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The First Case: Part Two Recap

Jack tells his team that someone is killing the jurors in Burton Bradstock’s case. He sends them out to bring the jurors in and get him a sandwich.

The killer clips out a coupon for swords.

Jack sets up the clear board and reviews the case while everyone eats. Des has learned that Burton was jailed in 1996 for killing his wife, and released three weeks ago. Albert was killed just after that, and Anne reports that the boys at the station haven’t been able to pull up the paper files on the remaining nine jurors.

That night, Anne reviews the case files while Jack shaves. He tells Anne that there’s nothing much for him to rush for, and they hesitate when they both pick up the file. Gemma calls Anne and Anne insists that what she’s working on is important. When her fiancée hangs up on her, Anne tells Jack that she’s bi-sexual, and didn’t tell Jack because she thought he’d be shocked. Jack points out that he hasn’t laughed since his wife Kate died, and lost his mind that night. He drifts off, seeing memories of him and Kate together, and then her being gunned down. Anne finds the list of jurors and Jack tells her to dispatch officers to round them all up.

The next day, the officers collect the remaining nine jurors wherever they may be. They’re taken to a secret safe house and Des calls Jack to tell him that they’ve gathered all of the jurors, and Asap and Cutout will be keeping an eye on them. He also tells Jack that Natasha called to say that she’s run some tests and it turns out Albert was killed with a sword, the same as Aiden and Gavina. Jack figures that they have to track Burton down. Jack gives a public statement asking the public to call the hot line. He confirms that there was no birds found at the scene,

Jack goes to see a man raking his garden, Bill Ball, who is surprised to see Jack has made DI. Bill worked the Bradstock case, and admits that he hoped to never hear the name again. The ex-DI advises Jack to forget about it, but finally says that Bradstock killed a young woman in the village of Cold Blood. He admits that they needed a fall guy and embellished some evidence to send Burton down. Jack warns that Burton is out for vengeance and tells Bill to watch out for himself. Jack calls his team to tell his team to search cheap hotels and use a montage if they have to.

When Anne returns home, she finds a piece of paper on the table. As she stares at it, Gemma says that she can’t go on with a woman who lives for the job, and all Anne does is stare at notes from the station while she talks. Gemma tells Anne that from now on she’ll have to carry on their relationship alone from now on, and leaves. Anne asks her to wait long enough to ask if she’s seen Burton. Jack calls and Anne says that she’s on her way.

The team gets an anonymous tip that a man matching Burton’s description was seen. The officer lets them into the lock-up and they go in, setting their torches to “silent.” Des finds a pin-up calendar and figures that Jack wants to see it. He does, but tells Des to keep looking. Asap finds a shrine to Todd Carty, just as a man comes and says that it’s his lock-up. Anne gets a report that someone matching Burton’s description has been spotted at a mall, and the team heads out.

At the mall, the team splits up and looks for Burton. One of them spot a man in a distinctive red hoodie and the team moves in... except for Des, who is still looking at the pin-up calendar. Their subject runs and they have to pull one of the surveillance officers, Todd, off of him. They realize that it’s a girl and not Burton.

The officers take the girl to the alley where she got the red hoodie. Burton is dead drunk--literally-- and Tom shows up to complain about Jack’s failure. Jack points out that Burton has been dead long before Gavina was murdered, and Tom tells him to find the real killer. Once Jack leaves, Tom tells Anne that he might need Jack’s suspension and hopes that he can count on her support.

Back at the station, Jack reviews the clear board. They come up with nothing, and Jack goes to the restroom. He has another flashback to Kate’s death, and the visions he’[s had of her yet. She appears to him in the mirror and tells him to heed the words of an old man. Kate complains that Jack takes her too literally, and finally says that he needs to talk to Anne. Jack apologizes for failing her, and Kate warns that it’s not who he thinks. She tells him to do something about the bathroom cabinet, says goodbye, and disappears.

Jack goes back to the clear board and says that the killer is talking directly to them. Natasha comes in and says that she dissected Albert’s cat. It swallowed a police-issue whistle, and Jack figures that the killer is taunting them about the Bradstock murder, leaving whistles and handcuffs at the crime scenes. Anne figures that the killer may have access to police records... including the address of the safe house.

The team drives to the safe house and discover that everyone is dead, brutally cut up... even Cutout. Only Preacherman survived, but is in critical condition. Anne figures that when he comes around, he might be able to tell them who did it. She assures Jack that there’s nothing that he could do, but Jack blames himself. He grabs a gun from a passing officer and prepares to shoot himself, Anne convinces him to blame the rain, and he opens fire on the sky. A she falls to his knees, Jack sees Kate’s spirit and says that he’s coming to be with her. He runs into Tom, who figures that he’s coming across at the seams. Once Jack walks away, Anne insists that Jack can wrap up the case. Tom tells her that Jack will be receiving dismissal papers the next morning, and tells Anne to see him in his office in the morning.

Jack goes to the hospital and Anne calls him. She warns him that Tom is on the warpath, and Jack goes to see Preacherman. Preacherman is in critical condition, and the doctor tells Jack to go easy on him. Preaacherman tells Jack to get off his IV, and then says that a policeman put on a blindfold and attacked him and the others. It was the policeman who gave evidence in the Bradstock case: and they all laughed at him because of how he spoke. Before Preacherman can say the officer’s name, he has an implausible relapse and the doctor tells Jack that he has to leave or Preacherman will die. He yells at Jack until he finally gets out5.

The killer jabs his sword into the eyes of Jack’s photo.

Jack calls Anne and tells him that the killer is one of the boys at the station. She starts going through the records.

The killer arrives at the hospital.

Asap discovers that Tom was the one who gave testimony at the Bradstock case. Anne remembers all the subtle clues that Tom left, like having her lick the blood off of his sword and writing “I did it. Boss” on her hand.

Tom enters Preacherman’s room and eventually closes the blinds. He realizes that he took his wife’s gloves, tosses them away, and remembers how as a young officer he testified against Bradstock. When the jury and judge burst into laughter at his unintended sexual innuendos, Tom lost it in court and swore to kill them all.

Putting in a blindfold, Tom says that he has one more job to do before he retires. He takes out a sword and raises it... and Jack pulls off the blanket covering him. Tom congratulates him on switching places with the intended victim, but points out that he can still beat Jack by running away. He does so and Jack chases after him. They run to a nearby construction site and up to the roof of the building. Tom stands on the edge and explains that his humiliation dragged him on to get promoted and become an ACC. He takes out a gun and aims it at Jack, reminding him that he couldn’t save Kate. Tom admits that he lured Kate to an eerie stock footage warehouse and shot her. He boasts that Kate said “Ouch” as she died, and he killed her because he had to break Jack rather than let him get promoted before him.

Jack prepares to push Tom off the roof, but Anne arrives and tells him to stop because that’s what Tom wants him to do. Jack says that he has nothing to live for, and Anne says that she used to be like Jack. She tells Jack to think of Kate--and--her. Unimpressed, Jack charges at Tom and Tom shoots him. Anne kicks the gun out of Toms’ hand. Gasping, Tom says goodbye, mispronounces Anne’s last name, and falls off the roof.

Anne administers mouth-to-mouth and Jack revives. He discovers that the bullet hit his shaver and they go to the edge. There’s another roof a few feet below, and Tom is lying there moaning in pain.

At the ambulance takes Tom away, the team arrives and congratulates Jack. He tells them that he’s going home, and Anne points out that he’s going the wrong direction. She then goes after Jack and he says that he’s been fooled before and won’t be fooled a second time. Anne admits that she doesn’t have a fiancée anymore and is bi, and asks to walk with him. After a moment, Jack agrees.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 19, 2016

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