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Exit Strategy Recap

Xander wakes up when water drips on his face. He looks around and sees a shaft above him and daylight at the top. Xander discovers that he's in an underground tunnel, and calls to Ben. When he gets no response, Xander climbs up the shaft. An Abbie looks over the edge, screeching, and Xander drops down to the bottom. The Abbie drops down after him and attacks, and Xander manages to choke it unconscious. He then smashes its head in with a rock and climbs up to the top.

Theo goes out jogging as the sun rises.

Megan reports to Jason and the others about the pregnancies in Wayward Pines. She notes that nine females have become viable that month, and she'll have an update on the Abbie research later that week. Kerry suggests that Theo could help, and Megan warns that he doesn't have that kind of expertise. Despite that, Kerry suggests that Theo is a quick study and "suggests" that Megan run it by him. When Jason appears to agree, Megan agrees as well and says that they have to ask Theo if he can speed up the residents' training. CJ starts to leave, saying that he thought the meeting was about feeding the people. Jason asks him to stay, and CJ warns that their food supply must grow with the population. They have to study the issue carefully, and they can work without fear now that the Abbies have retreated. Kerry warns that there are still risks, and Megan agrees. Jason says that CJ's suggestion makes sense, and insists that Pilcher would have wanted them to be bold. If he hadn't planted the crops three years ago then they would have starved, and tells Mario to prepare security for the harvesters and to keep them near the town.

Xander makes his way to a stream and drinks. Something moves up behind him and grabs him from behind, holding a knife to Xander's throat. It's Adam Hessler, and he asks if Xander is a nomad. Xander assures him that he isn't and says that Pilcher is dead. He asks Adam to lower the knife, and Adam does so. He asks if Pam is in charge, and Xander says that Pam killed Pilcher. He explains that Jason is in charge and asks where they are. Xander wonders if Abbie put people in pits, and Adam says that they do a lot of things.

As they walk through the woods, Adam says that a bunch of them were sent out to look for other communities. He tells Xander that he's the only one he found.

At the beauty shop, Rebecca calls to Lucy to wash a customer's hair. When there's no response, Rebecca finds Lucy cleaning up after her period and says that she understands. Lucy asks how old Rebecca was when she was paired up, and Rebecca says that it was different. The girl says that she's not ready to be a mother, but Rebecca says that if she doesn't go back then they'll figure out that something is wrong.

Adam makes camp for the night and says that the Abbies are gone. When they send a scout, he kills it and it gives him a chance to run. Adam wonders why Xander is outside of wayward Pines, and Xander says that he was punished for disobeying the rules. He figures that he's in the clear now, and Adam tells him that he's going home because there's someone he has to see.

The next morning, Sean and Ramsey are playing cards when the fence alarm goes off. The soldiers go to investigate and Mario sees Xander and Adam. They open the gate and realize who Adam is, and escort them inside.

At the hospital, Theo examines Adam and says who he is. He asks Adam how far he got, and if they're alone. Adam doesn't say anything, and Theo figures that they don't know. Adam says that they know, and tells Theo that the Abbies aren't their enemies: they're their replacements. He moans in pain and Theo checks his abdomen.

Later, Jason visits Theo in his office and asks how Adam is doing. Theo refuses to discuss his patient and Adam warns that they live in a different time and the rules don't apply. He says that Adam is a hero: the only scout who ever returned. They need to know what he's seen, and Theo tells Jason to ask Adam. After a moment, Jason says that the townspeople are his responsibility all the time. Theo reminds him of Pam, and Jason warns that he knows nothing about what happened. He says that he's willing to do whatever it takes to protect the townspeople, and asks if Theo would do the same.

In his hospital room, Adam remembers killing an Abbie. He gets up and for a moment imagines that there's an Abbie in the room with him. Once he gets hold of himself, Adam goes out but is still haunted by visions of Abbies. Arlene sees Adam and says that he's booked him for a haircut, body wax, and pedicure. He staggers off and Arlene suggests that they should reconsider rescheduling.

At the town theater, everyone watches a performance of Pines! about Pilcher settling Wayward Pines. Lucy is in the audience and finally leaves. Megan finds her outside and asks if everything is okay, and Lucy claims that it's something she ate. Once she leaves, Frank comes over and realizes that something is wrong. Lucy figures that Megan knows, and Frank promises that he won't say anything. Adam staggers down the street, overwhelmed by memories of the Abbies. Theresa sees him and follows him in to an alleyway, and calls his name. Adam asks where Ethan is, and Theresa says that he's gone. She asks if Adam saw Ben outside the fence, and Adam says that he didn't. Furious, Theresa says that Adam was in on the plan with Pilcher and arrange for Ethan to come there. She tells Adam that her family is gone because of him and walks away.

Later, Kerry parks in the street and reads the file on Xander and the resistance. She then goes into the ice cream parlor where Xander works, and says that Jason is still deciding what to do about Xander. Kerry warns that Jason knows that Xander's loyalty to the First Generation is less than complete... and still worthy of punishment. However, Xander surviving has made him a hero. Xander says that he isn't going to make any trouble, but Kerry isn't convinced. She wonders how he survived outside of the fence, and Xander says that Adam is lucky that he found him. He warns that the Abbies aren't just dumb animals, and Kerry figures that he learned something about them that can help them. Xander says that he'll give Jason a full report and will try to find out what Adam knows.

Adam goes to the park to drink, and sees a boy watching him... and hallucinates an Abbie attacking him. he runs of while across the street, Theresa watches him.

Theo tells Rebecca what Adam said about the Abbies being their replacements. She suggests that he tell Jason because Pilcher thought they were aberrations, not the future of Mankind. Theo refuses to put his fate in Jason's hands, and Rebecca reminds him that it isn't just his.

Megan meets Frank at the candy store and reminds him of Pilcher's greatest gift to them: life. She says that each of them must contribute, and reminds Frank of the rule that there are no secrets between members of the First Generation or her. Megan then asks Frank to help her with Lucy, and Frank says that it isn't his decision to make. She says that Lucy is growing up and that is something that should be celebrated. They want Lucy to serve a higher purpose, and takes Frank's hand. She then tells Frank that he and Lucy need to do what's best for Wayward Pines.

At the greenhouse, CJ tells Theo that the Abbies are gone. CJ insists that they have a chance to secure their future and start forging a new path. Theo says that he saw the Abbies sacrificing themselves to breach the wall, and warns that CJ is underestimating the creatures. CJ isn't convinced and warns that Theo's memories of the past are meaningless. He explains that if they go outside of the fence then they stay outside, and it's about the people they leave behind.

As the harvesters drive through town, Lucy and Rebecca watch them. Xander is watching as well and waves to Rebecca. Theresa steps in front of the harvesters so they stop, and tells CJ that she's going with them to find Ben. Adam gets into one of the jeeps and Theresa says that he isn't her problem.

Rebecca goes to the ice cream store and asks Xander if he's okay. He says that he's still there, and points out that Jason is unfrozen. Rebecca wonders if Jason is leaving him alone, and Xander admits that he isn't sure. He will come up with something to tell them about the Abbies, and tells Rebecca that he's just trying to stay alive. Xander gives her a piece of licorice on the house, and Rebecca thanks him and leaves.

At the beauty shop, Rebecca finds Megan talking with Lucy. Megan says that she was reminding Lucy of her obligations, and tells Lucy to come with her. Lucy refuses and Rebecca tells the girl to step outside. Once they're alone, Megan insists that every member of their community has a duty to ensure the future of the human race. Since some of them, like Rebecca, have failed so they need to have the First Generation to bear children as quickly as possible. Rebecca warns that they have to hold onto some humanity and says that the girls should have a choice. Megan warns that Lucy doesn't, and Rebecca warns that she won't let Megan hurt Lucy. Unimpressed, Megan says that she'll report what happened to Jason. Rebecca wheels her out and asks if Megan wants to pick the fight, warning that it isn't a winner for her. Megan says that Rebecca is being self-destructive but can't see it. Once she leaves, Rebecca tells Lucy to stay with her that night and she'll walk her to school in the morning.

The harvesting team stops to set their camp up. Theresa goes to Adam and asks why he came back, and he admits that he did it to help her. She says that a harvester saw Ben.

Once the camp is set up, CJ tells Adam that he knows what it is to feel a sense of an ending. Adam glares at him for a moment and then walks into the forest, searching for Ben.

Theresa is sleeping in her tend when she hears men talking. She goes outside and sees the harvesters standing around a covered corpse. Theresa removes the cloth and realizes that it's Ben. She sees Adam among the men, glares at him, and walks away.

Rebecca brings Lucy home and tells Theo that she'll be staying with them for a few days. Once Lucy goes to her room, Rebecca tells Theo that Lucy's parents died on Invasion Day so she lives at the Academy with the other orphans. She explains about Megan wanting to enroll Lucy in the fertility program, and explains that the authorities pair the children up in procreation rooms. Theo points out that it's eugenics, and Rebecca says that she agrees. He explains that CJ said that they're going outside to give people hope. However, Theo isn't convinced and warns that all the talk is about survival, not life.

The next morning, Frank catches up to Lucy. She says that she knows Frank told Megan about her, says that she hates him, and walks away. Frank goes about his day in the boy's dorm, and finally goes into town. He sits down on a bench next to the merry-go-round. It starts up and Fran, puzzled, goes over to investigate. After a moment it stops and the lights go out. An Abbie emerges from the center and advances on Frank.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 16, 2016

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