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Sound the Alarm Recap

The Past

In bed, Theo kisses Rebecca and she responds. The alarm goes off and Theo asks Rebecca not to go to work. She says that she has to and after a moment, he moves away. He says that they should go somewhere and Rebecca wonders if he's serious. After a moment, Rebecca suggests that they go to the beach and Theo says that they're going to Hawaii.

Rebecca arrives at her architecture firm and learns that they're taking her project away from her. Her co-worker says that there's a man in his office and Rebecca goes in to see him. It's David Pilcher, who asks if she's heard of her book. Pilcher wants Rebecca to consider a historic project and says that he'll tell her about it over dinner.

That night, Pilcher and Rebecca to a restaurant and he talks about what matters are the things that last. He then shows her a copy of her Harvard thesis. Pilcher says that he's impressed by it and figures that she's a fan of Henry Clubb. Rebecca talks about the settlement that Clubb built, the Octagon City, and it failed. Pilcher suggests that they try again with a community that gradually grows until it becomes the most significant settlement in the world. He warns her that the flood is coming and he wants her to build an ark, and says that if someone truly believes in something then they'll fight for it. Pilcher assures Rebecca that he will pay any price it takes to build the settlement, and asks Rebecca if she would like the opportunity to build a legacy beyond compare.


Frank watches as the Abby approaches him.

In Jason's office, Kerry informs Jason that units are on the way. They wonder why the Abby isn't attacking, and Kerry tells him that they shouldn't kill it.

Soldiers arrive at the merry-go-round. Meanwhile, Kerry points out to Jason that the Abby is the first female that they've seen.

The Past

Rebecca shows Theo a layout of her ideal town and says that it's designed for happiness. Theo is concerned that it doesn't make sense to him, and warns that they both know that utopic can't exist. Rebecca abruptly asks her husband to leave her alone so she can work.


The next day at the academy, Frank's students tell him that every girl in school is interested in him now that the rumors are saying that Frank fought an Abby. Frank sees Lucy, who turns and walks away ignoring him.

In the lab, Megan reports to Jason and Kerry that the Abby has been strangely passive since they brought her in. She reveals that the new Abby has a design drawn on her hand, and Megan suggests that it's anthropological. Jason isn't that there aren't tribal, and Megan says that all of the Abbies that breached the fence on Invasion Day were males. She hopes to find something about the females that will let them kill them once and for all. After Jason and Kerry leave, a technician says that "Margaret' is handling things well. He says that he names all of the Abbies after people he knew.

Mario tells Jason that no other Abbies were found and the fence is secure. Jason wonders how the Abbie got into Wayward Pines, and suggests that someone helped her get in. He tells Mario to keep working on it.

At the camp, CJ is surveying when Adam comes over. CJ suggests that he help, and Adam offers to dig graves. He warns that when the Abbies come, it won't matter whether CJ and his people plan to die or not. CJ finds Theresa and she tells him that she's not going back to town. He warns that they don't know if the Abbies are truly gone, but Theresa insists that Ben is outside and she's not going to leave her son again. She says that Adam is the reason that her family is dead, and CJ points out that he's also the reason that she's alive.

The Past

Pilcher takes Rebecca to the site where he plans to build Wayward Pines. She points out that there's a town already there, and Pilcher says that it won't be for long. He then calls over Megan and the rest of his team, and Megan praises Rebecca's plans. Pilcher says that they've already started building their base of operations on the other side of the mountain.


Jason and two soldiers go into the beauty shop, after Jason glances briefly over at Xander as he sweeps in front of his shop. Inside, Jason asks Rebecca if she's sure the fence is impenetrable. She insists that the fence is undamaged and insists that her designs aren't the problem. Switching subjects, Jason asks how things are at home and Rebecca insists that they're fine. He advises her to tell Theo everything, warning that it's not good to keep secrets, and leaves.

That night, Xander is making a drink and looks across the street at the beauty shop where the light is still on.

The next day, Frank is assigned to procreation room nine. He has no choice but to go in, and a girl named Meadow is waiting for him. They awkward get on the bed beneath the covers and the finally take their robes off and hesitantly kiss. Meadow finally says to forget it and puts on her robe, saying that she figures he doesn't like her. Frank says that they're not a good match, and Meadow says that he might not be a good match for anyone and she'll let them in.

At the hospital, Arlene is sketching at her desk when Kerry comes in and asks if Theo is in. Arlene says that Theo is busy and they're not accepting new walk-ins. Kerry points out that the reception room is empty and walks in to Theo's office in response to his summons. He says that he knows about the Abby they caught, and Kerry confirms that it's a female and still alive. Theo asks who is running the research team because he hasn't met anyone who has the appropriate training. He figures that they need someone familiar with the protocols and medical ethics, and Kerry says that the old rules should apply. Theo offers to take charge, and Kerry says that she could do so but he might step on some toes. That doesn't deter Theo, and Kerry says that he should let her know when he's ready.

Later, Theo goes to the mountain lab and Megan invites him to watch as they extract some cerebrospinal fluid. They haven't sedated Margaret because they want to study her pain reflex, and Theo insists that the Abby isn't to be touched. When Theo says that he and Kerry have agreed that he would lead the team, Megan asks if Jason knows about it. Kerry says that Jason is on board and leaves them to their work after mentioning that Megan is a hypnotherapist. Megan insists that she has completed many years of study and research since she was a hypnotherapist, and Theo says that he'll be by in the morning to set out a proper series of protocols. Once he leaves, Megan tells the technician to extract the fluid and Margaret doesn't react.

The Past

The team gathers to have dinner and Pilcher congratulates Rebecca on her fine work. He then says that the construction of her plans won't take place immediately. When she wonders how long it will take, Pilcher talks about wine growing in perfect soil after massive upheavals. Megan says that the next cataclysmic disaster is coming and the only way to ensure their survival is to slingshot past the event. She explains Pilcher's plans to save a select group of humanity for 2,000 years in the future. Pilcher hopes that Rebecca will be his partner and collaborator in witnessing the birth of the new world. Rebecca says that she's honored to be a part of it but is clearly uncertain.

When Rebecca goes home, she tells Theo that she can't. She asks what he would do if she made a mistake and couldn't find a way out of it, and wishes that she feels like a failure. Theo tells her to tell them that she's out and he'll protect her, just as the hospital calls him in.


Theresa tells Adam that she had a dream that Adam and Ben were alive. She says that there's nothing inside of the fence, and Adam tells her that she and Ben weren't supposed to follow Ethan. He had no choice but to follow her there, and he wanted Ethan gone. Adam apologizes and walks away.

At the hospital, Frank tells Theo that he wasn't into procreating with Meadow or any of the other girls he's been placed with. He wonders if there's something wrong with him, and Theo asks if he's gay. Frank has no idea what he's talking about, and Theo assures him that there's nothing wrong for him. The boy asks for some kind of treatment, and warns Theo that there are rules. If he's sick and can't procreate then they'll kill him, and Theo says that he won't let it happen.

When Theo goes home, he finds Xander there with Rebecca. Xander tells Rebecca to tell Theo, and she says that she and Xander are married. She explains that she was kidnapped and put to sleep, and when she woke up Theo wasn't there. They matched people together and Rebecca ended up with Xander for one year. She says that they haven't been together for six months, and Xander says that it wasn't Rebecca's fault. Theo glares at him, and then removes his wedding ring, punches Xander, and walks out.

Frank finds Lucy on the academy roof, and she asks if he ever wonders what's out in the rest of the world. He does, and Lucy says that sometimes she dreams of a place where people don't tell them what to do with their lives. Frank says that he's having a hard time and Lucy promises that she'll protect him.

At the lab, Megan visits the restrained Margaret and says that there won't be any more tests. She figures that they'll both see what surprises Theo has in store for them the next morning. Megan says that they were never supposed to meet because Pilcher thought the Abbies would be gone by the time they woke up. She describes how she woke up after she was attack by the Abbies and left for dead. Her husband tried to put her back together before he died, and Megan misses him. She wonders why she's talking to the Abbie because it's just an animal. With that, Megan wheels away.

At the harvester camp, Adam finds Theresa sitting by the fire. She says that she was remembering how Ben was born, smacking her in the cheek. Crying, Theresa says that she can't stop thinking of her son. Adam tells her that he knows that Theresa came out because she wants to die. He knows because he felt the same way, and he's made peace with it. Adam just wants Theresa to forgive her. She says that she can talk to him but she'll never forgive him.

Theo returns home and finds Rebecca sleeping on the couch. He looks at her for a moment and then grabs his things and leaves.

The Past

Xander offers Rebecca a glass of water and introduces himself. He says that he needs her to come with him and offers his hand. Once Rebecca accepts, Xander drives her through town and says that it will all make sense soon. He looks at the building and says that it's beautiful, and Rebecca says that it isn't.


Hundreds of Abbies approach the crops with burning torches.

In the lab, the male Abbies snarl.

The Abbies outside the fence throw their torches into the crops.

Margaret stares off into space.

The Abbies at the field stop and stare off into space.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 23, 2016

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