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Rest in Peace, Callaway Hinkle Recap

Pack is out trying to get a signal on his cell phone. When he fails, he tries all of the other phones he took from the plane's bodies. He finally gets a signal as he holds it up when he urinates. Pack yells for help when he realizes that he's stuck in that position.

Danny wakes up and sees Owen sleeping next to him. He strokes Owen's face and rolls over, and finds a corpse on the other side. Owen wakes up, sees the corpse, and screams. Both men get up and see corpses washed up on the shore. Emma, Florence, and Karen come over and Emma says that they need to burn the bodies to prevent disease. Florence says that Emma is a foot doctor, and Emma insists that a podiatrist is a real doctor. Florence says that they need to perform a transition ceremony. Karen doesn't see the point, but Emma agrees that a memorial is a great idea. While they go into the jungle to look for bodies, Karen says that she'll clear the beach. Danny says that he'll jot down notes for a eulogy, but Karen tells him to clear the fuselage. She figures that he's seen worse because he's a cop.

Once he's alone with Owen, Danny wonders why he told people he's a nightmare. He refuses to do it, and Owen tells him to tell people the truth. Danny says that he doesn't want to be the liar on the island, and Owen tells him that corpses can't hurt him and walks off.

Jess tells Todd that some bodies washed up, and Todd hopes that his Callaway golf club washed up. She tells him to let it go, but Todd refuses to let his baby go. Steve, listening, hears Todd mention "baby."

Owen, Florence, and Emma find a body and try to pull it out. They hear Pack and go to investigate, ad he says that he has a signal. He figures they interrupted the signal and tells them to move back. The signal comes back and Pack says that it's a satellite phone with a low battery. If any of them lose then they'll lose it. Owen tells Pack to call someone, and Pack says that his phone is dead and the only number he knows is his office... and it's closed because it's Saturday. None of the others can remember a phone number and Florence's parents don't have phones because they're worried about the NSA. Owen passes, and Florence suggests that they call her drug dealer, Boomer. Owen suggests that they call 911 and get the world police, and Pack points out that there are no world police. Emma remembers a number to a hospital and they dance until Pack tells them to stop.

Danny braces himself and goes into the fuselage. He realizes that he can't do it and turns to go, and the spirit of his father appears and explains that it's a nightmare sequence. Danny's father tells Danny that he'll never move the bodies because he's a coward. Danny insists that he doesn't want to be like his father, and Danny's father says that Danny is pretending to be a cop. All of corpses laugh at Danny, and Danny's father says that once the survivors find out Danny isn't a cop, they’ll hate him. He calls Danny a pussy and tells him to get out, and Danny runs out.

Steve approaches Todd and offers hic condolences for Todd losing his baby. Todd describes his golf club and Steve thinks that he's talking about a real baby. He suggests that Todd help search through the wreckage because it might takes his mind off of his loss, and Todd agrees.

Pack calls San Francisco general and tries to work through the automatic operating system. He gets an operator but the operator speaks Spanish and Pack doesn't. Pack ends up on hold. Meanwhile, Emma says that it's a hospital that she matched at, and Florence is shocked to learn that her friend got a job in San Francisco when they live in New York. However, she claims that she's happy for Emma until she tells her to pull the knife out of her back that she stuck there.

Steve asks Todd how Jess is doing, and Todd says that she's glad it's gone because she hated the thing. He explains that Jess hated it and made him keep it in the garage, and one time she grabbed it and swung at him. Jess waves and Todd waves back. Steve tells Todd that he's there for him.

As Florence and Emma argue, Pack warns that they're losing batteries. He asks for Boomer's phone number, but the on-hold music stops... and a flu shot message comes on. Pack says that they're calling Boomer.

Karen asks Danny how it's going with the fuselage, and she says that a wife lost her husband. They haven't found the body, and the wife can't say goodbye without it. Karen figures that a hammerhead shark ate him, but Danny tells her that he'll go look again.

Pack calls Boomer and he answers. Florence says that they're alive and they're stranded on an island. They realize that it's a voice mail, no Boomer, and he says that whatever they said, no one will hear it. The mailbox is full and can't take new messages.

Danny braces himself and goes into the fuselage. The corpses laugh at him, and he tells them to shut up. Danny's father comes over and Danny slaps him, and says that he's going to help the woman because on the island he's a cop. When he threatens to punch his father, his father points out the dead man and Danny goes over... and realizes how fat he is.

With the battery power running low, Pack says that he'll leave a message with his office assistant, Charlie. Charlie is the newly appointed sports agent, and Pack is shocked that they made him an agent. Before he can leave a message, the phone goes dead. Pack is shocked that they replaced him after one week, while Florence keeps arguing with Emma. When Owen says that it's nobody's fault, both women point out that he has no one to call. Pack asks if he's important, and Emma points out that his dick is hanging out. She and Owen walk away.

That night, the survivors gather to burn the bodies. Danny offers to say a few words, and says that it doesn't matter what they were before the island or what people think of them. What's important is that they get a second chance. Steve assures him that his eulogy was quite lovely, and says that they should say goodbye. Karen lights up the bodies and everyone hugs each other. Pack tosses his phone in the fire, and Steve waves to Todd. The burning bodies start smelling, and the survivors all start throwing up. They panic and run upwind except for Karen.

The next day, Steve offers Todd a bag of pretzels. Todd wonders if Steve is trying to bang him, and Steve says that he's trying to comfort him after he lost his child. Surprised, Todd explains that he lost his golf club, and Steve demands all the things back that he gave him. Todd runs off and Steve falls over trying to grab him.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 17, 2016

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