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Caraquet Recap

In New Brunswick, Jamie realizes that the wolves have left. She emerges from hiding and returns to Anik's house. Once she buries the man, she rebuilds the fence and hears the wolves howling in the distance. Jamie supplies and a map, and then goes up on the roof and lies out a word using rocks: Caraquet. Once she's done, she walks off.

At the hostel in Argentina, Dariela explains that the mutated man killed her entire team. The creature moves and Mitch confirms that it's dying. Chloe says that they have to get the creature back alive to the plane. Dariela insists on burying her team, and Abe agrees to help her.

On the plane, Jackson and Chloe notices that the mutated man has the same scarring as on Jackson's arm. Mitch wonders what they're talking about, but they refuse to explain. He says that the man has accelerated healing and a heightened metabolism, and he's apparently turning into the perfect predator.

Jamie takes a break and checks her map. Beetles move up the fallen tree that she's sitting on, and knock over her water bottle.

Eleanor calls Chloe and says that she'll send a team to recover Jamie once they have people to spare. Chloe says that the phase 2 animal killed Vickers and the Rangers, but claims that they didn't find it. Once Eleanor signs off, Chloe tells Jackson that if she tells Eleanor the truth then the mutated man will disappear into a government lab. They need him to find a cure and stop the same thing from happening to Jackson.

Back in the lab, Jackson points out that the creature's left arm was apparently chewed off. Abe and Dariela arrive and Chloe says according to his fingerprints, the man was Janos Kovacs, a doctor from Hungary working with the Red Cross. The Ranger says that she worked with Janos Kovacs at a refugee camp in Egypt, and he was heading to the village of Valermo. Dariela says that her team was there two days ago and the mutated Kovacs wiped them out, but Jackson figures that it's their only lead. Abe suggests that they wait until Mitch finishes his tests, and Mitch sarcastically says that he's not surprised Abe doesn't want to go out. Chloe tells Dariela to take Jackson and Abe to Valermo. Dariela objects but Chloe points out that the sooner they get what they need, the sooner Dariela gets back to civilization.

As the trio drives to Valermo, Dariela asks what is going on between Abe and Mitch. Abe says that they left a member of their team behind and Mitch blames her, and she wonders if he's right. Red rain comes down and Jackson pulls to a stop. He sticks his hand out and says realizes that it's not normal rain. They continue on foot and Jackson realizes that the rain is acidic. Abe finds a frozen feather, and a man comes out of the jungle with a machete. Jackson stops Dariela from shooting the man--Tomas--and he asks if they took the bodies.

On the plane, Chloe tries to get through to Kovacs. Mitch says that Kovacs can't answer her and his body is changing. Only the most primitive part of Kovacs's brain is active, but the parts of his brain that make him human are still there but switched off. Chloe wonders if they can switch them back on, and Mitch says that he knows of a way.

Tomas takes the trio to the village, and everyone is dead. He explains that the rain poisoned the food and water. Then the Devil came and killed everyone. Abe finds a corpse with elephant bitemarks on it, and they match the ones on Kovacs' body. Tomas says that there's an elephant nearby and offers to show them. As they go, Dariela's radio activates. She tells the others that the radio operates on her team's secure channel, and only another squad member could call her. Abe says that they buried the radios with the dead squad members.

Jamie continues through the forest and hears wolves howling in the distance. She finally comes to a road and realizes that her foot is bleeding from where a nail penetrated her boot, and realizes that her foot is infected.

Dariela says that they have to go back to the hostel, and insists that Kovacs isn't alive anymore. Abe says that her squadmates are dead, but Dariela demands the SUV keys from Jackson. Jackson hesitates and Abe asks his friend to give him the keys. Once Jackson does so, he heads on with Tomas while Abe and Dariela go back to the SUV.

As night falls, Jamie comes to a police car and calls out. She runs over and opens the door, and realizes that raccoons have killed the man. Pulling the body out, Jamie gets in and finds the keys in the ignition. However, the car won't start and Jamie keeps muttering the word "Caraquet" to focus.

Mitch tells Chloe that they'll stimulate Kovacs' neocortex He wonders why Chloe is so concerned about Kovacs, and she insists that finding the cure is more vital than necessary. Once Mitch gives Kovacs the pulse, he says the name "Isabella" and starts crying. He goes into convulsions and Mitch cuts him loose to get him on his side. Kovacs attacks Mitch and Chloe shoots him, driving him off.

As night falls, Abe and Dariela return to the hostel. Dariela tells Abe that if one of her men changed like Kovacs, she's going to put him down. They find Ward's empty grave and Abe points out that there's no signs that Kovacs dug his way out or walked away.

On the plane, Chloe tells Trotter to lock himself in the cockpit and then she and Mitch start searching for Kovacs.

The next morning, Jamie gets out of the police car and continues on.

As Abe and Dariela search the area, Dariela explains that Ward was expecting a daughter. They see a vulture fly overhead with Ward's body, and drive after it. The vulture joins others of its kind which have all gathered bodies for food, and Dariela shoots at the vulture holding Ward. It drops to the ground and then flies off. A small metal message cylinder falls off of the corpse, and Abe runs over and grabs it. The other vultures attack and Abe and Dariela get into the SUV and drive off.

Jamie keeps walking and hears animals in the darkness. She looks around and when she turns, a man==Logan--grabs her and begs Jamie to help him.

Jackson and Tomas follow the elephant tracks and they come to an overturned truck. There's a severed arm inside, and Jackson gets a cell phone. The phone belongs to Kovacs, and he's recorded a video to his wife Isabella. Jackson realizes that Kovacs couldn't pull his arm free unless he mutated. The elephant is nearby, and Jackson prepares a syringe and advances on the elephant.

Chloe and Mitch search the plane and find Trotter unconscious on the floor. The lights go out and Kovacs howls.

Jackson approaches the elephant takes a blood sample. He and Tomas run to the road and the elephant charges after them. Abe and Dariela are driving by and hear the elephant, just as Jackson and Tomas emerge onto the road. They run for the SUV as it stops, but Tomas falls behind and the elephant kills him. It comes after Jackson, and he gets into the SUV and Abe drives off while Dariela shoots at the creature with the tranqs.

Chloe continues her search and Kovacs comes at her. She runs past a cage and when Kovacs follows her, Mitch tackles him and knocks him into the cage. He manages to get out and Chloe slams the cage door shut.

The elephant continues chasing the SUV, and Abe says that he has an idea. He calls Chloe and tells him to have Trotter start takeoff procedures. They reach the plane and Trotter lowers the loading ramp. Abe drives the SUV up the ramp and the plane takes off, leaving the elephant behind.

Logan introduces himself and apologizes for scaring her. They brace themselves against the cold and Jamie wonders why he was there. Lucky avoids the question and figures that they're going to die. Jamie shows him a map and the town of Caraquet, and figure if they can get there they will survive.

Abe tells Jackson what he saw, and figures that the vultures are responsible for the blood rain. Mitch says that the blood rain is highly acidic and matches the bile vultures have in their digestive systems. He explains that the vultures fly above the cloud cover and seed it with their bile. The red color is human blood, and the vultures not only killed the villagers but first poisoned their crops.

Dariela sits alone and contemplates the dog tags of her squad mates. She then opens Ward's cylinder and finds a letter that he wrote to his unborn daughter.

Mitch says that the elephant's blood is unremarkable. He figures that there is something specific about Kovacs' genetic makeup that made the mutation possible to occur. Chloe tells Mitch to run the tests, just as Dariela comes in and complains that Kovacs got loose, and Chloe says that her squadmates died in the line of duty. When Chloe says that Kovacs is still alive, Dariela says that he isn't, goes over, and shoots Kovacs dead.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 29, 2016

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