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Top Ten Expect the Unexpected Recap

Anthony looks at the most ridiculous situations that he's ever found himself in.

#10 Unexpected Moment: Avalanche Blanche

At the Alaskan Hotel in Juneau, Alaska, Anthony is called in to help the hotel and bar. Blanche commissions a one-of-a-kind sculpture for the hotel, but it falls on her while she unloads it from the truck. The designer wasn't hurt, and it made for a great photo.

#9 Unexpected Moment: The Worm Checks In

Anthony visits the Ocean Manor Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The owner Frank was in over his head but still attracted VIP guests to his hotel. Anthony is surprised when he runs into Dennis Rodman in the lobby and tells the player why he's there. Rodman says that he's been coming there for ten years, and Anthony says that he's going to bring the rooms up to 4-star. The hotelier asks what he can give Frank, and Rodman tells him to teach Frank how to make people happy.

Anthony reviews some of the unusual individuals that he has met over the years.

#8 Unexpected Moment: Swingers' Paradise?

At the Autoport Motel in State College, PA, Anthony talks to the head housekeeper after using a forensic blue light to find semen on the sheets and furniture. The housekeeper explains that it used to be a swingers' motel and she has first-hand experience.

Anthony looks at some of the owners he talked to and how he's been brutally honest with them.

#7 Unexpected Moment: Taking It In Stride

At the Stratford Court Hotel in Cedar City, Utah, Anthony tells the GM that he sucks at revenue management. The GM has never repositioned a hotel and doesn't have a website, and Anthony tells him that he's weak. Later, the GM tells the producers that he loves Anthony and his attitude. When they discuss revenue management, the GM thanks Anthony for his feedback. He says that it's things that he needs to hear.

#6 Unexpected Moment: Buck Naked Bathers

Anthony goes to the Maui Sunseeker Hotel in Maui, HI, and discovers that the metal ACs are corroded. As he checks a room, he hears a machine noise upstairs and goes to investigate. Anthony is shocked to discover that the roof top deck is clothing optional, and finds two naked men in the hot tub. The hot tub is falling apart and Anthony takes a chainsaw to it.

Anthony runs clips of his opening fire at a shooting range at an old hotel sign; pulling apart front desk frames; kicking in a door to demonstrate the chain bolt isn't adequate; performing Shakespeare; and running in a giant pool ball.

#5 Unexpected Moment: Night Shift

At the Missouri Flats Inn in Williston, ND, the owner wants Anthony there so the hotel does better. Anthony explains that he turns failing hotels around and talks to the manager. She says that the hotel doesn't need saving, but later Anthony found out there were problems. The night auditor tells him that there are prostitutes coming in regularly and they've had drug busts there. There have been fights in the parking lot and one guest had to be flown to a hospital. Anthony implemented new security procedures.

Anthony reviews some of the unexpected encounters that he's had with animals: alligators, reproducing bedbugs, fish, polo horses, termites, and a brown bear.

#4 Unexpected Moment: Polly Wants a Finger

Anthony goes to the front desk of the High Meadows Inn in Roaring Gap, NC. The owner finally comes out and Anthony hears a parrot squawking in the back room. She brings the parrot Alf out and it's less than fond of Anthony.

Anthony looks at some unusual hotel designs that he's seen: a dog painting; a painting of a tree on the wall; dolphin statues; tropical murals; penguin murals; a miniature Statue of Liberty; a room made up like a wedding chapel; and a stuffed bear.

#3 Unexpected Moment: Cougar Covers

The Glenwood Motor Inn, in Glenwood Springs, CO, has butter and cream cheese on plates at the front desk. When he gets to the room, Anthony finds leopard-print covers on the bed. The owner, Josie, doesn't want to remove them and refuses to ever have white covers. Anthony explains that people throw multi-color spreads on the floor but never throw white covers on the floor. He brings in two guests and they confirm what Anthony is saying. Josie still isn't convinced, so Blanche uses the leopard-print covers at the bottom on top of the white covers.

#2 Unexpected Moment: Jersey Jingle All The Way

At the Periwinkle Inn in Cape May, NJ, Anthony discovers that the manager Jennifer prefers to sing. Jennifer blames the guests for the comments online, and doesn't know what the occupancy rate is. Anthony nicknames her "Miss Excuse", and she complains to the producer about how Anthony made her stupid. He tracks her down and convinces her that he's looking out for the best interests of her business. Anthony agrees to help but warns that he'll leave if Jennifer walks away from him before.

Anthony runs clips of his exploits with water and having staff jump into pools.

Honorable Mention

Before moving onto the top two, Anthony reviews the Hotel Leger, the Telemark Lodge, the Glacier Bear Lodge, the Victorian Inn, and the Holbrooke Hotel.

#1 Unexpected Moment: Hobbit Closet

After recapping the last nine unexpected moments, Anthony reveals the #1 Unexpected Moment: the Waldorf Niagara in Niagara Falls, NY. He and the owner Phil bonded over a bottle of wine, but the GM Joe was one of the biggest problems at the hotel. Another big problem was the breakfast hostess coming out of a small door in the breakfast area. The breakfast kitchen is below ground and only 4' high. The hostess, Paulette, admits that she isn't comfortable and she often scares the guests when she comes out. Anthony took Joe to task and figures that Joe has lost his way and got crazy. Joe eventually says that he will make the hotel succeed or die trying. He eventually moved the boxes out of the storage area.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 21, 2016

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