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A Man of Vision Recap

In the lab, Jarrod watches as Everick demonstrates the embryo fertilization technique using the Hairy serum. It works and Jarrod smiles in satisfaction.

At Ilithyia, Jarrod and Charlotte are waiting and Charlotte is finally called up. Everick greets her and feigns never having met Jarrod before, as they both arranged. In the lab, Everick inseminates Charlotte and Jarrod tells Charlotte that he loves her.

Later, Jarrod and Charlotte have dinner with Waruu and Nerida. Charlotte goes to the bathroom and throws up, and emerges as Nerida comes to find her. Happy, Charlotte says that she's pregnant and assures Nerida that it's something she wants, but didn't think she could.

Koen, Blair, and Kora park outside of the bar and are surprised that the cops haven't arrived. Kora speaks in Indigenous, and Blair starts to go in. Koen warns against it, and he and Kora go in after Blair. Ash's body has dissolved into ash, and Blair tells Koen to get something to hold her. Once he does, they scope the ashes into the box.

At Jarrod's manor, Jarrod talks to Waruu privately and says that Charlotte has told him what Waruu is trying to do in the Zone. He offers to help and asks how much Waruu needs. Waruu says three million dollars, and Jarrod offers to add another zero and give Waruu a real stake in his people's future. When Waruu wonders what he wants in return, Jarrod says that he wants Koen.

Koen and Kora go up to the apartment and Koen starts packing. He goes back to the living room and finds Kora staring at the nulla nulla. She continues talking and Koen has no idea what she's saying, and takes her hand. He gets another vision of Kora sitting at the base of a tree and his collapsing as his left eye bleeds.

At the CA, McIntyre reminds Matthews that he was promised air support when they go into the Zone to recapture the three Hairy escapees. McIntyre clutches at his wounded shoulder and claims that a Hairy did it, and Matthews says that the collateral damage will help his cause. The security chief says that he cut out Dickson's heart and drew the symbol, and points out that Matthews' approval ratings went up 10 points afterward. He asks if he did the wrong thing, and Matthews tells him to bring him the escapees and walks out.

In the Zone, three Hairies are mooning the CA guards. When the guards draw their guns, Uncle Max jumps them and they quickly beat him down and maces him. Jake takes Max to the clinic and Charlotte removes the mace from his eyes while the boy tells her what happened.

At the bar, Koen tells Blair that they can't stay and offers to drop him somewhere. Blair realizes that Koen knew what was going to happen to Ash. Kora looks at Koen and speaks again, and Blair figures that even she knows that Koen is an ass. He talks about how he met Koen when he was 13, sleeping under a bridge because his father molested him. Blair reveals that he knew Koen was cheating on him with Ash, and doesn't believe Koen's denials. He refuses to go until Koen admits it. There's a knock at the door, but Blair persists until Koen admits it but insists that it doesn't mean anything. The trio goes to the van and Kora hugs Blair, gently smiling.

Rowena is with Araluen trimming her nails. Once she's done, Rowena leaves, forgetting her phone.

Koen drives to the Zone where the demonstrators have gathered at the gate. As the guards check Koen's ID, Charlotte comes out and demands to know which guard sprayed Max. At the CA command center, McIntyre watches and tells the guards that no one is to hurt Charlotte. The guards tell her to go back, and Charlotte yells at the demonstrators that they're a disgrace. They throw eggs at her and Charlotte yells that they're the subhumans. Meanwhile, Koen drives through the gate into the Zone.

The trio goes to Aunty Linda's apartment and Kora addresses Linda, saying that she comes from somewhere else. Linda understands Kora's language, and Kora tells her that she was locked up and called to the Cleverman to rescue her. However, he won't send her home. Linda touches Kora's face and sees her as an old woman, and tells Koen that Kora is an ancestral spirit.

Rowena returns to Araluen's room and demands that the Hairywoman return her phone. Araluen says nothing and Rowena desperately searches the place. Frankie comes in and Rowena tells her what happened. The woman asks if Araluen has her phone, and Araluen shakes her head. Frankie warns that if Araluen is lying to her then she'll hit her with the taser. Araluen points out that she has no one to call, and Frankie tasers Rowena and warns her not to use drugs in the house before leaving.

Kora tells Linda that Cleverman called her to Earth and gave her to the big man, and he locked her away. Linda tells Koen that he has to send Kora back, and take her to the old fig tree where Jimmy took Koen and Waruu when they were children.

At the clinic, Charlotte is doing paperwork and clutches at her stomach in momentary pain. She then performs an ultra-sound on herself and is surprised at the level of fetal development even though she's only three weeks pregnancy.

That night at their flat, Waruu tells Nerida about Jarrod's offer. She wonders what Jarrod gets in return for his $30 million, but Waruu refuses to tell her the truth. Linda comes in and demands to talk to Waruu. She tells him that Jimmy has messed things up and Koen needs Waruu's help. When Waruu comes over, Linda tells both brothers what Kora told her. Waruu says that it means nothing to him, and Koen explains what happened. He describes Jarrod coming to the bar and offering him a job, and asks if Waruu has seen someone like that. Waruu avoids the question and says that Koen has to send Kora back and kill the Namorrodor because it's his job. He says that they should kill the creature that night but tells Koen that it's his call... and he should leave Kora behind.

At the manor, Jarrod suggests that Charlotte quit her job in the Zone until she has the baby. Charlotte insists that she intends to work until she drops, and Jarrod warns that the Zone is a dangerous place. She figures that he's concerned about his heir, and assures Jarrod that the baby is healthy.

Koen and Waruu go to the beach and start a fire, and kill a deer to lure the Namorrodor. Waruu says that once Koen is in his full powers, he can open a portal and send Kora back. He tells Koen to get the nulla nulla from the car. Once Koen leaves, Waruu kneels by the fire and starts chanting.

At the flat, Nerida is putting away some things and finds the camera that Waruu wore when he went to the prison. She plays it back and watches as Waruu kills Dickson.

Koen returns to the fire and insists that the ritual isn't working. Waruu figures that Koen wants to run, and Koen mockingly tells him to take the nulla nulla and be the Cleverman. His brother says that it isn't how it works, and Koen figures that he has to die first and Waruu set the whole thing up so that happens. He says that he's seen his death, tosses the nulla nulla away, and walks off. Waruu gets up and says that his half-brother is running like he always does and is a sellout. He mentions Koen's mother, and Koen reminds Waruu that it's always been about his white mother. He comes back and Waruu says that Koen's mother was a whore and Koen is the living proof.

Furious, Koen attacks Waruu and the two brothers fight. Koen finally knocks Waruu out, picks up the nulla nulla, and walks away.

At the Zone, Maliyan is trying to get a boy to sleep. They wake Djukara up, and he goes over and offers to help the boy fly and make the pain go away. He takes the boy to the basketball court and carries him around, just as Koen comes in. Djukara puts the boy down and goes after Koen.

Waruu returns to his apartment and realizes that he's been in a fight. She tells him that she saw the tape, and Waruu insists that he had no choice. Nerida demands the truth about his deal with Jarrod, but Waruu only insists that it was him or Dickson. She tells Waruu to stay away from her and leaves.

Djukara approaches Koen outside and aims his gun at him. He says that it's Koen's fault that his sister is dead, and Koen tells him to finish him off. Djukara shoots him in the head and then runs off. Meanwhile, Koen comes back to life, his wound healed. He goes to Linda's apartment and tells her that he's not the Cleverman. He's screwed everything up, and couldn't save Ash. Koen admits that Jyra died because he sold her family out, and describes how she thanked him before she died. He breaks into tears and Linda hugs him.

The next day at the manor, Jarrod is exercising when Matthews calls and tells him to pull McIntyre into line because he's refusing to send soldiers into the Zone. As Matthews lies in bed with Araluen, he says that the idea is to send the soldiers in and benefit from the carnage. Jarrod insists that they have the Zone population trapped. Matthews wonders what Jarrod is doing there, and tells him that he wants the Zone cleared. Once the minister hangs up, he shows Araluen a photo of a top-floor penthouse he's set aside and tells her that he's discussed buying her outright from Frankie.

Linda goes to the clinic to get her pain meds for the cancer, and Eve says that the Hairyboy patient in the next room has weird scratches on his skin... and they're getting bigger. Alinta and Maliyan are with the boy, and Linda goes in with Charlotte. She tells Alinta to get Koen and has Eve bring her the eucalyptus leaves she gave her. Once they're alone, Linda warns Charlotte that medicine can't help the boy because someone attacked him.

Once Alinta brings Koen, Linda tells him that he's running the smoking ceremony. She insists that it's time for Koen to step up and take the opportunity to do some good. Linda takes Koen to the dormitory where Djukara and the others have gathered, and tells them all to get out. She then gives the leaves to Koen, sits down, and starts chanting. Koen approaches the boy and performs the ceremony, calling on the spirit inside of him to come out because it's safe. He tells the spirit to follow the smoke and it will set it free, and the boy dozes off. Jyra appears and Koen kneels before it, begging her forgiveness. The spirit smiles, and Koen tells it that the smoke will lead it where it needs to go. Jyra's spirit disappears and Linda senses that it's gone.

Written by Gadfly on Jun 30, 2016

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