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Undercover Cloth: Part Two Recap

Hope is in her office when Anne arrives at her doorstep. Smiling, Hope lets Anne up and the DC talks about Jack having sex during his undercover assignment. Hope tells her that police officers are just normal people, and tells her daughter Jenny to go to bed so she and Anne can have sex. When Anne says that she didn’t come there for that, Hope says that they both know it’s not true. They start to kiss and Anne objects briefly but then gives in.

The next morning, Anne wakes up in Hope’s bed when her phone rings. It’s Jack, texting to ask her to meet him at the café. She gets dressed and goes there, where the news is running an ad about the upcoming charity event for blameless children. Jack tells Anne that Macratty is getting inside information and has a bigger plan, and says that he has to stay close to Macratty. Anne brings up Katya and reminds Jack that he used to think sex was a fragile and precious thin. Jack insides that he was just maintaining his cover and they pretende3d to have sex because Macratty was listening outside the door.

Tumbler comes in, well aware that Anne is a cop. When he sees Jack, he realizes what is going on and runs. Jack and Anne chase him into a construction site. Tumbler hides in a shack and leaves a message for Macratty saying that Jack is a cop and they should have him killed. He then runs out and shoots, hitting everyone but Jack and Anne. When she corners Tumbler, Tumbler shoots the gun out of Anne’s hand. She draws her fingers and tells him to drop it, but Tumbler doesn’t fall for it. Jack crushes Tumbler to death with a bulldozer and then wonders what kind of monster would do it.

Later at the club, Macratty is playing cards at Katya looks on. Macratty wins and tells Katya to get him some Scotch from his office. Inside she sees the flashing light on Macratty’s answering machine.

At the station, Anne and Natasha tell Tom that they finally identified Tumbler from his crushed DNA. Tom demands results and Anne says that they have enough on Macratty to bring him in. Tom points out that she didn’t have permission to run the wire and tells her to pull jack off the case. Anne points out that Jack has fingered Macratty, but Tom doesn’t care. Jack come in and insists that he can’t stop, but Tom tells him that he’s off the case.

As Anne and Jack leave, Anne warns that she can’t keep covering for him. Macratty calls and tells Jack that they need to have a chat. Once he hangs up, Macratty tells an arriving Jack that Tumbler got killed ten minutes ago. He asks what Jack knows about it, and Jack suggests that Tumbler got sloppy. Tiger punches Jack in the gut and Macratty accuses him of being a stool pigeon. He asks why he shouldn’t blow Jack’s brains out, jack insists that he’s not a cop and Macratty decides to test him. Two thugs bring Twitch in, and Macratty explains that Twitch shot a cop during the last robbery. He gives Jack the gun and tells him to shoot Twitch in the head. Jack takes the gun but hesitates. He finally aims the gun at Twitch, and Todd’s spirit appears to helpfully tell Jack to do it for him. Jack pulls the trigger but nothing happens, and they all laugh. Macratty takes out a loaded pistol and shoots Twitch dead, A lot. Once he’s done, Macratty figures that Jack isn’t a cop because a cop wouldn’t have pulled the trigger. The crime boss says that they’re a man short for the museum job and asks Jack if he knows anyone who can help.

Tom watches watching an ad Hope has filmed an ad about how she’s going to put more police out.

Jack tells the team that someone has to join him undercover but it’s a dangerous mission. When he says that anyone volunteering would be foolhardy, Des raises his hand to ask what “foolhardy” means, and Jack tells him that he’s in. Anne points out that Bullock has met Des and commented on his hairy hands, and they realize that Macratty’s mob hasn’t seen Asap yet. Asap immediately suggests that Des shave his hands, and Jack figures that will work. Des says that he can cover Jack’s back and they head out.

Tom goes to the Sappho Restaurant to confront Hope. Hope is glad to tell everyone that Tom is a twat, and he warns her that she isn’t a mayor yet. She threatens to call the press, and Tom angrily leaves.

As they drive to the club, Asap inserts a wire in Des’ anus and Jack reviews Des’ cover story. Once Des recites it perfectly, Jack figures that he’s perfect. They go into the club and Macratty introduces Des to the team. Bullock asks to see Des’ hands, but fortunately Des has shaved them. He’s still suspicious, and Macratty begins his PowerPoint presentation of the City of Town Museum. It has a large exhibit of valuable gems and bullion, and they’re going to nick it. Macratty has a complete file on the head of security, Doug Hanlon. Tiger will drive the team in and they’ll capture him when he comes out to smoke.

Everything goes according to plan and the robbers capture Hanlon. They shoot out the cameras and take the valuables while Jack counts down the time. He goes to get what he claims is a Dino-Cress statue. In reality, Macratty secretly told him to get something for the Big Man. Jackgoes to the nuclear detonator exhibit and calls Anne. He says that the real target is a nuclear detonator, which means that there’s a bomb somewhere. Bullock comes up, puts a gun to Jack’s head, and takes the phone. As he prepares to shut, Jack taunts Bullock about how Macratty likes him better. Bullock kicks him in the groin and shoots, and then takes the detonator.

Anne and Asap run into the museum, and Jack staggers up to them, wounded but still alive. Des has captured tiger and Animal, but Bullock got way with the detonator. Asap brings in a mortally wounded Katya, and she says that Macratty killed her. She knows that Jack was police because she heard the phone message from Tumbler, and deleted it. Macratty thought she was a mole and killed her, and Katya says that the Big Man wants to wipe out the charity telethon.Jack promises tells someone to call for an ambulance, but it’s too late. Jack tells God to take him and puts a gun to his head, and Anne tells him that Katya would want Jack to stop the bomb and save the day. Jack finally throws his gun away and heads for the telethon.

At the telethon, hosts Rufus Hound and Konnie Huq are displaying the money they’ve raised. Beneath the stage, Macratty watches as Bullock sets the bomb.

Tom arrives on stage and tells Hope that he’s handing over a check for money his officers raised.

As they drive to the museum, Jack bandages his wound and the team does a summary. They figure that the Big Man had Macratty rob banks to raise money for the bomb materials. Then they robbed the bomb for the detonator. When Jack says that the Big Man is Macratty’s boss, Anne remembers Hope calling Tom the big man, and Tom tearing up a photo of the Big Man. She tells the others that Tom is the Big Man, and he plans to blow up the telethon to kill Hope because she’s going to fire him. They crash the car and proceed on foot except for Asap, who’s trapped.

At the telethon, Tom tells a charity guard to let him through to the hallway leading to the undisclosed bowels of the building... and the lavatory. He intimidates the guard into letting him through. Meanwhile, Hope delivers a check on stage

Jack, Anne, and Des run in and hear gunshots. Jack goes to check it out while Anne and Des go to the control room. They agree to let the telethon continue so Richard from Pointless can juggle grapefruit.

Jack runs down the hall and finds Tom standing next to the bomb. Macratty joins him and says that Tom can’t hear him because he shot him and the blast popped Tom’s eardrums. Tom collapses from the gunshot.

The stage director tells Rufus and Konnie that things are going well but there’s a nuclear bomb in the building so they have to wrap things up early.

Macratty says that he knew Jack was a cop from the start. When Bullock says that he didn’t, Macratty shoots him dead and explains that Tom was just looking for the toilet. Jack realizes who the Big Man is, just as Hope comes in with a gun. She figures that the viewers would be horrified when the telethon was blown up. When the public is afraid, they want a strong leader. Hope explains that when the donations hit $10 million, the bomb will go off. Tom shoots her from the ground, and Macratty shoots him.

Jack jumps Macratty and they struggle for the gun. As they fight, Jack shouts a warning to Anne and Des, while Tom tries to get a bead on Macratty. Anne says that she’ll take care of Hope and tells Des to keep the viewers from donating any more money. Des takes the controls and reprograms the teleprompter so that Konnie and Rufus discourage the viewers from donating.

Macratty gets on top and punches Jack repeatedly, and finally prepares to kill him. Anne arrives and shoots Macratty in the chest. He goes down and Jack thanks Anne for her help. She goes after Hope while Jack goes to the dying Tom and tells him to hold on.

The wounded Hope runs onto the stage with Anne in pursuit. They brutally fight until Hope grabs the gun. Hope is furious that Anne tossed her offer away, just as a wounded owl mascot knocks a pillar over on Hope, crushing her to death.

Tom revives and thanks Jack for bringing him back.

As the EMTs take the dead owl mascot away, Jack laments that he can’t save the good ones. Des invites them for a drink, but Jack says that he has to be somewhere. Anne suggests that the two of them could catch up, but Jack says that he’s catching up with someone else. Tom is waiting for him, and Anne says that she loves Jack, and Jack reminds her that she’s a lesbian. Jack and Tom drive off together, and a crying Anne watches them go.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 25, 2016

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