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South Will Rise Again Recap

The Past

The Cowboy rides into Ratwater and goes into the apothecary to get some medicine for his daughter. The owner says that he'll have it ready for him in the morning and it's the best he can do. The Cowboy goes to the town's saloon to wait. He goes to the bar and the barkeeper says that he can wait in a chair with a bottle of whiskey. As he waits, the Cowboy hears a preacher named Macready talking to the others, talking about Noah. Macready then sees the Cowboy and says that he recognizes him from somewhere. Meanwhile, the other locals make a boy watch as his mother has sex with a john. Macready finally goes and the Cowboy waits.

The next morning, the Cowboy gets the medicine and rides out of Macready. He comes to the wagon he met earlier, and the boy calls that they're heading for Ratwater. Undeterred, the Cowboy keeps going but remembers the boy in Ratwater. After a moment he turns and gallops back. He goes to the saloon and sees the wagon, but discovers that the occupants are gone. The Cowboy hears screaming and goes into the saloon. When Macready says that he recognizes him, the Cowboy punches him and goes to the back where the settlers are watching a bounty hunter collects scalps. Macready and his men jump the Cowboy and beat him to the floor, and he shelters the bottle of medicine with his body.

Later, the Cowboy limps out and gets on his horse. Macready comes out and says that he saw the Cowboy at Gettysburg at Pickett's Charge. The preacher says that they lost a lot of good men that day and prepares to shoot the Cowboy's horse. When the Cowboy tells him not to, Macready shoots anyway and the Cowboy falls into the street.

The Cowboy walks across the desert with the medicine. He finally reaches his family only to discover his wife and daughter are dead from fever. He goes to the closet and gets his guns.


Night in Annville, and Hugo hears something outside his house. He goes out and investigates, but it's only the wind. He walks over and hears something moving, but it's only the wind. Hugo goes back inside and tells Eugene to go to bed. As Hugo stares out the window, Eugene calls him up to his room. When Hugo arrives, he discovers that someone has broken in and written a message telling Eugene to finish the job, with an arrow pointing to a shogun. Hugo realizes that Eugene went to Tracy's and Eugene apologizes.

At the Flavour Station, Jesse and Emily are reviewing church business. Several townspeople ask him who his favorite Gospel is, and invite him to come over and join them. As he goes, Emily says that it doesn't feel like him. He says that it's God and goes.

Cassidy wakes up in Tulip's guest bedroom and finds Tulip looking watching him. She asks him if he's a traditional vampire and he assures her he isn't. He admits that sunlight burns him and he drinks bloods, but he doesn't crave it. She tells him that he can leave and goes out of the bedroom. Cassidy goes after her and says that he's looking for some drugs. She isn't interested in helping him, and Cassidy asks where he can find a hardware store. Tulip gives him directions and points out that she kissed him. She insists that they didn't have a moment, and Cassidy says that he's fallen for her. Tulip says that she has a boyfriend but he's at his job, and she's waiting for him to ditch his job so they can both leave Annville and get someone who screwed them both: Carlos. Cassidy sympathizes and wonders why her boyfriend still won't go. He suggests the boyfriend isn't the man Tulip thought he was.

At the Flavour Station, Emily watches as more townspeople join Jesse.

Betsy checks on her sick husband, and tells Donnie that he has to go to work. She reminds him that Odin relies on him, and there's no shame in losing a bar fight. Donnie talks about how he watched hundreds of cows realizing that they were about to die. Betsy yanks the drapes open and threatens to go to bed with a co-worker unless Donnie goes back to work.

At the sundowner, the field phone rings. Fiore and DeBlanc are in the bedroom rehearsing what to say when they answer. Fiore admits that there was a security breach, but figures that he can say it's under control and they'll be back soon. DeBlanc assures Fiore that he's the sweet one and they love him "up there," and has him rehearse again.

Emily goes to the church and does the books. She cleans up the place and uses the bathroom, and hear someone come in. Tulip comes to the bathroom door and stares at Emily, and then asks where Jesse is. Emily says that he's at the Flavour Station and Tulip leaves, closing the door behind her

Eugene makes breakfast for Hugo and offers to help by cutting up his food. When he does it, Hugo shoves him away and says that if Eugene wants to help then he should do what they said and finish the job. Father and son stare at each other for a moment, and then Eugene walks out.

At the plant, a man watches a dial in the red and taps on it. Nothing happens, and he makes an adjustment. After a moment, the needle goes down.

In his office, Odin talks to Miles about all the mistakes that he's made and how it's time to make amends. Donnie looks on as Odin says that the town is in trouble and he needs to help. When he says that he went to church, Donnie is surprised to hear it. He shouts at Odin, asking what Jesse said to him, and Odin tells him that Jesse told him to serve God from now on. He then offers a toast to a new future for himself and Annville.

At Flavour Station, the townspeople bring Jesse there problems. Jesse uses the Voice to tell them what to do, Tulip sits down and says that she has a real problem, and tells everyone that she likes bad boys, on in particular. She describes how her bad guy warned one of their buyers that he'd shoot a rare lizard they were delivering if he kept looking Tulip over. Jesse says that they were going to eat the lizard anyway, and Tulip says that the point is that the bad boy shot a lizard in the head, and now he's denying who it is. As everyone starts to go, Jesse tells them that it's okay and tells Tulip to really look at him. He says that he has changed and he believes she can change as well. Jesse tells Tulip that she can be good and that's all what they want. A waitress comes in and says that "something" wants to talk to him but can't come in. One of the townspeople ask if Jesse will be back, and he assures everyone that he isn't going anywhere.

Outside, Jesse meets with Eugene. Eugene says that Hugo needs Jesse's help because Hugo is in pain and it's his fault that everyone hates him. Jesse assures him that he doesn't hate him, but Eugene figures that even God won't help him anymore. He asks Jesse to pray with Hugo, and Jesse says that they'll think of something to do.

Jesse goes to the Loach house and asks to talk to Terri. She agrees but asks him to pray with Traci first. As he goes inside, Terri sees Eugene out in Jesse's truck and starts beating on it with a baseball bat, screaming. Jesse uses the Voice, telling Terri to drop the bat. When she grabs something else, Jesse tells her to step away from the car. He then asks Eugene to get out, assuring him that everything will be okay. Terri continues screaming that Eugene is a murderer, and Jesse uses the Voice, telling her to forgive Eugene. After a moment, she holds her arms out to Eugene. After a moment he steps forward and Terri hugs him as the neighbors stare in surprise.

Donnie meets Betsy for lunch outside the plant. He tells her that Odin was at church on Sunday, and Betsy wonders what's going on. Donnie finally tells her that Jesse has a power and made him do things, and has been using it on Linus and Odin. He figures that there's nothing he can do against Jesse, who made him put his gun in his mouth. As Donnie breaks into tears, Betsy holds him and says that soon or later, Donnie's moment will come and Jesse will get what he deserves.

As Jesse drives Eugene home, Eugene asks what happened. Jesse says that he can tell Hugo not to worry about the townspeople anymore.

Tulip parks outside the town drug store. After a moment, she puts on a mask and goes inside.

At the Sundowner, the field phone keeps ringing. Fiore braces himself and prepares to answer it, and the phone stops ringing.

Tulip tracks Cassidy down at the strip club and hands him a bottle of drugs. She tells him that they're in love and soon they're having sex in her car.

At the Flavour Station, a couple is discussing their son's problems with Jesse. Hugo comes in and says that Fiore and DeBlanc need to talk with Jesse. They dismiss Hugo and sit down, and they say that they gave him the money for the drugs and the whores, but now they need what's inside of him. Jesse has no idea what they're talking about, and they explain that they told Cassidy. The two men says that they told Cassidy that it wasn't to be used, but Jesse has been using it a lot. Jesse wonders where they're from, and DeBlanc casually says that they're from Heaven. They've been watching and waiting for him, and they need the power back. Fiore takes out the coffee can and says that it lives in there. Jesse says that he's never heard of God fitting himself into a coffee can, and DeBlanc says that what is inside of Jesse isn't God.

At Odin's office, Odin and Miles meet with three of the people from Green Acres. The fourth one is in the bathroom. Odin pours brandies and says that he was a foolish man and didn't want to face reality. He asks Miles if they should wait and then figures that they shouldn't. Odin then takes out a gun and shoots all three executives, and tells Miles that they grow or die. The fourth executive comes in and Odin shoots him dead.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2016

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