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Undercover Cloth: Part One Recap

Officer Todd Carty is waiting in line at the bank.

A Heist & Co. van pulls up outside the bank. Four robbers put on their masks and their leader, Bullock, warns everyone that their boss Michael Macratty doesn't want any mistakes. They run in and order everyone down on the floor, and Todd secretly draws his gun. Meanwhile, the bank manager Roger Cleaver gives the robbers the combination to the vault. Three of the robbers go in while Twitch starts harassing a vicar. Todd aims his gun and tells Twitch to leave the vicar alone. He recognizes Twitch as a punk who used to cause trouble on his patch, and warns that Macratty won't be happy with him. When Todd says that he has nothing to lose, Twitch grabs a hostage and Todd has no choice but to lower his gun. He goes for the shot and hits Twitch in the shoulder, but Twitch shoots him in the chest. The robbers grab Twitch, run out, and drive away. Meanwhile, the dying Todd starts draw on the floor in his own blood.

Jack is sitting in a taxi outside of Kate's cemetery having a drink when the radio runs a report about an armed bank robbery in town. Disgusted, Jack turns off the radio and says that he doesn't play those games anymore and goes inside.

At the bank, Hope Goodgirl is giving a speech about how if she is elected she will stop such crimes. Anne, Asap, and Des arrive and Anne tells Hope the press the move out of the way. Impressed, Hope checks Anne out and says that the force could use more bodies like hers, and slips her card into Anne's pocket.

Inside, Roger gives a description of the bank's money to the police sketch artist. All Roger can say is that the robbers looked normal but one of them had a tattoo of Mum on his arm. Des is looking at Todd as the EMTs bag him. Natasha comes over and reports that Todd wrote "Macratty" on the floor. He was clutching a rag in his hand. Tom storms in and demands that they catch the robbers ASAP, and tells Anne to earn the promotion she wanted.

Outside, the press ask Tom if he's losing his authority, and he insists that since he underwent rehabilitation for the serial killings and apologizes, it's the end of the matter. A reporter asks if Jack thinks that way, and Tom points out that Jack has quit the force and good riddance. Anne runs up and says that they need Jack because the rag Todd had says "Contact Jack Cloth" on it. Tom orders Anne into his car, and warns that there are no second chances once someone resigns. Anne admits that the situation between her and Jack are complicated and painful, but they need Jack back. Tom wonders if Jack will ever forgive him for murdering Kate,

At the cemetery, Jack is trimming the plants on his wife's grave and is busy humping the gravestone when Anne comes over. She admits that she never wanted to see him again, but they need his help. Jack isn't interested until Anne says that they shot Todd. They go to the Rendezvous Cafe and Anne tells Jack about their lead. Jack knows Macratty by reputation because nobody has ever seen him. Anne suggests that they catch Macratty together, and figures that Jack was born in Macratty's world and knows it intimately. Jack refuses to work with Tom and insists that nothing happened between him and Anne. He says that nothing will ever happen between them again, and Anne whispers in his face that she wants him and was wrong for leaving him. Visibly... impressed, Jack refuses and staggers out.

At home, Jack watches a newscast about Todd's funeral. People want an embittered DI to avenge Todd's death, and soon Jack strides into the briefing room and tells everyone to listen up. He briefs them on Macratty, who has moved from scrap metal theft to robbery and murder. Jack wants the detectives to find out everything they can about Macratty. As they leave, Tom comes out and sees Jack, and offers his hand in friendship. He says that it's good to have Jack back, and Jack says that he's doing it for Todd. When Tom says Kate's name, Jack grabs him until Anne pulls him away and warns that they have to work with each other. She tells them to shake hands and Jack reluctantly does.

That night, Jack, Anne, and Des watch Macratty's scrap metal and gentleman's club. They spot Bullock and Jack sends Des and Anne to see what they can get out of him. Bullock claims that he was at the club during the time of the bank robbery. Anne sees the tattoo on his arm and realizes that it matches the one that Roger described. They go back to the car and figure that Bullock is hiding something.

The next day at the station, Jack figures if they get close to Bullock then he'll lead them to Macratty. He's going undercover and afterward, Anne warns that it's too dangerous. Jack insists that he has nothing to live for because he's lost everything he ever cared about, even his shoes. Anne assures him that he hasn't lost anything and tries to kiss him, but Jack turns away. Hope calls Anne and wants to discuss her future over dinner. Anne agrees to meet her at the Sappho Restaurant.

That night at the scrap club, the team parks across the street in a surveillance van. Asap assures Jack that they'll never find his wire and hangs the transmitter on Jack's chest. Jack has them test him with questions so he keeps in character, and then goes over to his undercover car and drives to the club. As Bullock and his friend Tumbler check out the car, Jack fumbles to come up with a surname. Jack continues taunting Bullock to prove he's a tough man, while Des monitors a couple having sex in a nearby flat until they draw the blinds down.

Tumbler confirms that the car is a car, and Jack assures them that he can hotwire any vehicle they want. Bullock finally accepts Jack's story and takes him to see Macratty inside the club. Jack gives the boss lip, and one of Macratty's bodyguards prepares to shoot him. As Anne and the others prepare to go in, Jack tells Macratty that he has something he needs: merchandise he brought in through Customs. Bullock does an anal search while Jack and Macratty stare impassively at each other. The thug finally finds a bag of heroin and Anne realizes that Jack took it from the evidence lockup and has forgotten what side he's on.

Bullock tests the heroin and confirms that it's authentic, and Macratty says that he's going to make a new friend. Jack warns that he's not on Facebook and everyone laughs hysterically at his joke except Des.

Later back at the station, Jack shows his team a photo of Macratty. Anne points out that Jack stole heroin from the lockup, and Asap points out that Jack wasn't working at the station when they brought the heroin in. When he objects to Jack breaking the laws of narrative and continuity, Jack insists that he'll steal the heroin before he exists if he has to. Hope calls to remind Anne about their dinner date, and she takes off.

At the restaurant, Hope says that when she'll become mayor she'll need a new chief of police. She tells Anne to keep an eye on Tom, and Anne insists that she trusts Tom with her life. Undeterred, Hope assures Anne as the waitress returns that her clam is ready, and it's steaming.

The next day, Anne goes to the surveillance van while Jack meets with Macratty. Macratty wants Jack to go on a job to hit a major museum. His bodyguard says that the big man doesn't want them talking about it in case someone is listening with headphones, but Macratty tells him to shut it. Asap runs a search for "big man" and comes across a sex toy.

Macratty warns Jack that if he betrays him then he's a dead man. A woman, Katya, comes over and Macratty introduces her to Jack. He tells Katya to extend Jack the usual hospitality Jack has no choice but to agree. Once he and Katya leaves, Macratty and his bodyguard go to the next room to listen and see if Jack is a cop or not.

Katya leads Jack into the office and invites him to take off his shirt. She reaches inside and disconnects the transmitter, and Anne tries to reach Jack without success.

In the office, Katya finds Jack's shaver with a bullet dent, and he says that it has sentimental value. He insists on keeping his clothes on, citing body issues, and Katya hikes up her skirt. She warns that Macratty will turn her out on the streets if she doesn't satisfy his men, and they listen outside to make sure she's telling the truth.

Asap picks up Jack's transmitter and confirms that he's turned on. Anne can't take listening and goes outside, gasping. Macratty, listening, is satisfied that Jack is authentic. Inside the office, Katya tells Jack that he's different than other man, and explains that Macratty brought her to England and promised her a good job. She misses her family, which she had to leave behind, and warns that Macratty will kill her if she gets in the way. Jack agrees to help her.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 24, 2016

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