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Sun and Moon Recap

At a nursing home, a woman named Alice sits in a wheelchair while inside, lights flash and something bangs around. A large lizard-like creature comes out of the house and grabs the woman, dragging her inside.

In the Zone, the humans and Hairies are playing. Waruu is in the crowd watching as the two sides play peacefully despite their differences. Thanks to their superior strength and speed, the Hairies are soon ahead. Meanwhile, Djukara goes over to Maliyan and points out that they're blood brothers since Maliyan's transfusion. Meanwhile, Waruu sees the two Hairies together and tells Harry to keep an eye on Djukara. Nerida tells her husband that she's heading off and asks him to walk her to the checkpoint. As they walk, she warns Waruu that the killings at the nursing home has people riled up again. Waruu wants to have Jarrod bring in a film crew in to counter the government propaganda. Nerida points out that the attempt to get footage at the prison didn't turn out well, but Waruu figures that they can trust Jarrod to bring in professionals. She wants him to talk to Koen since Koen doesn't know that he's the Cleverman, but Waruu insists that he can only control what he can.

As Waruu and Nerida arrive at the checkpoint, they see the protestors gathered demanding that the government protect them from the Hairies. Nerida kisses her husband goodbye and goes to her car, while Waruu leaves a message for Jarrod to check on the progress of the film crew. A protestor throws rotten fruit at Waruu.

Eldrick is examining a soldier, Jamie, as Jarrod and McIntyre look on. She gives him an injection and tells him to relax until she's ready to test him, and joins the two men. Jarrod tells McIntyre that they're using the Hairy juice, not the placebo. Eldrick has Jamie exercise on a stationary bike and his heart rate stays steady despite his increased exertions. He soon breaks the world record but his heart speeds up and he dies.

At his flat, Waruu and Alinta are listening to Belinda reporting on the news about the nursing home massacre. Everyone believes that a Hairyperson is responsible. Alinta calls Belinda a slut and then storms out to her room. Waruu goes into her room anyway and his daughter tells him that he should talk to Nerida. He tells Alinta that the affair is over, and she says that she thought Waruu was better because everyone else thinks that. She wonders why he did it with a woman who loves blaming the Hairies for the killings. Alinta tells Waruu to tell Nerida or she will, and leaves.

At Area 51, a man approaches Kora as she listens to the music at the jukebox. Ash asks Koen if he's going to do something, and he says that he's not Kora's keeper. After he goes out the back to get some supplies, Waruu comes in and asks Blair where his half-brother is. Blair gets him a drink and Waruu sketches the creature on a piece of paper. Koen comes back and Waruu asks him what he's doing now that more people are dead. He says that the Hairies aren't responsible for the murders, and warns that more people are going to die unless Koen acts. Koen insists that they're just fairytales but admits that Jimmy gave him the nulla nulla. Waruu tells Koen that he'd better pray he can remember how to use it. Koen sees the man dancing with Kora, goes over, and says that she's with him. When the man shoves Koen, Koen grabs the nulla nulla club and hits him it, and has Blair escort the man out. Disgusted, Waruu says that Koen is a disgrace and hands him the piece of paper, and then walks out.

At the flat, Nerida is with a sleeping Alinta.

At Area 51, Koen focuses on the nulla nulla but nothing happens. As he looks at the drawing, Ash comes over and asks what they call it. Koen says that it's the Namorrodor and Waruu believes that it's real. She figures that Koen is the only one who can kill it, and asks how he would kill it. When she reaches for the nulla nulla, Koen stops her explains that there's "cultural stuff" that has to be done. They both laugh and then gaze at each other for a moment, and then Koen walks away.

The next day at his manor, Jarrod finds a flyer for the Ilythia clinic that Charlotte has been checking. He asks her what it's about, and she explains that they have a unique technique of spiking the ovum with a supercharged mitochondria. They're vague about where they get the mitochondria from because it's under patent, but they've had a 95% success rate. Jarrod thought they had decided not to try, but Charlotte asks him to come with her to her appointment. Jarrod stares at the meat she's cooking until she gets his attention, and he says that he'll be glad to go with her but has to make a call.

Jarrod calls Eldrick and tells her that since the drug concentrate din the adipose tissues in Jamie's back, they need to separate the mitochondria. He tells her to use an uncoupling inhibitor and Eldrick says that she knows what they can start with. Once Jarrod hangs up, Eldrick goes to the captive Boondee and prepares to extract more substance from him. He asks how she could do it, but she ignores him and takes a swab.

One of the Hairies is shaving his hand as Djukara watches. He goes out to where Latani is exercising at the makeshift Zone gym with a punching bag. She ignores him at first, and Djukara says that he'll find their parents. Uncle Max is coming out and tells Djukara that he has to shave because the CA is looking for him. He walks off and Max tells Latani to get out of the gym. Latani asks him to teach her how to fight, and realizes that he won't because she's a Hairy. He starts training Gub and Jake, and Latani listens in and does the same thing. She finally hits the bag hard enough to knock it off its chain, glares at Max, and walks off.

Djukara finds Maliyan says that he needs a weapon. He tells Maliyan that he's going to find his father, and Maliyan gives him a revolver. Alinta is nearby and sees Djukara take the gun and walk off. She goes after him and asks what he's going to do, and she warns that he'll be picked up as a Hairy even if he makes it through the checkpoint. Djukara reluctantly agrees to shave.

Harry watches as the CA guards refuse to let a food truck past the checkpoint. He finds Waruu and tells him, and figures that Matthews is trying to starve them out. Waruu says that he'll handle it and walks away.

At the flat, Kora finds the suitcase with Koen's things. As she examines the photos, Blair and Ash come in and start making out on the table. Blair sees Kora with the suitcase and takes it away, insisting that his friend will go nuts if he realizes someone else had it. As Ash looks at the photo of Koen's mother, Kora goes to the kitchen. Blair explains that the mother died in a hit-and-run car accident and they never found out who did it. Koen wasn't born at the time, and they had to do an emergency C-section to save him. The smoke alarm goes off as Kora burns a piece of bread in the toaster, and Koen comes out and sees Ash with the photo. As he yanks it out of Ash's hand, Blair says that Kora was the one who took it out. Koen takes the photos to his room and looks briefly at the one of him and Waruu as boys.

Waruu goes to Matthews's office and the secretary says that Matthews is gone. When Waruu insists on waiting, the secretary makes a call.

Frankie takes Araluen to an office. Matthews is on the phone with his secretary and says that he'll meet with Waruu once he's finished. He then dismisses Frankie.

As he waits, Waruu looks at a diorama showing a redesigned Zone. Jarrod calls him and says that Belinda is coming to the Zone that afternoon to lead the film crew. Waruu warns that she might not be right for the job, but Jarrod insists that she's perfect and can handle herself.

Matthews says that he knows Araluen from somewhere, and reaches for the hair on her chest. She grabs his wrist and Matthews tells her to get on the bed. She does so and Matthews rubs himself against her from behind.

Jarrod goes to the lab where Eldrick has a mouse in a metal box. It's pounding on the sides hard enough to move the box around the table, and Eldrick says that the mouse is still fine after two hours of exposure to the drug. She's also administered the new drug to a chimp and it's still alive after two hours, and Jarrod tells her to begin human testing. Eldrick asks if he's volunteering.

Belinda calls Waruu and says that she's heading for the Zone. He tells her to meet him inside of the checkpoint in 20 minutes, and jokingly suggests that he take her to meet Nerida. Waruu repeats his statement and hangs up. As he goes outside, a man puts a gun to Waruu's side, tells him to come with him, and escorts him into a waiting car.

Jarrod goes down to the beach, braces himself, and then begins running at top speed among the rocks. He makes a superhuman series of jumps and then easily runs past a jogger. Satisfied, Jarrod chuckles in triumph.

The man tosses a handcuffed Waruu into a small metal room and leaves, locking the door behind him.

Belinda waits at the checkpoint but Waruu doesn't show. She calls Waruu and leaves a message.

Waruu goes to the table and finds a photo of himself during the prison break-in.

A shaven Djukara takes Alinta to the prison and they discover that everyone is gone and the place is abandoned. He figures that the government killed the prisoners and he'll never see Boondee again. Alinta suggests that they tell Waruu, and Djukara wishes that Waruu had left him there so he's be with his father.

Jake and Gub ride up to the checkpoints, and Belinda asks them to take her to the Hairypeople. Gub recognizes her from the news and is glad to help for $10. He takes Belinda to Waruu's flat and tells Nerida that he thought they should check with Harry first. Belinda explains why she's there, and Nerida agrees to take her down to the Hairy precinct.

McIntyre enters Waruu's room and accuses Waruu of being a terrorist. He shows Waruu the symbol drawn in Dickson's blood and photos of the three escaped Hairies. McIntyre tells him to hand over the fugitives and they'll forget Waruu's involvement, and Waruu refuses. He says that he knows who killed Dickson, and that there was no symbol on the wall when Dickson was killed. Waruu figures that the government ripped out Dickson's heart and invites McIntyre to charge the escapees. Jarrod calls and says that they need to accelerate things, and tells him to pick up the item immediately for the next stage. McIntyre walks out of the interrogation room.

At the Hairy precinct, Nerida takes Brenda past Latani and the other Hairies. Latani follows them to the building and Nerida tells Belinda that she needs to talk to Maliyan first. Nerida assures the reporter that it will be okay to talk to Maliyan and says that she should go on her own, claiming they might not talk if she's there.

Belinda braces herself and goes over to Maliyan and his friends. She introduces herself, and Maliyan shoves her to the floor and steps on her back. The reporter insists that she can get their message out and help them, and Nerida comes over and tells Maliyan he doesn't have to do it. Maliyan complains about the humans always telling them what to do, but Latani comes over and tells Maliyan to kill Belinda. If he doesn't then Belinda will go back and tell lies about them. However, the girl warns that if he does kill her then people will come after him because Belinda is famous. Angry, Maliyan walks away and Belinda thanks Latani. Latani says that she's saving them, not her, and says that Belinda is scum. She reminds Belinda that her people filmed them shooting down her little sister Jyra, and Belinda played it on the TV. She storms off and Nerida walks off, and Belinda goes after her.

That night, Koen is cleaning up at the bar and Ash offers to help him. He refuses and she tells him that he's full of it, and she and Blair are with him. As Koen walks away, Ash says that she always knew he had something.

Waruu returns home and Nerida tells him that Belinda was there. She tells her husband to do what he wants to her, but he can't get Alinta involved. Nerida says that Waruu is close to losing everything, and tells him to sort his shit out because they've worked too hard for him to mess things up.

In the flat, Blair is dancing around Kora as she aims a gun in his direction. Koen comes in and tells her to put the gun down, and ducks when Kora aims it at him. She fires off a shot, hitting a vase, and the smoke alarm in the bar below goes off. As Koen goes to turn it off, Blair gets the gun from Kora.

In the bar, Koen finds McIntyre holding a gun on Ash. McIntyre demands Kora in return for Ash, and Koen calls Kora down. When she comes down, Koen tells her to go to McIntyre. She does so, but McIntyre says that his boss wants Koen as well. Meanwhile, Blair comes in behind McIntyre with the other gun and shoots him in the shoulder. Ash grabs McIntyre and they fall to the floor, struggling. McIntyre's gun goes, hitting Ash in the chest. As Blair holds her, Koen asks Kora to help them. She kneels down, takes Koen's hands, and puts them on Ash's wound. They all stare as Koen's hands glow green. He pulls them back and they realize that Ash is dead. Koen pulls a crying Blair away from his girlfriend and says that they need to get out. The three of them go, leaving Ash's body on the floor.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 24, 2016

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