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Too Cloth for Comfort: Part One Recap

A masked and robed figure lights candles.

A woman, Blue, reads the Tarot cards and predicts a man on a journey.

Terry Cloth drives toward the City of Town. A motorcyclist pulls behind him and terry tries to pull away.

The robed figure polishes a knife.

Terry comes to a road block and is forced to get out and run. The helmeted motorcyclist chases after him through a picnic. Terry finally hides behind a tree, and his pursuer looks around. However, when he tries to flee, Terry steps on an accordion and trips, and the pursuer pouts a silencer on his gun, and then a silencer on his silencer. Finally he shoots...

... and Jack Cloth wakes up.

At a lecture hall, a professor presents their guest speaker, Jack. Jack is busy looking at a photo of Anne and finally throws it in the garbage and takes the podium. He takes out a copy of the official books and tosses them into the audience, and says that they’re all useless. Jack tells the audience that no amount of reading can make someone ready to be a cop.

New DC Kerry Newblood arrives at the station and she looks around nervously, avoiding suspects and gorillas.

Des is at his desk looking at harrowing images of celebrities.

Asap reviews CCTV tapes for hours on end.

Anne stands in the restroom looking at photos of her and Jack arresting people and appearing in shows. She ducks into a stall when some other female officers come in.

Jack says that after all of the work, nothing has really changed. He smashes the podium and walks away.

Des helps Kerry pick up her papers and assures her that they’re all women on the first day. She says that she’s reporting to Jack, and Des tells her to report to Anne.

In the stall, Anne drinks from a bottle of unbranded vodka. As she takes a drink, Kerry comes in and calls to her. Anne directs her to the corridor so Jack can bump into her, and Kerry thanks her. She says that it’s nice to have a female officer to look up to, and once she leaves Anne pours the vodka down the toilet and then dries to lap it up.

In the corridor, Kerry bumps into Jack and she says that she’s heard about stories that Jack is washed up and off the rails. Jack introduces himself and Kerry presents her top grades. He warns that academy grades won’t help her on the streets. Asap tells them that they found a body and they head out. Kerry admits to Anne that she’s never seen a corpse before, and Anne gives her some tips. Tom joins Jack and points out that he has a fresh face, and warns that Jack is responsible for her.

The team goes into the forest and Asap briefs the team on the forest. Natasha is already there and briefs them on the body. Jack points out that the victim was murdered in broad daylight and pointing to a willow tree. Kerry points out that the victim was heading to the police, and they roll the body over. Jack is shocked to see that it’s his brother Terry.

As the EMTs take the body away, Jack tells Anne that he needs a drink and takes her to the Copper Kettle. He talks about how he was always the golden boy and Terry was the black sheep. Jack last saw him years ago when Terry started seeing a girl, Deborah Something. Deborah had a girl, Jill, and she and Jack started dating. The four of them were close, but one day Jill fell and ended up in a coma. Deborah and Jack ended up having sex and Terry came in and saw them. Once he realized that Jack was Jack and not him, Terry went berserk. The fighting woke Jill up and Jill vanished. Terry forgave Jack but Jack couldn’t forgive him for that. The brothers fell apart, but Jack figures that Terry was coming to find him. Now Terry wants Jack to find his killer. Jack goes to the restroom and Anne wrings the drink out of her handkerchief and drinks it.

The robed figure presides over a ceremony involving a sacrificial victim.

Des and Kerry park outside of Terry’s funeral, and Des explains that the killer often comes to their victim’s funeral. Kerry is impressed by Des’ experience, and asks him to fill her in. He agrees and Kerry says that she became a cop to make her father proud.

Inside, Jack gives the eulogy for Terry and vows to find out the killer. Afterward, Deborah approaches Jack. She admits that she couldn’t face Terry and dredging up the past. She blames herself for not staying in touch and beats himself up until Jack stops her. Deborah says that she missed Jack, and Jack says that their having sex was a mistake. She slaps him and walks away, and Anne comes over. Jack says that he didn’t even fancy her and the thought of having sex with her turns his stomach. Deborah points out that she’s still there.

Kerry spots a man outside the funeral home and runs after him. Des chases after he, and the man--Kenny--grabs her and uses her as a hostage. Anne offers Kenny anything he wants, and he asks for another knife. Jack throws Terry’s ashes into Kenny’s face and Anne arrests him.

At the station, Jack and Anne interrogate a sarcastic Kenny. Jack finally tackles him but Asap warns that Kenny’s story that he was bowling with Prince Andrew checks out. According to Kenny’s medical’s medical records, when exposed to stress he becomes sarcastic. Kenny says that he and Terry stayed at the place Eddie Huffway runs: the Huffway House, a kind of halfway house.

Des takes Kerry to the shooting range and admits that she did well despite being taken hostage. However, he figures that she should brush up on her shooting skills, and takes her to the VIP lane. Once she’s done, Des assures her that she’s doing well and they share champagne.

At the Huffway House halfway house, Eddie talks with Jack and Anne. He shows them Terry’s room and explains that Terry was staying there because of mental issues. Terry lived there until two weeks ago, Anne finds a postcard from the village of Funtcuck.

Back at the station, Jack puts everything together on the clear board. He tells Des and Kerry to stay there and deal with their unresolved issues while he, Anne, and Asap go to Funtcuck. They visit the local tavern, the Wall of Silence, and Jack slams in through the wrong door. They introduce themselves and ask if anyone has seen Terry. No one has anything to say, and Jack promises that they’re not leaving until they get answers. He starts beating up villagers and then threatens to shoot himself if they don’t talk.

A man, Villager 2, steps forward and says that no one will talk because they’re all Danish tourists and don’t understand what Jack is saying. Jack apologizes and Villager 2 says that he’s seen Terry at the Healery. It’s a New Age treatment center nearby and the detectives head there. Asap tells them what he knows, including the fact that the proprietor is Damien Vull. Damien says that he’s busy but will have his assistant Blue show them around.

Once Blue collects their tickets, she shows the detectives around. Damien says that they make people better by improving spiritual muscle tone. Jack asks how Terry ended up dead, and Damien refuses to discuss his clients. Anne finds a photo of Damien with Terry, and Blue finally says that Terry was in their Fam Anger program. It’s for people who unresolved fury against family members. Their patients take out their anger on life-size models of the family member, and Terry names his “Jack.” Jack demands a list of everyone on the course, and Damien reluctantly hands it over. He then has Blue see them out.

Jack sends the list to Des and Kerry and tells them to check the archive. Des shows Kerry how to squeeze the keys on the keyboard rather than tap them. When the others return, Des reports that everyone on the list is accounted for except for Rowan Willow. Jack finally remembers that Terry pointed to a willow tree before he died. Rowan left the healer the same time that Terry did and hasn’t been seen since. Asap confirms that she’s still alive but maybe not alive, and Jack tells Des and Kerry to work on their smoldering looks while they stop Damien from doing whatever he’s doing.

Damien removes his mask and prepares to sacrifice Rowan as Blue and the other masked worshippers look on. Jack, Anne, and Asap burst in and tell everyone to freeze, and Damien says that the “victim” is Ivy Branch, not Rowan Willow. Anne discovers that the sacrificial dagger still has the John Louis security tag on it, and Jack figures that they can hold Damien for 48 hours on a shoplifting charge. As they go, Anne picks up a bottle of sacrificial wine and starts to drink from it until Jack tells her to come with them.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 26, 2016

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