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The Community Pile Recap

Karen is the minister at the wedding of Todd and Jess. As the other survivors look on, Todd assures Jess that all he ever wanted was to marry her. Todd recites the vows in Jess' native Japanese, having learned it just for her, and then starts singing. Once he's done, Pack brings up the rings and Todd explains that he melted down his golf club and made a wedding ring for Jess out of it. He says that after seven years, he's sure that he wants to marry Jess. Karen pronounces them man and wife, and Todd puts the ring on Jess' finger. As they kiss, Jess smells something...

... and wakes up from her dream as Todd, sleeping next to her, farts. She wakes Todd upand he blames her, and Jess asks him if he wants to get married or not. When he refuses to discuss it in the middle of the night, Jess storms off. Todd goes after her and realizes that the tide is coming in and the community pile is too close to the water. He yells to the others, and realizes that the tide is going to take all of their stuff.

The next morning, the survivors realize that the tide took all of their food, sunblock, and other stuff. Turdhole admits that it was his idea to put everything so close to the waterline, and Chet suggests that they think of it as a sacrifice to Mother Ocean. Todd asks Jess to meet him in their tent because there's something he needs to tell her.

Owen tries to use the outdoor bathroom area Diane keeps interrupting him and Owen doesn't have much luck.

In their tent, Todd gets down on one knee... and shows Jess the community pile that he took. She tries to take it back to the others, but Todd insists that it's theirs now that everyone else thinks that it's gone. He says that it can be their nest egg, and Jess angrily sys that she was talking about a proposal. She tells Todd that after seven years, she needs something more. Jess tells Todd to return the stuff or she'll tell everyone that he took it, and walks away.

Chet is meditating when Pack approaches him and complains that he has a rash and is starving. He wants Chet's drugs that are making him so calm about dying. Chet agrees as long as Pack only uses them for expansion, and Pack quickly agrees. He insists that Pack going on a vision quest first so that they can explore his unconscious.

When Owen returns to the camp, he snaps at Danny. He finally admits that since the crash two weeks ago, he hasn't been able to go. Owen says that he needs to be alone to defecate, and Danny tells his friend to come with him.

Jess goes back to the tent and discovers that the community pile is gone. Todd claims that he was going to propose to her and was just waiting for the perfect moment. He says that every moment with her is perfection and proposes, and Jess accepts. Todd makes sure that she isn't going to tell anyone about the stuff, insisting that they can't trust the other survivors. Jess hesitates but finally accepts.

Danny takes Owen to the center cabin bathroom, which broke free of the plane and crashed further into the jungle. Owen confirms that Danny hasn't told anyone else, and insists that no one else can find it because they're animals. Danny calms him down and Owen thanks him, and then goes inside to defecate at long last.

Todd and Jess have a meal from the pile. They hear someone scream and Todd reluctantly goes to investigate. Two survivors are fighting as the others look on, cheering, and Karen says that they're fighting over airline pretzels because it's the only food left. She sees Pop tart brown-sugar cinnamon on his mouth, and tries to lick it off and taste it to confirm her suspicion. Todd shoves her away and runs off.

Chet takes Pack to a waterfall and tells him to get high on Nature. Pack has finally enough and starts to go, and Chet gives him a pill. After Pack takes it, they both get high and party.

Owen and Danny walk back to the camp and they realize Danny has a piece of toilet paper on his shoe. He throws it away and the two men walk away, laughing... unaware that Turdhole has found it.

Jess shows Karen and Diane her ring., Diane realizes that the ring is hers, and Karen suggests that Todd didn't bring a ring because he doesn't want to marry Jess.

Pack tells Chet that he's finally atpeace and Chet has him surrender to the island. He says everything has Pack has gotten over the years is gone, and Pack snaps out of his daze. Chet then says that he just gave pack a Claritin so that Pack would think he was giving him drugs and listen to him. Pack has a panic attack and runs off screaming.

Todd returns to the beach and finds everyone waiting for him. Jess asks where he got the ring from, and throws it at him when he lies. She says that she just wanted a commitment from him, and Todd says that he could never trade up from her. He admits that being engaged to Jess was rad, and doesn't know why he was scared. Todd then says that as soon as they get back to Scottsdale, he's taking Jess ring shopping. He gets to one knee and proposes, but Jess doesn’t accept. She says that he lied to her and stole the pile, and Karen leads the survivors to Todd's tent to take the pile back. Crying, Jess walks away from Todd and he yells that he'll hit anyone. But no one responds.

Turdhole follows Owen and Danny to the bathroom and figures that everyone would forgive him if he told them about it. Danny and Owen try to stop him, but Turdhole yells out the news to the others. Soon there's a line, and Owen insists that he has to get off the island. He tells Danny that he's going to go off on his own to chart the island, and says that he's going to stick to the beach because anyone would have to be insane to go into the jungle, especially at night.

That night, Pack wanders through the jungle, lost.

Jess goes back to her tent and Karen demands to know where the pile is because it's gone. Todd comes up and says that he hid the pile and now he's in charge because he controls the stuff.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 30, 2016

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