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Ebb Tide Recap

At a cemetery, a grieving mother looks on as gravediggers bury her child's coffin. Lily watches from a distance and then approaches the mother. The mother says that it was a girl, and Lily offers her condolences. She says that the day a good woman will have to undergo such indignities has almost passed, and they will not have to suffer their children to die dishonored. As she goes, Lily tells the mother that her daughter rests in good company, and then lays flowers on the grave of Sarah Croft.

At the museum, Vanessa lies sleeping among the exhibits. Renfield crawls toward her, sniffing at her skin, and then licks her. Vanessa stirs and Sweet grabs Renfield by the throat and lifts him up. He shakes his head and drops Renfield, who scurries away. Sweet then wakes Vanessa and she admits that she hasn't slept so well in years. They kiss and Sweet suggests that they leave before the staff arrives.

Later, Vanessa returns to Malcolm's townhouse and Caliban is waiting nearby. He calls to her and says that he's in need of a friend. They go inside and Caliban explains that the accident left him disfigured. He wonders how his family can accept him as he is, and Vanessa assures him that she sees a kind and loving man. She suggests that Caliban give his family the chance to love him again, and takes his hand. Vanessa asks him if he remembers the time when they met at the Benning Clinic, but he doesn't. She says that he was kind to her and she loved him for it, and the man she knew deserves to be loved. Caliban wonders if Vanessa has found happiness, and she admits that she doesn't know much of it. She says that they both should because they have been unhappy enough. Caliban wonders what happens if they're rejected, and Vanessa wonders if they can be more lonely then they are now. After a moment, Caliban agrees.

Malcolm, Ethan, and Kaetenay ride to the nearby town, and Ethan asks Kaetenay what he does now. The Apache says that he'll go with Ethan because he'll need allies for the battle ahead. Ethan insists that the battle is over, but Kaetenay warns him that Hell isn't done with him. When Ethan says that the way of land has brought nothing but blood and he can't live with it anymore, and he walked away from a woman who offered him her heart. Kaetenay wonders how he can let his people go so easily, and Ethan tells him that his people are in London now. The Apache warns that Ethan has a future he cannot escape, and admits that Ethan will always be his son. However, he warns that there is more to the world than what Ethan understands. A darkness is coming over the earth, as foretold by their ancestors, and one Apache can save them all. Ethan is that Apache, because Kaetenay has claimed him.

Malcolm comes over to join them and says that he has purchased three tickets to New York. Kaetenay has a vision and collapses, and sees Ethan and Vanessa reunited in London. Vanessa tells him that it's too late, and night creatures reach through the windows. Kaetenay tells Ethan that what he saw and warns that Vanessa is in danger.

At Dorian's townhouse, he watches as the whores Lily has gathered eat at his dinner table. Lily finally calls them to order and stands up on the table, and says that in Ireland there is an ancient tradition of cleaning after a death. The old women sing the soul to a better place, but the Catholic Church decided it didn't approve of the pagan practice. It had the women arrested and tried, and they were sentenced to death. They sang as they were hung, sounding their way to immortality. Lily takes a glass of wine from Dorian and tells the whores that they must have the same commitment. She says that they must prove their commitment to their great cause, and tells them to go and rise up, finding bad men and bringing them their right hands. Justine and the others cheer in agreement, while Dorian watches silently.

The next day, Caliban goes to his family's tenement and approaches his wife Maggie. She stares at him in shock and insists that it isn't possible, and then hugs him. They talk and Caliban tells Maggie his story. He says that he has lost his memory of Maggie and Jack, and Maggie assures him that his disfigurement doesn't matter. Caliban says that he has done cruel things and been unworthy, giving in to rage and walking in darkness. He cannot be the man he was, and Maggie says that now he is home.

At Dorian's townhouse, the whores bring back the severed hands and lay them on the table. As Dorian comes in and looks at them, Justine invites him to dance with her. He declines, and Justine warns that there may come a day when his charm isn't enough. She says that he wanted a killer and now he has one, and Dorian tells her that he can toss her out whenever it pleases him. He grabs Justine by the throat and tells her to show him her claws, and then walks off. In the next room he sees Lily comforting a crying whore. She tells Dorian that she has to deal with the woman and closes the door, and Dorian starts to go to his room. However, he turns back and goes outside instead.

Jack is looking at his model ship when Maggie brings Caliban in. She says that Jack's father has come home, but warns the boy to prepare for a shock. Caliban emerges from the shadows and calls his son's name, and kneels down next to him to help him with his ship. Jack looks at his mother, who smiles, and then takes his father's hand. Caliban breaks into tears and Jack hugs him.

As Ethan, Malcolm, and Kaetenay head across the ocean by liner, Kaetenay performs a ritual and has Ethan tell him about Vanessa. He says that Vanessa is in pain but her life has been cursed, and she has a feeling for things not of the earth. Kaetenay has a vision of walking through the unclean fog of London and arriving at Malcolm's townhouse. He finds Vanessa going over books of the apocalypse and she senses his presence. He appears to her in his spirit form and tells her not to be afraid, and says that he is with Ethan and Malcolm. Vanessa says that they must hurry and come to her, and Kaetenay tells her that he feels the Dragon nearby. She speaks of a pestilence coming to Mankind, and Kaetenay asks if it's her prophecy. Kaetenay says that she is a fertile bitch of evil, and all of the night creatures are gathering around her. He tells Vanessa not to be deceived by them because they are false lovers, and she is made for the day. Vanessa tells him that he is wrong and smiles, her eyes turning red.

Kaetenay emerges from his vision and tells his companions that Vanessa is halfway the Dragon's already. He says that Malcolm must use all influence he has to have the captain speed the ship. Once Malcolm goes, Kaetenay asks Ethan to gather his bits and bones and make them quiet again, and goes to his bunk to reset. The Apache says that one day Ethan will do the same thing with his real bones, and tells Ethan that he can see why he love Vanessa. However, he warns that she is damned. Ethan insists that it won't happen while he walks the earth.

Seward is in her office listening to her recordings of her sessions with Vanessa. Redfield comes in, startling her, and claims that he left his billfold in his desk. Seward says that Vanessa's case is driving her mad, and assumes that she's a split personality. Redfield wonders what people she manifests, and Seward tells him to go home. She notes that he's pale and wonders if he's sick, and Renfield assures her that he'll be right as rain soon.

Catriona arrives at Malcolm's townhouse and Vanessa lets her in. The thanatologist says that she has new information on the Dragon, and Vanessa shows her the research she has been doing on Dracula. Catriona warns that the books were written by small-minded peasants and theologians who invented assumptions to fit their fears. All of the myths about Dracula are false, and Catriona tells Vanessa to start with what Dracula has given her and accept it as truth. Dracula has presented himself as a fallen angel cast to Earth, taking different identities throughout the centuries to protect himself, going unnoticed until he strikes. When he strikes, the air will become pestilence to Mankind and the night creatures will emerge and feed. The End of Days is the one universal constant in thanatology, and the world ends with Death holding dominion.

Shocked, Vanessa pours whiskey for the both of them and wonders how she can defeat an ignoble race. Catriona says that in his human form, Dracula can be killed like anyone else. No one has ever lived to determine how Dracula can be killed in his inhuman form. Catriona says that Vanessa will defeat him, and explains that she comes from Highland stock. She has done her share of butchering over the years, but the work that must be done is that of a spy rather than a soldier. Catriona tells Vanessa that she must get close enough to look into Dracula's eyes and then have the courage to kill him. Vanessa asks how she can find Dracula, and Catriona says that he is a tactician above all. He'll seduce Vanessa rather than attack her, and he will be unexceptional in his human form. He is served by semi-human familiars and he deals in the house of night creatures. Vanessa focuses on the last and thinks of the museum exhibit of night creatures, and confirms that any weapon will kill Dracula. Catriona realizes that Vanessa knows who Dracula is.

Later, Lily and Dorian go out and he talks about how they have unleashed all the Bedlamites. When Lily says that her women aren't mad, Dorian points out that they aren't only her women. He asks if Lily despise all Mankind or just men, and wonders when she will turn on him. Lily assures him that he is her beloved, but Dorian wonders where their shared superiority is shared by no others. He tells her that he's bored because he has lived through so many revolutions, and it's all so familiar to him. Lily says that he's a spoiled child, and Dorian tells her that she has disappointed him most of all. They had the opportunity for a cosmic darkness but all she has created is an army of depraved whores. Dorian says that they are at an ebb tide and one of them has to change their ways, and he thinks it should be her. Victor emerges from a carriage behind Lily and drugs her unconscious. The two men then get her into the carriage, driven by Henry.

At Bedlam, Henry and Victor chain Lily into the chair. She wakes up and Victor tells her that she's safe there. Dorian is there with Henry and Victor tells Lily where she is. She leaps out of the chair only for the chain to bring her up short, and warns Victor that he chained her for his protection, not hers. Henry says that they're going to make her like she was before when she was with Victor. Victor promises to take away her anger and pain and make her a proper woman.

On the liner, Ethan joins Malcolm on the deck. Malcolm admits that he should abhorred leaving his family, and admits that he only cared about them when he was gone. Ethan figures that Malcolm killing Jared was meant to be an act of mercy, and admits that he couldn't pull the trigger. Malcolm tells him that he should be thankful that he still has a soul, and that he should never lose his kindness or become like him. Ethan point out that his friend still has kindness because he spared Ethan the sin of patricide. He admits that he thought he could kill his father because he is no stranger to night work. Malcolm wonders if Ethan would do things differently if he could, and Ethan says that the only grace he has known was with Vanessa and Malcolm. Malcolm bids Ethan good night and leaves.

Vanessa takes a gun from a desk and puts it in her pocket. She then goes to the museum and the night creatures exhibit. Sweet is looking out over the exhibits, and assures Vanessa that she is loved. He wonders how he is cruel to love her, and insists that he has never lied to her. He is a man who marvels at the wonders of nature, and knows the tragedies of pain and loss. Sweet walks to her and says that he is the man that she fell in love with, and Vanessa reminds him of all the people he has twisted and killed throughout the years. She refuses to serve him, and Sweet says that he wants to serve her as the mother of evil.

Furious, Vanessa spits in Sweet's face and walks away. He says that his existence has been a string of shabby identities and vulgar worlds, and asks her to have mercy on him. Vanessa draws her gun and he tells her to do it because he would rather die than walk another day without her. He says that the world has shunned them both because they are different, and he offers Vanessa the chance to be what she is and he will accept her for that. Crying, Vanessa lowers her gun and Sweet says that she should try and be herself, not what others want her to be. He promises that he will love her forever, and Vanessa says that she accepts who she is. With that, Sweet bites into her neck and Vanessa gasps in ecstasy.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 13, 2016

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