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Too Cloth for Comfort: Part Two Recap

At the station, Anne watches as Jack questions an imprisoned Damien about what he did with Rowan Willow. Damien claims to have never heard of her and says that the Gothic slaughter ceremony was therapeutic. Jack points to Anne and says that Damien hates women and sees them as victims. He humiliates her to prove... something, until Anne runs to the bathroom.

In the stall, Anne breaks down crying and takes out her bottle of vodka. Kerry comes in and hears Anne drop her bottle, but says that it's nothing. She goes out and tells Kerry that it's not easy being a woman in the police. Anne finally says that she and Jack slept together, and now she breaks down when she sees him. Kerry says that she understands because she lost her father when she was young, and breaks into tears. Anne hugs her and assures Kerry that if her father could see her, he'd be proud of her.

When Anne leaves the restroom, Jack says that he tried to make Damien think that he thinks the way he does. He asks Anne to come back in with him and insists that Damien killed Rowan. Jack figures that Terry knew where Rowan's body is hidden so Damien had him killed. Anne doesn't buy it and asks if he wants someone else to die just to prove that Damien is innocent.

Deborah Something is at home listening to the radio when she hears a door open in her house. She goes to investigate and discovers that it's her cat Marmoset, and the helmeted biker shoots her in the head.

At the clear board, Jack tries to put it all together. Tom comes in and warns that Jack can't throw accusations of murder at an important man like Damien. Asap reports that they've found Terry dead and it's the same MO as Terry. Jack realizes that it can't be Damien. The team goes to the morgue and Natasha points out that there are signs of the corpse having been doused in an acid bath before death. Kerry finally throws up and Des holds her head back. Meanwhile, Natasha admits the corpse she's been examining isn't Deborah and moves on to their victim. The bullet matches Terry's, meaning that it has nothing to do with the Healery. Asap gives Jack a photo left on the body of three people: two of them are Terry and Deborah, with their faces crossed out. The third person is Jack, and Jack figures the killer is telling him that he's next.

Jack has no choice but to release Damien, who offers Anne his card in case she needs counselling. The team recaps the case and they figure Jack is the next target. They go to the incident room and Jack puts his next photo up on the clear board. He insists that they treat the case like any other protection operation, and he tells them about all the things they don't know about him.

Natasha is performing Deborah's autopsy when the helmeted killer comes in. He shoots her in the chest and leaves.

Soon, the team are investigating Natasha's crime scene. Natasha looks up at Jack and he realizes that she's alive and the bullet missed all of her vital spots. She removes the bullet and confirms it's the same bullet from the same gun that was used in the earlier murders. As Natasha describes the killer as best she can, she passes out. The medics take her to the hospital and the team goes back to the incident room. Anne wonders if Jack had history with her, and Jack says that Kate just died and his mind was elsewhere. They stayed professional and never let it affect their work, and Anne storms out.

Jack catches up to Anne and insists that it was just sex, and offers to show her the photos. She wants it all to go away, goes into the restroom, and takes out her bottle. Jack tells her to stop, and Anne admits that she doesn't know what to do. She finally drops the bottle and Jack hugs her, apologizing. Kerry comes in and says that Asap hasn't found anything in the files. Jack suggests that Kerry go home and get a good night's sleep, Anne suggests that Des go with her to keep her safe, and Jack gives them her blessing. Once she goes, Anne warns Jack that he's going soft. He tells her that she needs help with her drinking before it's too late, and she should take some time off to dry out. Anne agrees and Jack leaves... and Anne takes out Damien's card.

In the incident room, Kerry tells Des what Jack said. She suggests that they do something and that they go to a film. Des agrees and they leave together. As Des stops at the restroom, Anne approaches Kerry and wishes her luck. She says that she's going to sort herself out at the Healery for a few days. Asap watches as Des comes out and leaves with Kerry. Once they're gone, Asap goes into a locker room.

Jack is working at his desk.

Asap puts on a black leather motorcyclist uniform and helmet.

At the theater, Des and Kerry watch the movie.

Asap walks out of the locker room.

Anne goes to the Healery and finds Damien and Blue waiting for her.

Des drives Kerry home after the movie and she says that she wants to take things slowly between them. She kisses him on the cheek and goes inside, and Des drives over to pick up a prostitute.

Anne admits that she's a drinkaholic and everyone applauds and throws flowers.

In the incident room, Jack figures that the missing Rowan is the key to the mystery. WPC Julie Knott comes in to lock things up, and Jack realizes that she's Rowan. She says that someone has printed it off of her Facebook page, and Jack realizes who the killer is.

The killer pulls up to the Healery and goes inside.

Jack goes through the files and finds a kill list with Jack's name on it... and Anne is the next target. He calls Anne and gets her voicemail, and runs out.

The killer chloroforms Anne in the hallway. When she wakes up, she finds herself strapped to the sacrificial altar. Damien prepares to kill her, insisting that she must die.

Jack drives to the Healery and calls Des. He tells the DC that Anne is in danger and they have to get to the Healery.

Damien says that he can't do it, and the killer shoots him. Asap tells the killer to remove their helmet.

Jack reaches Asap as he's on his motorcycle delivering pizzas for his second job. His superior tells him that he knows who the killer is and to meet him at the Healery.

The killer removes their helmet, revealing that they're... Kerry.

Jack pulls up outside.

Kerry says that she never went to the academy. She explains that she forged her papers to get close to Jack, and they argue about who is more obsessed about Jack. Jack comes in and trains his gun on Kerry, and Kerry says that she's really his daughter. Jill was her mother, and gave birth to her in a bin. Jack never knew that he had gotten Jill pregnant, and Jill hated him and taught Kerry to hate him. She went to her grave complaining about Jack, and Kerry knows because she buried Jill alive because she couldn't stand it anymore. She went on the run and came to the Healery, checking in as Rowan Willow. Then she met Terry and he eventually realized that her father and his brother were one and the same. Terry became worried about Kerry's reaction, and he went to warn Jack so she killed him. She got close to Jack and switched out the photos so they wouldn't realize she was "Rowan." Kerry came to want Jack as her father and decided to kill everyone close to him.

Jack warns Kerry that he'll shoot her like she's his own son, just as Des arrives and tells Jack that he'll shoot him fir if he shoots Kerry because he loves her. Anne tells Des that Asap is pointing a gun at him, but Des insists that he's him. Kerry says that Jack can break the stalemate by telling Anne that he doesn't love her. Jack refuses and threatens to kill himself unless Kerry surrenders. After a moment, Kerry lowers the gun and Jack lowers his gun as well. However, Kerry then puts the gun to her head and shoots herself, and both Jack and Des scream in horror.

As the medics take Kerry away, Natasha tells Jack that the bullet only obliterated an unimportant part of the brain. Tom joins Jack and says that Kerry is being sent away for a specialized unit, and points out that his daughter tried to sacrifice Anne on an altar. As for Des, he'll be back at work in a fortnight. Jack says that he'll hand in his resignation in the morning, and Tom tells him to have it courier to his house because he'll be working at home.

Anne goes to Jack, who admits that he wasn't much of a father to Kerry or Anne. As they walk away, Anne points out that Jack couldn't say that he didn't love Anne. Jack says that he does love her and always will, but it would never work out between them because he's been too much. Everyone close to him dies, and he won't let it happen to Anne. Anne threatens to shoot herself, and Jack is so impressed that he decides to make a go of it. They kiss, lay down on the ground, and have sex.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 27, 2016

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