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City Upon a Hill Recap

The Past

The Abbies hunt for food and take care of their young. A helicopter hovers overhead and opens fire, wiping out the Abbies as they try to run. Once the creatures down are fled, the helicopter lands nearby and Pilcher and his men get out and begins a ground sweep to make sure the area is clear. Once they are, they begin construction of the fence. In the forest, a surviving Abbie looks back.


In bed, Kerry turns to Jason. He suggests that they should have a baby, pointing out that they've encouraged the First Generation to procreate and now they should set an example. As Jason kisses Kerry, she pulls away and he wonders what's wrong. She says that she has a lot on her mind, and warns that there are still problems with the town. Jason says that the two of them are doing well, and assures Kerry that he made the right choice.

Theo is at the bar drinking and tells the bartender to choose something. The bartender gets him a bottle of whiskey and says that it was brewed two weeks ago in the forest. Theo takes a drink and says that the place needs a town drunk. Rebecca comes in and sits next to Theo, and says that she did look for him before she married Xander. She came to find Theo because she knows he has questions and she's tired of keeping secrets. Theo asks her if they tried to have a baby. Before she can answer, alarms go off and everyone runs outside as the phones ring.

The Abbies toss flaming torches into the crops.

At the harvester camp, Adam is sharpening a spear when he sees the fires and yells at everyone that they have to leave. CJ gets everyone moving, while an Abbie attacks Theresa in her tent. Adam runs in and shoots it in the head, and more Abbies attack the camp.

Using the loudspeaker, a woman orders all able-bodied men to report to the fires station.

In the lab, Megan is working when the captive Abbies start snarling and throwing themselves at the walls. Only one Abby---Margret--stands still, staring at Megan.

Theo and Rebecca stop a townsperson, who tells them that the crops are on fire and everyone who can is going to help. Rebecca tells her husband to go to the hospital and she'll meet him there later. Kerry pulls up in a hummer and tells Theo that they need his help, and explains that they're sending civilians to fight the fires and soldiers to fight the Abbies. Theo warns that they'll die just the same, and Kerry says that they've lost contact with the harvesters. The doctor gets in and they head for the hospital.

Rebecca goes to the ice cream parlor where Xander is talking to some of the townspeople. Xander insists that they need guns to defend themselves against the Abbies, and asks Rebecca if she can get them into the Mountain. He warns that he doesn't trust Jason and just wants to avoid a slaughter.

Jason and his soldiers drive to the field and try to put out the fires. The Abbies attack and the soldiers return fire.

When Theo arrives at the hospital, Oscar tells him that they've gotten all of the emergency supplies ready. Theo tells the residents that he'll triage as they arrive and tells them that they have to be calm. He assures them that they can do it and walks out.

The Abbies continue attacking until Jason and his men finally manage to drive them off. Jason drops to his knees and stares at the burning crops in shock, while the soldiers take the wounded to the jeeps.

The wounded begin to pour into the hospital, screaming in agony. Theo triages as best he can and they realize some of them were bitten. CJ arrives with a man and says that the Abbie got past them, and goes out to get more. Theo tends to Theresa, whose stats are dropping, and Theo assures her that he's not going to leave her. Jason arrives and demands that the First Generation patients receive priority, and Theo says that they are if they're dying. Oscar is working on a patient and panics, and Theo says that he can't help him. He assures Oscar that he can do it, and Oscar manages to find the artery he's looking for and clamps it off after following Theo's advice.

Later, Jason is giving blood and Kerry tells him that no one could have anticipated what would happen. He doesn't believe it, and Jason wonders what good he is if he can't trust his instincts. Kerry says that he prepared them by having them plant the crops, and Jason wonders why Pilcher didn't account for the exhausted soil in Wayward Pines. Furious, Kerry says that she doesn't see a leader before her, but a weak and fearful man. She tells Jason to act like the leader, and to never let them see his doubt even if he does.

Theo is walking down the hall when Xander approaches him and says that he was out there with the firefighters. The doctor asks about his jaw, and Xander says that he left their wife in Theo's office and she saved some lives as well. As Xander goes, he warns that the first punch is free but the next one is going to cost him.

When Theo arrives in his office, he asks if Rebecca still has feelings for Xander. She says that they were cellmates in Wayward Pines but she chose Theo. Oscar tells Theo that they need him, and he points out that Rebecca didn't answer him before going.

Adam opens his eyes and realizes that he's in a hospital bed. Oscar comes in and Adam asks if Theresa is dead. The boy refuses to discuss it, saying that Adam has to be family, and Adam lies back down.

CJ and Mario tell Jason, Kerry, and Megan that the Abbies were targeting any man with a hose. Megan doesn't believe it but Mario insists that he saw it as his men died. He tells Jason that they lost half of their men and have less than 20 soldiers left. CJ says that the Abbies placed the fires specifically, and figures that they learned from them. Megan describes the lab Abbies' behavior, and Jason insists that they had no plant. CJ reports that the earth is scorched and they only have the food in the storehouses. Jason wonders how long they have, and CJ says that they have less than six weeks.

Later, Jason conducts a ceremony for the 35 townspeople that they lost. He says that they must rise from what happened, and the soldiers fire a salute.

Mario and his soldiers visit Xander and say that they're collecting the weapons that were commandeered from the armory. Xander reminds Mario that they used the weapons to save the soldiers, and tosses his rifle to Mario. Mario wonders if they'll discover Xander kept some for himself, and Xander says that it's Mario's job to defend the town. He invites Mario to search the place, and Mario starts to leave. Xander points out that the soldiers wear brown shirts, and Mario says that he knows Xander's history. He crashed out of the Marines for dealing drugs, and Pilcher choose Xander for resourcefulness. Mario figures that Xander is profiting from the food shortage, and says that he knows history repeats itself before walking out.

Jason calls Theo in and asks for the condition of the wounded. Theo warns that they're dangerously low on medical supplies because Pilcher didn't bring enough or made provisions to create more. Megan says that Pilcher didn't anticipate a war and Theo wonders what he did anticipate. He warns that people could soon be dying of sinus infections because of the lack of medicine. Mario comes in and reports that the Abbies have reentered the valley outside of the fence. CJ insists that the Abbie have learned tactics from them, and Jason insists that they don't understand the concepts. When Theo objects, Jason reminds him that he's there as a medical advisor, not a military consultant, and wonders how they're going to survive.

Adam finally goes looking for Theresa and finds her in a bed, breathing on a machine.

The Past

Megan approaches Adam on a bench and says that Pilcher sent her. She says that Pilcher took care of things, Ethan belongs to the future, and Theresa is Adam's. Megan has heard that Adam wanted to call it off and asks why, and he says that just because he loves her doesn't make it right.


Rebecca goes to the beauty shop and sees Xander leaving the ice cream parlor with a box. She follows him to an alleyway and sees him giving the box to a man. She confronts Xander in the parlor and says that she knows what he's doing. Xander says that he gave the man apples because he figured the family could use them more than he did. He insists that he's keeping his head down and tells Rebecca that they weren't nothing. He reminds her that there were good times as well as problems between them, and people change. Xander says that they don't want them to be human in Wayward Pines but it happens, and suggests that she ask Theo if he knows what he means. He then asks when he's coming back home, but Rebecca doesn't answer him and leaves.

At the hospital, Adam remembers the past.

The Past

Adam watches Theresa and Ethan in the park celebrating Ben's birthday with their son.


Adam goes back to Theresa and says that he's sorry, and she wasn't supposed to follow Ethan. He takes her hand and apologize for nor protecting her. Theresa opens her eyes and pulls her hand away. After Adam leaves, Theresa remembers celebrating Ben's birthday... and flatlines.

In the lab, Megan runs a MRI scan of Margaret. Theo comes in and asks what she has accomplished. Megan insists that they need to learn why Margaret is docile so that they can control the other Abbies. Theo says that they're looking for temporal gyrus, indicating advanced thought and problem-solving. He realizes that Margaret's gyrus is double the size of a human.

Later, Arlene approaches Theo in his office and says that she has a spare bedroom. She insists that she would give him his privacy, but he walks out without a word. He checks on Adam and asks him if the Abbies communicate with each other. When Theo mentions that they've captured a female Abby, Adam asks if she has a mark on her palm

CJ is at his greenhouse reading and hears Abbies howling in the distance.

The townspeople hear the Abbies roaring and go outside.

Outside the fence, the Abbies stand and howl.

In Jason's office, the monitors show hundreds of Abbies moving toward Wayward Pines.

In the lab, the male Abbies howl while Margaret stands and stares.

Arlene asks Theo if they're safe, and he doesn't answer.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 30, 2016

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