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Perpetual Night Recap

Fog settles over all of London, thicker than ever,

Seward enters her office and hears the gramophone playing. She goes into her office and finds Renfield listening to the recordings. Renfield tells Seward to hush, holding a toad in his hands, and Seward angrily shuts off the player. He says that she's really not a doctor and couldn't save a life, and doesn't deal in blood. Seward orders him out, but Renfield says that his Master wants to know everything that she said of him because her old love is returning to London. When the doctor asks who Renfield's master is, Renfield says that he has many names. Seward asks what Dracula wants with Vanessa, and Renfield says that he wants nothing because Vanessa is already his.. He refuses to tell Seward where Vanessa is, picks up the toad, and eats it.

Renfield advances on Seward, who grabs a letter opener and backs around the desk. There are more toads on the floor, and Renfield says that the Master has sent them to him as gifts. He says that Vanessa is with Dracula, and points out that Seward's hands are shaking. When Renfield says that Seward is no killer, she says that he should have listened to more of the recordings and stabs him in the chest. She runs for the door but Renfield grabs her foot and trips her. They struggle and Renfield chokes her, and Seward hits him over the head with her ashtray. Hundreds of toads surge out of the drain and Seward stares at them in horror.

The liner arrives in London and Ethan, Malcolm, and Kaetenay disembark. The dock is deserted and it is dark despite the fact it is only 2 in the afternoon. A docker comes over and says that everyone else is inside because of the fog. He advises them to get back on the ship and go, warning that London is like a graveyard, and walks off. A horde of rats advance on the men and then run around them, and they continue into the city.

The three men go to Malcolm's townhouse and discover that Vanessa isn't there. Ethan finds a dead wolf in her room, strung up and dripping blood on the floor. Kaetenay joins him and warns that something is there, and goes to find Malcolm.

Malcolm enters the study and sees someone seated at the table. It's a female familiar, who lunges at Malcolm and tries to rip out his throat. He manages to hold her back, and Ethan goes to the stairs only to find two male familiars advancing on him. A third one knocks him through the railing and then leap at him... and Catriona arrives and shoots two of them. The third one advances on her as her gun jams, but Ethan attacks him.

Kaetenay comes to Malcom's aid and the familiar grabs his hand, forcing the knife from his hand. She throws Kaetenay across the room but Malcolm grabs the knife and jams it into the familiar's throat.

Catriona attacks the remaining male familiar with a knife, and it throws her over the stairway railing. Ethan, recovering, attacks it, buying Katrina enough time to throw a knife into its throat and killing it. They join Malcolm and the injured Kaetenay in the study, and Malcolm says that he needs a gun to kill himself because the familiar successfully bit him. Catriona picks up a burning poker and says that she has to cauterize the wound, and points out that Malcolm has nothing to lose. Ethan and Kaetenay hold him down and Catriona applies the poker to the bite. She introduces herself and Ethan says that he knows a doctor. As he goes, Catriona warns that it's not fog but toxic fumes. Thousands of people have died, and Catriona says that they all need to find Vanessa because she's the only one who can stop what is happening: the End of Days. Ethan tells Catriona to keep Malcolm safe and goes. Kaetenay goes after him.

At Bedlam, Victor and Henry prepare to "operate" on Lily. Dorian prepares to go, telling Lily that he has some housekeeping to attend to. Lily asks Dorian for one last kiss, but Dorian just chuckles and leaves. Henry says that once they have completed their experiment, they have a whole hospital to cure after Victor has his honeymoon with Lily. Lily dismisses Henry as a cruel savage, and Henry insists that they are healers. She asks for a moment alone with Victor, pleading with Victor, and Henry warns that he shouldn't be alone with her. Victor tells Henry to leave them, and Henry reluctantly does so.

Once they're alone, Lily asks for some water. Victor provides a glass but is careful to stay at the length of her chain. Lily takes the glass, touching Victor's hand, and she tries to grab him... and fails.

Caliban, Marjorie, and Jack have dinner at home. Jack says grace Caliban suggests that they return to their old home. When Marjorie points out that it's further from the factory, Caliban tells her that she isn't going back and that he will work at the docks and graveyards after the fog has lifted. Jack remembers the times they spent in Kensington Park on Sundays, and then coughs up blood from the foul air. Caliban suggests that they go to the Highlands, and Jack continues coughing. He then asks his father to help him to bed and read to him. Caliban readily agrees and holds his son's hand.

At Dorian's townhouse, Justine and the other prostitutes are celebrating when Dorian comes in and pours himself a drink. He tells them to get out, and Justine asks where Lily is. Dorian says that she's tamed and Frankenstein's obedient bride, and Justine grabs a knife and holds it to Dorian's chest. He assures her that her valiant leader was snuffed out by modern science, and Justine plunges the knife into his chest. Dorian calmly pulls the knife out and tells them to leave while he still allows it, and the other prostitutes quickly leave. He tells Justine that Lily is gone and Justine is lucky to have glimpsed liberty, and tells her to go back to her old life or make a new one. Justine says that she can't go back to her old life, and Dorian says that she'll be surprised what one can live with. She tells him that she would rather die there on her feet then live on her knees. Dorian grants her her wish, kisses her, and breaks her neck.

Ethan knocks at the door to Victor's flat but there's no answer. A boy is sitting on the stairs and asks what Ethan is doing out, and says that Victor was called away. He offers to take Ethan to Victor, and Ethan follows him out.

At his townhouse, Malcolm wakes up and Catriona offers him a drink. She says that she is also looking for Vanessa and offers to tell her story if Malcolm sits. Amused, Malcolm says that he knows no limits, and Catriona says that he will learn. She asks him to sit and he does, and Catriona explains that Vanessa approached her asking for information about Dracula.

Seward arrives at the townhouse and tells Malcolm and Catriona that she's looking for Vanessa. Malcolm demands to know why, and Seward warns that Vanessa needs their help more than they can know. To help Vanessa, they must come with Seward... to among the demons.

At Bedlam, Victor apologizes to Lily for bringing her to the asylum. She says that it doesn't matter where he executes her, unmaking her. Lily would rather die than be his demure wife, and warns Victor that she will always see his dark soul. Victor tells her that he made her perfect, but she is a murderer and a savage beast. Lily reminds Victor that he made her to be Caliban's bride, but even Caliban is more human than Victor. Lightning crashes outside and Victor turns on his generators and distils some of Henry's serum. Lily tells him to let the life that he created live, and says that she is the sum of one woman's days. He says that he can take away her pain, and Lily warns him that there are some wounds that can never heal. She describes how she had a daughter and had to whore to raise money to support her. A john knocked her down and she was unable to get up, and by the time she had returned her daughter Sarah was dead, frozen. Lily begs Victor not to take Sarah from her.

After a moment, Victor walks over and raises the syringe. Lily stares at it in terror... and Victor sets it on the floor. He unlocks Lily's manacles and says that it is too easy being monsters: they should try to be human. Lily grabs him by the throat but after a moment strokes his cheek and then leaves.

The boy leads Ethan through the fog into Chinatown. There are corpses on the street and the boy says that the Night Creatures have been eating. Ethan looks around and when he turns back, the boy is gone. Familiars move through the fog, surrounding Ethan, and he draws his guns. Dr. Sweet appears and tells Ethan that he is at one with the night, and says that Vanessa is happy. Ethan threatens to shoot him, and Sweet easily grabs him by the throat and lifts him into the air. He realizes that Ethan loves Vanessa, and says that it is Ethan's tragedy, not his. He drops Ethan, who promises that he will let Vanessa be Sweet's prisoner. Sweet says that Vanessa is no one's captive, and he merely stands at her side. He insists that Vanessa is saved and has made her choice. Sweet advises Ethan to leave her in peace, Ethan insists that his life is joined with Vanessa's, and Sweet says that he would feel the same in his position. Without Vanessa, neither one of them have anything left. He then shoves Ethan across the street.

Renfield takes Malcolm and Catriona to Bedlam and explains about Renfield. She intends to get Vanessa's location by reaching into Renfield's mind and ripping it out. They go to the cell where Renfield is locked up and have the attendant let them in. When he tries to intimidate Catriona, inviting her to play a game with him, she shoves him against the wall and demands to know where Vanessa is.

Ethan wakes up and looks up at the full moon. The familiars attack him and easily bring him down by sheer numbers as the boy familiar watches. However, Ethan transforms into his wolfman form and throws them off, tearing them apart.

Kaetenay walks through the streets and transforms into his wolfman shape. He attacks the familiars, fighting together with Ethan as the boy familiar fades back into the shadows. Once the creatures are downed, the two werecreatures snarl at each other.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 20, 2016

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