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The Possibilities Recap

A woman, Dany, is sitting in a Houston park and lights a cigarette. Dany says that he's like an animal, always stuffing himself. She tells the person with her that he goes up by 9:30 and says that she'll get the layout and the alarm geography. Tulip insists that she isn't killing Dany's husband, and Dany asks for the information. Her friend gives her a package concerning Grail Industries and wonders what it is, and Dany says that it's none of their business what it is. She then reluctantly hands over a piece of paper with an address to Tulip and says that it's the last one known. Tulip checks it and remembers.

Tulip watches a car drive off without her and screams in frustration.

Staring off into space, Tulip says that was the day it all turned bad for her and Jesse. She promises that someone is going to pay.

Later, Dany drives a van to a theater. She sits down behind a white-suited man and gives him a package, and says that her girl was good. The man gestures her to leave, and Dany walks away. the man then walks into an access tunnel.

At the Sundowner Motel, Hugo talks to Fiore and DeBlanc in their room. They explain that something got loose and ended up there, and they're not sure why. DeBlanc warns Hugo that people have died, and many more will as will if they fail in their mission. Fiore tells the sheriff to not tell anyone and to leave them alone. Hugo wonders if they're dealing with an escaped lunatic, and Fiore hastily assure him that they are. DeBlanc agrees. As Hugo goes, he describes how a child went missing in El Paso. The parents left their other two children with a pretzel vendor and find their missing child. However, one of their other children turned up dead, and the never one was never found. The vendor had never come to anyone's attention as a killer. Hugo sighs and leaves, and DeBlanc figures that they're running out of time and need to try again. He's sure that the can is still as the church, and Fiore goes to their collection of guns and says that there won't be any surprises the second time.

Terri tends to her comatose daughter Traci and tells Emily that Jesse came by early without calling and prayed with Traci alone. He told Terri that something would happen, and after a few minutes ran off. Terri admits that Jesse was right and points to Traci, who has opened her eyes. She figures that something has happened and Emily agrees.

Jack is out in front of his house calling for his mom. Donnie comes out and says that Betsy won't be walking him to the bus that day because he and Jack are going to talk. After his father leads him to an alleyway, Jack says that he should have never gone to Jesse and apologizes. Donnie tells his son that whatever he thinks he hears sometimes through the bedroom walls, he doesn’t really hurt Betsy. He insists that he loves Betsy and starts to walk off, and Jack says that one of his classmates is going around saying that Jesse sucker-punched Donnie. Jack made him take it back and kicked his ass, and Donnie tells him he did good. He then takes his son to the school bus that Linus is driving. Linus doesn't remember one of the girls, Janey. Donnie puts Jack on the bus and notices the bandage on Linus' face, just as the girls tease Donnie calling him "bunny man."

At the church, someone knocks at the door. Cassidy opens it and finds no one outside... and a coffin lying on the ground. It's Ted's coffin from Florida. Emily comes up behind him and asks what he's doing, and says that the delivery dropped it off an hour ago. She wants Cassidy to get on it, and he insists that he's on it. Emily wonders if he's seen Jesse, and Cassidy figures that she could wait to see him in an hour as scheduled. Once she leaves, Cassidy goes to the closet to get the van keys, and then goes through the kitchen. He realizes that Jesse is sitting in the dark in his office, and Jesse doesn't answer him. After a minute, Jesse says that he wants to show Cassidy something.

A trooper pulls over Tulip and she gets a glove out of the glove compartment and hides it on the seat. As she puts on an Army ring, the sheriff asks if she knows how fast she was driving. He tells her to step out so he can detain her and impound the vehicle. Tulip assures him that she's not going to cry and puts her hand up as she gets her coat. The trooper notices the ring and asks where she served, and Tulip says that she was in Afghanistan as a helicopter pilot. She then sniffles and explains that she was going fast because a friend has started making bad life decisions. Tulip hasn't been able to get through to him until today, and would break a hundred laws to get the guy back on track. The trooper asks if she's sure he's worth it, and Tulip says that she wishes he wasn't. She considers reaching for the gun, and the trooper tells her to slow down and that her guy will wait for her if he knows what's good for him. Tulip apologizes for crying and the trooper goes back to his car and drives away. She then speeds off down the road.

Jesse commands Cassidy using his Voice, making him ho, sing, and box. Cassidy does everything he's told, and then leaps through the air when Jesse tells him to fly. The vampire admits that what Jesse can do is awesome.

At Quincannon Meat & Power, a secretary goes to Odin's office where he's listening to cows moo over the intercom. Once she drops off the file and leaves, Odin turns the intercom up.

At the church, Cassidy realizes that Jesse isn't very excited about his new power. Jesse says that he's had the Voice since at least the previous night, and has been feeling different recently. Cassidy asks him how it feels, and Jesse says that it feels like all of creation is in him. The vampire assures him that it might feel like a curse, but Jesse should consider that it doesn't have to be. He tells Jesse to imagine the possibilities.

DeBlanc and Fiore suit up and wait for dark. The lights flicker and Fiore says that he's ready to go.

Donnie reads a letter to Odin about a possible business merger. He offers to visit the man and make him cry, and asks Odin what he can do. Distracted, Odin sets down his fork and tells Donnie to clear his tray. As Donnie does so, using his left hand because the other one is broken, Odin tells him to go and says that his right-hand man has no right hand.

Cassidy takes the coffin to the crematorium home and watches as it burns. As he goes to his truck, he sees a black SUV drive by and smiles.

Jesse is driving down the road when Tulip pulls up next to him. She honks and he pulls over, and Tulip tells him that Houston says hello. Jesse borrows a cigarette from her and asks if he seems different to her. Tulip wonders why he's asking, and Jesse tells her that something happened. Bored, Tulip says that she spoke to Dany and Jesse says that he's done with the life. He tells Tulip that he's trying to do something there, and Tulip wonders what it's for. Jesse says that he made a promise to be one of the good guys, and he'll have to save the town or answer to it. He tells Tulip to go back to her life of crime, and Tulip holds up the address and says that it's justice.

Jesse looks down on a dead guard that he's shot and watches with Tulip as their associate Carlos drives off.

Tulip says that it's Carlos' last known address. She says that there's no such thing as good guys--just guys--and Jesse's dead and the town is past saving. Tulip asks Jesse to come with her and kill Carlos. After a minute, they both speed off in Tulip's car.

As night falls, Fiore and DeBlanc move in on the church. Cassidy runs over them in the church van and says that the next time they need to find a different truck. He realizes that they're the two men he killed the night before, and figures that they're clones. Complaining that he has to do the job twice, Cassidy goes into the church as lightning flashes nearby. Inside, Cassidy is looking for large garbage bags when he hears the door open in the church. He goes to investigate and finds Fiore hiding between the pews. As Cassidy starts to beat him, DeBlanc steps out with the can and says that they're not there for Cassidy. He says that Jesse has something of theirs and they need to put it back.

Tulip stops for gas and suggests that they start by breaking every bone in Carlos' body. Jesse tells Tulip that there's something he has to talk to her, just as a car pulls up and Tulip tells him to go around. when the driver doesn't, Tulip starts to head over and the man quickly drives away. She comes back and Jesse says that he needs to use the restroom. Inside, Jesse looks at himself in the mirror and sees Donnie standing behind him, aiming a gun at his hand. The lights flicker and Donnie tells Jesse to turn around and get down on his knees. When Jesse does so, Donnie says that it's his turn to squeal for him. Jesse says that he's not going to squeal for him or die, but offers to make a deal with him. He promises to make Donnie's death look like a suicide.

When Donnie tries to pistol-whip him, Jesse uses the Voice and tells him to stop. He forces Donnie to sit on a toilet and put the gun in his mouth. After a moment, Jesse orders Donnie to drop the gun and says that he gets it. He tells Donnie that he can go, and Donnie runs out to his car and drives away. Jesse comes out and tells Tulip that he's changing his mind. She wonders if they're going to let Carlos get away with it, and Jesse says that they leave him to God. Tulip pounds on the car and says that she's not leaving without Jesse, and Jesse tells her to suit herself. he then walks off into the night.

At the church, DeBlanc and Fiore tell Cassidy that if they fail then there will be no turning back. They don't know anything about vampires, and just want what's inside Jesse. Cassidy wonders what they want it for, and DeBlanc says that it's never not be used, ever. They says that they're from Heaven, and Cassidy warns that Jesse is a lot tougher than he is. He offers to be their middleman and he'll bring Jesse to them. Cassidy insists that Jesse will listen to them, and Fiore and LeBlanc walk off.

At home, Eugene asks his father how his day was. Hugo says that there's a lot going on, and Eugene asks if he heard about Tracy opening her eyes after Jesse prayed with her. He suggests that it might be good for Tracy to have visitors, and Hugo tells him to stay away from the Loachs. Hugo warns that it's a monster swamp out in the world.

The next day at Ted's funeral in the church cemetery, Jesse gives the eulogy. The only person there is Emily.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 13, 2016

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