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All is Not Lost Recap

Danny Wallace is startled awake when the plane hits turbulence. He spills hot pasta on the passenger next to him. the flight attendant, Owen O'Connor, is smoking in the lavatory. When fellow attendant Rosa knocks, he plugs the smoke detector back in and tosses the cigarette into the toilet. When Owen comes out, Rosa complains that the call button has been ringing and he hasn't responded. She tells him that he's a terrible flight attendant because he doesn’t care about people. Rosa tells Owen to connect with at least one passenger before the flight is over. He agrees and Rosa tells him to clean up after Danny and connect with him.

Owen is soon bored listening to Danny describe his life. The plane shakes and then shakes even harder, and Danny yanks Owen out of the way of a rolling cart. Everyone screams, vomits, and grabs their air masks.

Later, Owen wakes up on a beach with Danny screaming that he's saving his life. Danny says that the airplane crashed and drags Owen out of the water. One man, Liam, is carrying passengers to safety. He runs over to Danny, Owen, and another passenger, Pack Hara. Liam calms Pack down with a training exercise, and says that he spent ten years in British Special Forces. He asks Owen what the protocol is, and Owen has no idea what the protocol is. Liam then tells them to split up and help people, runs off, saves a woman from falling debris, puts out a burning man, and applies the Heimlich Maneuver.

Owen goes to help two women, while another passenger, Steve Rutherford, asks for someone to free him. Danny is more interested in helping Jess Kato find her inhaler and tells Pack to help the old man with the gross legs. Meanwhile, Owen talks to the woman, Emma Cook, who says that her and her friend took sleeping pills She burst into laughter and wonders if Owen is flirting with her.

Danny uses the same breathing exercise that Liam did but gets it messed up. Jess calms down despite that, and Danny says that he's a cop. Todd runs over with Jess' inhaler and is immediately jealous of Danny.

Pack tries to get the debris off of Steve. Steve asks him to tell his ex-wife that he forgives her. When Pack sees his man bag underneath the wing, he yells at Steve to grab it and lifts the wing off with superhuman strength. Steve realizes that his legs are gone.

Owen tries to keep Emma awake, and her friend Florence Bittermann wakes up screaming. She looks around and figures that they're all going to die, and Steve assure her that help is on the way.

Three Days Later

Help isn't on the way. Pack is trying to find someone with a charger for his phone, and asks Owen if they're getting saved or not. Danny says that there isn't because no one famous like Brendan Fraser was aboard. He suggests that since they're capable men, they should be leading the others. Danny insists that it's their duty, and he wonders who else could do it. Liam calls everyone around the fire, and pack and Owen points to him.

At the gathering, Liam figures that no one is coming. He has come up with a plan: locate the emergency location translator on one of the plane's life rafts. Tomorrow Liam is going to hike into the jungle to search. Danny stands up and volunteers himself and Owen, and Owen is hesitant until he sees the woman gazing at him admiringly. Pack and Jess want to go as well, and Liam says that anyone who wants to can go. However, he warns that they don’t know what's waiting for them out there. A passenger, Karen Cushman, returns with a dead boar that she killed with a knife, and says that she's going with them.

The next day, Danny robs the dead and finds an Air Marshal badge. Todd watches and tells Jess that he's going to stay behind and build a shelter. She complains that he only wants to move in with her now that they're stick together, and points out that they've been dating for seven years. Todd insists that it isn't about them, it's about beating everyone else. Disgusted, Jess storms off while Steve tries to crack coconuts open and hits himself in the face.

In the jungle, Emma tells Florence that they may never see Brie again. Meanwhile, Karen warns Danny and Owen that if they don't find the ELT then they'll descend into chaos. She figures that Liam is the only one keeping things under control. Liam finds the nose of the plane and the others joinhim to find the ELT. He immediately finds the raft and pulls the cord, which activates the ELT. The expanding raft throws him into the tree the nose of the plane is resting on, and it falls down on Liam, crushing him.

Jess finds the ELT and discovers that it was smashed against a tree when the raft expanded. Danny tells Owen that they have to tell the others the truth, and that they're the men to fix it. He's sure that the passengers will be as good and reasonable.

That night at the camp, Danny tells the passenger what happened. Everyone panics and attacks each other. Owen sees a call button from the plane and remembers what Rosa told him about it being a call to action. He asks Danny for help, and Danny takes out a gun and fires it into the air. Owen steps out and says that they should listen to him because he's a flight attendant. He admits that he's scared just like them, but they survived a plane crash and they're incredibly lucky. Owen figures that if they can survive the plane crash then they can survive the island. He's sure that as long as they have Karen then they'll have food, and they can pool their talents. A passenger finds the drink cart and they all ignore Owen and party. Owen joins in and says that they'll all live forever.

The next day, the passengers realize that they drank all their booze and ate all their food. Owen figures the next step is to get Steve out of a tree.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 15, 2016

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