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The Enemy Within Recap

Dawn tells the Kinship that she will guide them to freedom on the other side of the dome. She says that Christine fulfilled her purpose to create her: a new, stronger queen. However, the dome is now strangling them. Before they can move on, they must stop the Resistance.

At the radio tower, Joe and Big Jim remove the equipment Joe needs to bring down the dome. Norrie wonders what will happen to them when they escape, and Joe says that the important thing is that they escape together. The Kinship arrives and captures them at gunpoint.

Barbie insists on burying Dava in the forest and Julia helps. She finally suggests that they find Christine and see if she remembers anything. The Kinship approach and Barbie and Julia try to shoot their way out. They run out of bullets and Dawn advises them to surrender. Barbie stares at his grown daughter in shock, and Sam tells him that Dawn is their new queen.

Junior wakes up by the lake and sees mist rising from the water.

The Kinship lock Barbie and Julia up in the town jail with the others. Barbie tells Dawn that she looks like her mother, and Dawn insists that she's nothing like Eva or Christine. She says that they have all outlived their usefulness. Once Dawn leaves, Big Jim figures that she's keeping them alive as leverage to force Joe to continue his work.

Dawn visits Joe in his lab and explains that the Resistance has been captured. She promises to torture them if he doesn't finish his work, but Joe says that he needs their help. When Dawn wonders how she knows that he'll cooperate, Joe says that he wants to get out just as much as her, but with the others. She agrees to release Hunter, Lily, Barbie and Norrie, but keep Big Jim and Julia because they've never been part of the Kinship. Dawn says that Joe will always be part of the Kinship and leaves.

In the cell, Barbie figures that they're doomed whether they stop Dawn or not. Julia says that they have to kill Dawn before she escapes, figuring it will immobilize the rest of the Kinship. Barbie believes that he can reason with Dawn, but Julia warns that she's nothing like her. Meanwhile, Big Jim taunts their guard, Kyle. He promises to kill him once he escapes, just as Sam and the others come back and release everyone but Julia and Big Jim. Dawn says that Barbie will come with her, and Big Jim begs her to give him Indy. As they go, Barbie tells Julia that he has to find out if there's anything of him in his daughter. If he's wrong then he'll kill her himself.

Junior returns to the town hall, and is informed that have a new queen.

Dawn is in Christine's old office listening to Christine's voice recorder. Sam comes in and tells her that the amethysts are ready to be moved. He asks for the chance to be her mate, and notes that Junior tried to drown the children of the Kinship. Dawn says that her mate must prove himself, and Sam warns that the military will move in once the dome is down and capture them. Christine didn't mention it because she never know, but Sam says that they can escape via the cement tunnels. Dawn says that she may have found her mate after all and tells Sam to prepare their exit. As she kisses him, Junior secretly watches them.

Kyle brings Indy in, and Big Jim secretly removes the key that he hid in Indy's collar. Big Jim fakes a heart attack and Julia tells Kyle to get them some water. Once he leaves, they prisoners free themselves and leave.

Junior turns on the transmitter and tells the others that he's jacking up the signal. It will bounce along the wall, building in strength until it shatters the wall. Joe tells the others to keep the transmitter cool while he meets with Dawn. He'll set up some microphones, find out what she's doing with the amethysts, and signal them. Norrie insists on going with him, reminding him what he said about them being together.

Barbie and the other Kinship men take the amethysts to the proper position. When they collapse from exhaustion, Barbie reminds Dawn that Christine said the Kinship takes care of its own. Dawn guns down the exhausted Millers and Barbie says that she's a killer. She reminds him that he killed in the matrix, and that he was given that reality so that he would pass his darkness onto her. Dawn tells Barbie and the others to get back to work, warning that there isn't much work.

Junior meets Sam at the cement factory as Sam prepares to go back to dawn. Furious, Junior figures that Sam abandoned him at the lake to get close to Dawn and become her Alpha. Sam reminds him that he tried to drown children to solve their problems, and Junior attacks him. The two men fight and Sam finally knocks Junior down and tells him to stay out of his way. Junior grabs a piece of rebar and stabs him in the back, and tells the dying man that he's better than him.

Big Jim takes Julia to his bomb shelter where he has more guns. Kyle follows them in and holds them at gun point, and promises to shoot Indy. Big Jim points out the trophies he has from playing with Kyle's father. He takes down a gold ball trophy and says that Kyle's father just warmed the bench, and then throws the ball at Kyle. He beats him dead and then leaves with Julia.

At Willow's Clearing where Barbie is setting up the amethysts, Joe radios to the others that they're ready to go. Dawn tells Barbie that he can go now that he's finished, giving him his freedom as a parting gift. Barbie wonders what she's going to do about the military when the dome comes down, and Dawn says that Sam is taking care of it. She warns that he shouldn't mistake her gift as a sign of weakness, and promises to kill him if they meet again. Junior arrives and he explains that he killed Sam so he could be at her side. Dawn says that their rebirth has been compromised, and the two of them will find the remaining eggs and make a new dome. They'll come back later for the rest of the Kinship once they've created their numbers.

Joe tells Dawn that they're ready to proceed. Dawn refuses to let them go to check the transmitter at the radio station, and then whistles to activate the amethysts. The amethysts glow and Dawn explains that Christine needed Joe because they needed a replacement for the egg. Meanwhile, Julia and Big Jim hide in the forest, and Big Jim trains a sniper rifle on their enemy. Julia tells him to wait until dawn brings down the dome. Indy barks and Junior hears it. He goes to investigate.

Dawn whistles seven notes, one per amethyst, and Joe wonders who produces the eighth note. When Dawn looks at Norrie, they realize that Norrie is the eighth note because she was one of the first hands and the first to see the pink stars. When she does it, Norrie will become a member of the Kinship again. Joe objects, but Norrie kisses him, says that she loves him no matter what happens, and steps into the amethyst circle.

Hunter calls to warn that the transmitter is going to blow. Lily gets him out , while Joe runs into the circle ahead of Dawn and Norrie. Norrie realizes that Dawn planned to sacrifice himself all along, and a force field keeps Norrie from getting to Joe. He whistles the final note, and energy flares up and strikes the dome.

As Barbie runs to the cement factory, he sees the dome collapse.

Junior finds Big Jim and Julia as they look up at the sky.

A blast of energy knocks everyone down.

When Big Jim and Julia recover, they realize that the dome is gone. Big Jim prepares to shoot Dawn, but Junior tackles him. They struggle and Julia grabs a gun, and Dawn runs off. Big Jim yells at Julia to stop Dawn. Meanwhile, Norrie discovers that Joe is gone. Soldiers arrive and take her and the Kinship members into custody.

Junior strangles his father, saying that he's the past and Dawn is the future. Big Jim draws a knife and stabs Junior in the side. Junior pulls it out and drives to drive the knife into Big Jim's throat, knocking aside Indy when the dog comes to his master's aid. Big Jim manages to turn the knife around, and begs Junior to give up. Junior says that they'll never give up, and Big Jim stabs him in the heart.

Dawn goes to the cement factory tunnels and crosses over the plan across the crevasse. Barbie steps out and says that he weakened the board, and she's not going anywhere. Dawn reminds him that she's his child, and Barbie steps out onto the board and says that he'll fight to both their deaths to save humanity. The board starts to break, and Dawn calls Barbie "Dad," saying that she loves him. Barbie says that she's no daughter of his and breaks the board, and they both fall into the crevasse as Julia arrives. She realizes that Barbie chained himself to the opposite wall, just as he pulls himself up. Outside, Barbie and Julia kiss just as the soldiers arrive and order them both down.

Big Jim sits in the forest, crying and cradling his son's body as the soldiers look on.

Several days later, Colonel Walker meets with Barbie. He says that he wants to summarize Barbie's account of events.

When the dome comes down, Norrie is reunited with Barbie and Julia. All of the townspeople are locked up, Junior's body is taken away.

Walker finishes his summarization, and Barbie concedes that it's basically accurate. The colonel then tears up the report and says that the world can't know their story. He gives Barbie the typed story that they'll release to the public: a radical experiment in alternate energy conducted by Aktaion went wrong. Hektor was killed and most of the town expired when the dome came down, leaving only the ones who showed no sign of alien infection. As long as the Kinship virus remains dormant, they'll keep their freedom. Walker then gives Barbie his dog tags and asks if they have an agreement. Barbie wonders what happens to the others, and Walker says that they'll try to cure them. With Dawn dead, they don’t pose a threat. However, Walker warns that if they give out any information, their freedom will be forfeit. When Barbie hesitates, Walker says that only his signature is keeping him from seeing Julia. He tells Barbie that everyone else signed.

Earlier, Big Jim refuses to sign and tells Walker that there are billions of people who want to know what happened. They won't be the military's story, and Big Jim suggests that there's a better way to tell their story: someone who lived through the events, who everyone will believe. In return, Big Jim wants compensation for performing a service to his country. Walker wonders what he wants and Big Jim smiles.

One Year Later

Lily arrives at work for her job with a Congressman. Her husband Hunter calls, says that as a member of the NSA he's made sure the line is secure, and tells Lily that they have a hit. He tells her the time stamp shows three weeks ago.

Norrie is training as a marksman with the army.

Barbie and Julia are helping a couple jump-start her car. She thinks that they look familiar but can't place them. Once they're done, Barbie and Julia take off on their motorcycle.

Norrie sneaks into her superior's office and takes a key card. Her commanding officer, Major Pracht, comes in and she claims she was sent to get a requisition. Pracht gives her the folder and tells her to get him some coffee.

Barbie and Julia set up camp for the night. Julia wonders what's bothering him, and he wonders if she's serious about them getting married. Julia points out that they've been on the road for a year, and assures Barbie that there's no one in the world she'd rather spend the rest of her life with. Barbie reveals an engagement ring on his dog tag chain and proposes to her. Black SUVs pull up and Big Jim gets out.

Big Jim takes the couple to his office and pints out his view of the White House. Lily and Hunter are there, and Big Jim introduces his Congressional chief of staff: Lily. He explains that he got Hunter a job at the NSA, and they haven't heard from Norrie since she enlisted. Big Jim has Hunter show them what he picked up: a hit on Dawn from three weeks ago in Omaha. He plans to make sure that the Kinship doesn't catch them off guard again.

Norrie uses the key card to enter a secure morgue. After looking at Junior's drawer, she goes to the series of cells holding the Millers. Norrie finds Joe in one room and talks to him. He gets up as Norrie promises to tell the others and help him.

Three small boys find on a field trip find an egg. Their teacher--Dawn--comes over and says that it's time to go. However, she says that they'll come back another time, and walks away from the egg as it glows.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 14, 2015

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