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Top Ten Room Off Camera Confidential Recap

Anthony looks at the top ten off camera confidential moments that have happened on Hotel Impossible when no one knew that the cameras were rolling.

#10 Caught on Camera Countdown: Axed Man

At the Alaskan Hotel in Juneau, Alaska, Anthony tries to save the hotel. The owner admits that she doesn't know how to run a hotel or bar, and the staff is untrained and unprepared. The bar manager, Lane, doesn't like Anthony or the show. Lane threatens to walk out if they bring in more tourists, and Anthony tells the owner's son Josh to take control of the situation. Lane isn't impressed, and didn't show up for the staff meeting the next day. Josh says that he fired Lane, and the cameras caught what happened from across the street. Lane told Josh that no one would respect the bar if they brought in tourists, and warns that Josh is screwing with Juneau. Josh immediately fired him, and Lane had nothing else to say on camera or off.

#9 Caught on Camera Countdown: Smack Talk

Anthony visits the Capital Plaza Hotel in Frankfort, KY. The employees recorded messages to the show on their cell phones, complaining about how they never had raises and they'd probably be looking for another job. Anthony showed the video messages to the GM, Marc, who claims that it makes him feel sympathetic. However, the next day, the crew plays a recording of what Marc said in a staff meeting when he didn't know he was being recorded.

Anthony plays the recording to Marc about how he told the staff how much he loaned them, and how he did well in college. The hotelier says that Marc was bullying his employees, and it's behavior unbecoming of a leader. Marc admits that he made a mistake and apologized on camera to the employee he insulted.

Anthony explains that everyone on the show wears a mic, but they often forget that they're wearing it.

#8 Caught on Camera Countdown: Cold Owner, Hit Mic

At the Telemark Lodge in Cable, WI, owners Dick and Steve told Anthony exactly what he was feeling on camera. The employees called Steve out and later Steve expressed his feelings while forgetting he had a mic on him. He considered calling the cops, locking the doors, and sending everyone home. Steve also claimed to Anthony that he didn't steal money from the hotel.

Anthony describes how two cameras are with him when he's on-screen. Only a small part is shot while he's not there.

#7 Caught on Camera Countdown: At the Brink

At the Chipman Hill suites in New Brunswick, Canada, Anthony inspects the rooms and is surprised hwo clean they are. However, the hotel is understaffed and threatening to leave. The crew talked to one of the housekeepers when Anthony wasn't there and showed him the footage. The footage had housekeepers tired of the micromanaging owner and her yelling at them, and one of them threatened to leave. Anthony meets with the GM who won't stand up to the owner, and says that it's the GM's fault. The owner, Susan, agreed to back off and let the GM run the housekeeping.

#6 Caught on Camera Countdown: Playing to the Cameras

Anthony goes to the Litohoro Olympus Resort in Greece and checks out the spa. There's mold and fungus in the shower areas, and mold on the ceilings. Anthony confronted the owners about the problems and warns that there is a major problem. His producers talked to the owners after Anthony left and claim that they left the conditions in the spa so that Anthony could make a show about something he could tell them to improve. Anthony confronted them about what they said and warns that he's not playing a game and they shouldn't play with him.

Anthony runs clips of other crazy situations that they've captured: an overgrown fish pond; bed bug bites; and GMs with concealed pistols.

#5 Caught on Camera Countdown: Potty Mouth

At the Charles Inn in Bangor, ME, the owner Connie was dealing with af ailed romantic relationship with her bar manager Paul. Paul wouldn't leave and figures that Connie still loves him. Before a meeting with Paul and Connie, the crew's microphones picked up Paul in the bathroom rehearsing what he was going to say. He talks about how Connie will regret what she's doing to him because the community loves him. Once he's on camera, Paul agrees to leave.

Anthony reviews some of the scenes where he screwed up.

#4 Caught on Camera Countdown: Myrtle Beach Masquerade

Anthony goes to the Carnival Inn at Myrtle Beach, SC, and the makeup crew put a wig and mustache on him when he goes undercover. The crew planted hidden cameras in the lobby, and Anthony took in people posing as guests. The hotel has no web site and no signage. The FD agent handles all of their questions and Anthony then reveals who he is.

Anthony shows some of the things that they've caught with hidden cameras. The scenes include two sisters arguing, bartenders running up tabs, and rats leaving droppings

#3 Caught on Camera Countdown: Throw Pillows

The Brookside Inn in Gatlinburg, TN, has a horrendous looking pool area that is visible from the front door. The rooms are dusty because the housekeepers are paid by the room. The crew set up hidden cameras to show the owner Jake what the housekeeping staff were doing. The housekeeper throws the pillows on the floor and doesn't vacuum the room. When Jake stopped paying the housekeepers per room, the one who was throwing pillows on the floor felt bad because she'd make less money.

Anthony sometimes sends in undercover people as guests to take film and show Anthony what he can expect when he arrives. They've found dirty carpet and blood on the door handles and floor, greasy sheets, and plumber tools in the bathroom.

#2 Caught on Camera Countdown: No Refunds

At the Sea Shell Motel in Virginia Beach, VA, an undercover investigator discovers that they only take cash. The rooms are outdated, dingy, and disgusting, and there's a wet washcloth with pubic hairs on it. When the investigator complains to the owner, he tells the investigator that he doesn't get his money back and invites him to file a police report. Later, Anthony shows the owner the video and he wants a copy because it shows what he's doing wrong and change. Anthony says that he's never going to change and he needs to reinvest in the property with someone else. Anthony and the owner's wife walk away, disgusted.

Honorable Mention

Anthony runs clips of other scenes that didn't make the countdown: an undercover investigator who claims he's with the military and talks the owner down to $400 a month; hookers in a hotel; and Paul from earlier outside the hotel causing a scene.

#1 Caught on Camera Countdown: True Colors

After recapping the last nine caught on camera moments, Anthony reveals the #1 Caught on Camera Moment: the Streamline Hotel at Daytona Beach, Florida. The hotel was falling apart from the outside in, with huge holes in the ceiling. The GM, Demetri, was a night club manager who had never run a hotel. Demetri doesn't know how to turn off the fire alarm and the staff doesn't have radios. They don't have an intercom system to warn the gusts.

Demetri never gets excited on camera, but one of the cameras caught Demetri outside the hotel talking to another employee. The GM complains that his staff sold him out and made him look like an idiot, and threatens to punch Anthony in the mouth. Anthony confronted Demetri on camera and shows him the video.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 28, 2016

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