know what to do. When Doc wonders when he gave it up, Juan says that he didn’t and asks for a tool from his box. As Doc gets it, he finds an old marshal’s badge. He asks when Juan gave it up, and Juan says that he didn’t ... and neither did Doc. When Doc turns back to him, Juan is back in his truck and holds up a flask of hot chocolate.

Doc gets in the truck and asks why Juan has Wyatt’s badge. He says that he threw it into a fire, and demands answers. When he draws his hand, Juan casually takes it away and says that Doc can call him Juan Carlos. No one sent him: he just is. Doc wonders what he is, and Juan says that he’s asking the wrong question. When Doc asks why he’s there, Juan says that’s the right question and tells him that he and his associates have a vested interest in the Ghost River Triangle. He says that Doc has only four days until winter solstice and the door opens. If it opens then Wynonna will lose, even with Doc’s help. Juan tells Doc to choose: keep drifting or face the darkness with Wynonna at his side. He hands Doc his gun back and says that he can have the fan belt or the badge, but not both.

The next day, Wynonna and Waverly go into town and Wynonna complains that Waverly spooked Willa into running. She wishes that Doc was there to help them track Willa, and sees a flyer for half-drink at Shorty’s. Wynonna then figures that Willa would have gone there to drink and the two women head out.

Willa is downing drinks when a man, Chuck, hits on her. He buys her more drinks, and Wynonna and Waverly arrive and see their sister. Bobo isn’t there, and Waverly goes to get the Jeep so they can make a quick escape. Chuck realizes that Willa knew Lou, and she realizes that he’s a Revenant. Wynonna comes over and pulls Willa over, and Willa says that she shouldn’t have shot Ward. However, she says that maybe Ward deserved it because he knew the attack was coming. All Willa remembers is that Ward let the Seven come into their house and tear them apart. Chuck tells them to go, and Willa grabs the Peacemaker from Willa and sends Chuck back to Hell. The other Revenants run, and Wynonna grabs the gun back. She points out that there are humans in the bar, and they’ll have to deal with the Revenants the old-fashioned way. Two Revenants attack them and the two women knock them out before going out to the Jeep.

Back at the homestead, Xavier finds the women and Willa wonders why he’s upset. He points out that as far as the civilians are concerned, she shot a random person in a bar. Willa doesn’t see the problem, and wonders why Wynonna is listening to Xavier instead of follow her own instincts. Wynonna insists that they’re a team, and Willa says that she thought she was the brainwashed one. When Wynonna storms out, Willa tells him to stay put and says that she’ll deal with her sister.

Wynonna goes to the barn and Willa comes in after her. She apologizes for what she did, and Wynonna says that she was acting like an Earp. Willa admits that she lost control and was angry at everyone, and then remembers that they used to play there with gummy bears. Waverly slips in and secretly listens to them talk, as Willa says that it’s always been just the two of them. She assures Wynonna that she’s not alone anymore and hugs her. Waverly watches and goes.

Bobo returns to Shorty’s and the bartender tells him that it was the two Earp girls. He shows him video that a civilian took, and Bobo crushes the phone in anger when he sees Willa.

A group of mercenaries prepare their guns, say that their orders are to make a clean sweep with no witnesses, and drive onto the homestead lands.

Waverly brings coffee to Xavier, who says that things aren’t adding up. He figures that someone is feeding Cryderman Black Badge intel, and says that Black Badge is more than a job to him. The mercenaries arrive outside as Xavier tells Waverly that it’s okay if she doesn’t like Willa. Waverly says that she was never close to Willa and still doesn’t know her, and Xavier promises that they’ll get to the bottom of it and they still need Waverly.

The mercenaries fire a smoke grenade in through the window and then open fire, and Xavier and Waverly take cover. In the barn, Wynonna and Willa see the mercenaries and Wynonna figures that they’re humans rather than Revenants. She figures that they can take them by surprise and Willa agrees.

As Waverly crawls to the next room, a mercenary tosses a grenade in and Xavier grabs it and throws it back out, taking out one of the mercenaries. Waverly grabs a shotgun from the kitchen, while Xavier returns fire. In the barn, Wynonna gets out the guns Xavier gave her for protection and Willa locks and loads one with practiced ease.

Waverly opens fire and is forced to duck back down when a mercenary returns fire. Meanwhile, Wynonna and Willa come out and take out one mercenary, and the remaining one falls back. The women run into the house and Waverly staggers out, bleeding. She collapses and Willa says that they have to go after the mercenary. Wynonna runs to Waverly and tells Willa to wait, but Willa goes after their attackers on her own. Waverly tells Wynonna to go after her. Wynonna reluctantly does so and goes after Willa while Xavier tends to Waverly’s flesh wound.

The mercenary grabs Willa and prepares to shoot her. Bobo is standing just outside the line, stops him telekinetically, then beats him with a rock. Once he’s done, Bobo stares at Willa. Wynonna arrives with the Peacemaker and prepares to shoot, but Willa shoves Wynonna to the ground and the bullet only grazes Bobo. Willa tells Wynonna that Bobo saved her.

Later, Wynonna tends to Waverly’s wound while Xavier clears the perimeter. He figures that it was an assassination attempt, and shows them a photo of himself that he found on one of the dead mercenaries. Xavier figures that he was the target. Willa comes in and tells Wynonna to tell her everything she knows about Wynonna.

The bartender brings Cryderman to Shorty’s, and Cryderman tells Bobo that he thought he was killing Xavier and the Earps like Bobo wanted. When the judge goes for a gun, Bobo telekinetically knocks it away and grabs Cryderman’s head. Cryderman begs for his life, and Bobo tells him to throw him a party.

Doc is driving down the road when the Cadillac’s engine burns out. As he gets out to check the engine, someone knocks him unconscious and drags him away.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 11, 2016

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