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Always Meant to See That Recap

Owen and Todd search for luggage lost in the crash, and Todd says that they should look for condoms. Owen spots a large metal suitcase and Todd points out that someone must have hid it there and locked it. He figures that they've got an island… mystery. They try to get the lock open without success. The tag has been busted off, and Owen figures that they should leave it alone. Todd points out that all of the good stuff is always locked up, and they consider the possibility it could contain cocaine.

On the beach, Emma and Florence are going through the luggage. Pack is trying to find a phone that works, and Florence figures that they're better off without a wireless connection... until Pack find something. The women run over and Pack tells them that it's a DVD player with two hours of charge. However, there is no DVD inside. Furious, Pack insists that he needs a break from the island for two hours. He convinces the women that all they need to do is find a DVD, and they split up

Todd and Owen try to break the case open without success. They take a break and Owen has an idea.

Emma and Florence search through the luggage and Emma finally locates a DVD: Dumb and Dumber Too. She finds a second DVD inside: Selma. They both admit that they meant to see it and it's such an important story, and if it's the last movie they'll ever see then they need to make the right choice. After a moment, they reluctantly agree to watch Selma.

Owen finds Danny and asks him to shoot the case open with the gun. When Danny figures that it's a waste of bullets, Todd points out that he used bullets to shoot fish. Danny hands over the gun and Todd shoots the lock off. Inside the case they find sex toys. Todd figures that they need to find the owner because he may be a full-on sex deviant. Owen realizes that they should figure out everybody's skills so they could get home. Todd agrees, figuring that they'll find the pervert, and Owen says that he's not part of the census. In return, Todd threatens to tell everyone the case belongs to Owen. Owen quickly lets Todd help with the census.

Pack returns as Emma and Florence look for another DVD. They show him the two DVDs, and they all say that they meant to see Selma. Pack reluctantly agrees to watch Selma as well.

The men query the survivors and determine what their skills are. Todd is still trying to find out who the pervert is. Nobody has any particularly useful skills.

As the sun goes down, Emma, Florence, and Pack brace themselves to watch Selma. Emma spots Diane from Toledo walking by and suggests that they ask what movie she wants to watch. Diane agrees that Selma is an important movie and they'd be remiss if they didn't watch it.

Owen, Danny, and Todd go over the list and realize that absolutely no one can help them survive. They still don't know who the pervert is, and a disgusted Todd walks off with the case. Pack comes by and gives Owen his planner and Danny a tag like the one on the case. Owen remembers that the tag was busted off of the case, and once Pack leaves accuses Danny of owning the case. Danny says that he can explain.

Pack tells everyone that it's time to watch Selma. As they all march to watch Selma, Danny tells Owen that he got into a relationship with a Vietnamese woman named Rebecca. They were going to meet in Thailand face-to-face for the first time. Danny took a chance that she was real and flew to Thailand, and Owen assures him that it was sweet. When Danny says that Rebecca told him to make sure and bring going to give her plenty of dong, Owen points out that dong is currency in Vietnam.

When he realizes that he screwed up, Danny insists that it's a mistake. Owen promises not to tell anyone, just as Todd brings out the case and says that someone is a freak and a liar. He refuses to watch the movie until he finds the pervert. Owen suggests that they let it go, but Todd figures that Emma and Florence own it. Florence says that she'd admit it if it was hers. Pack figures that the case belongs to Steve, but Steve denies it. Emma suggests that Todd owns the case, and Jess says that they were going to Thailand because Todd had a surprise for her. He reluctantly says that when they got to Thailand he was going to give her The Hangover 2 movie tour. It's not what Jess was expecting, and Todd says that now the case owner should fess up.

Danny finally admits that the case belongs to him. Everyone is disgusted except Owen, who announces that he was a pageant prince. He points out that they all have some dark secret, and Florence admits that she's not a vegan anymore. Pack says that his suit is off the rack, and the others start confessing their secrets. It starts to get weird and Owen shuts it down, but Karen says that she doesn't want to watch Selma. She figures that they all are going to watch it because they don't want to seem racist. Diane agrees with her, and everyone agrees with her. Todd complains that no one cares that Danny is a pervert. Danny thanks Owen for supporting him, and they sit down to watch the movie.

In Thailand, a young attractive Rebecca waits for Danny.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 22, 2016

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