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Get Out of Town Recap

Four Weeks Later

A couple arrives at the quarantine gate, and the guard stops them from going in. The husband explains that their son was caught up in the quarantine and they need to know if he’s okay, but the guard says that there are no exceptions. The couple has no choice but to drive away.

At the north fence, Harrison and four of his friends ride up to the gate on their bikes and taunt the guards. The guards aim their guns and tell them to go.

The couple finds a section of fence with no guards, and drive for it. They hit a mine in the surrounding minefield and blow up

In Pretty Lake, the survivors gather on the street, distribute supplies, and try to stay warm. At the school, Chuck finds Wylie with her baby Jason and she says that he’s fine. She says that she’s looking at the school and remembering the place, and figures the town is going to hell now that they’re quarantined. Once Chuck leaves, Wiley winces in sudden pain.

When Wiley returns home, she finds Adam shaving his head. They check the food and Wiley worries that she’s going to get scurvy, and Adam says that’s another reason why they should leave.He doesn’t believe the government’s claim that they’re contagious. Wiley worries about starting a worldwide epidemic, and Adam says that there’s a farmhouse a mile from the tunnel exit. She points out that there are dozens of unknowns, but Adam warns that the math makes less and less sense the longer they wait. He admits that he can’t do it without Wiley and begs her to come with him, for Jason’s sake if not her own.

That night, Mark is locking up the bar when he sees a boy loading up a wagon with bottles and taking a car. The boy draws a knife but Mark, unimpressed, tells the boy to either take what he gives him or go with nothing. After a moment, the boy hands over his backpack... and stabs Mark in the leg. He comes at Mark again, and Mark shoves him into the car... and the boy stabs himself in the stomach. As Mark pulls the knife out, Stacey watches from the shadows. He carries the boy’s body into his SUV and takes his wagon, and notices a white hand symbol on the duffel bag.

The next day, Adam and Wylie enter the tunnel.

Mark is drinking at the bar when Stacey comes in. She finally says that she saw him stab the boy the previous night, and asks what happened. Mark says that it was an accident and asks what she wants, and Stacy says that she wants her bar back. He wants shit to stop following him around, and Stacy tells him he should embrace the good things in life. She wonders why he wrecked what they had, and Mark says that’s what he’s good at. Stacey kisses him and admits that he’s honest.

Gord and Frances arrive at the help center to bring food to the orphanage. As Frances goes in, she sees a wagon with the hand symbol on it and quickly goes through it. She then puts it on and takes the food from the wagon to the truck, loading it in the back. Inside, Samantha warns that the two boxes Gord brought won’t be enough. Gord warns that they can’t go into the next week’s rations, but Samantha insists that they have to find more food.

Chuck finds Harrison another boy bare-knuckle fighting in an alleyway. When Chuck warns that Harrison is getting killed, the younger boy says that he has three grand riding on it and goes back to the fight. Harrison asks the other boy where they got money from, but he refuses to answer. Harrison defeats his opponent and Chuck reminds him that money is useless inside the fence. The younger boy says that maybe it is--to Chuck--and walks away.

Ronnie goes to Pat’s grave, crying. He hallucinates Pat appearing next to him, and says that the one thing he learned from Pat’s death was to make the most of the time he has. A woman, Renee, comes up and explains that she’s searching the abandoned houses for good. They introduce themselves and Ronnie invites Renee to join him at his nearby house.

Adam and Wiley reach the exit and discover that the doors are chained shut. It was open when Adam came there the last time, and he shoots the lock off the chain. They open the door and continue on.

Ronnie makes Renee some hot chocolate and they add some alcohol to it.

Adam and Wiley find a ladder and they climb up. They emerge out into the open but nobody is there. They’re past the minefields, and they head for the house.

Harrison and his friend ride to the fence and call a guard over. Chuck is watching them from a distance as the guard tosses a bag over and Harrison tosses him the bag with the $3,000.

Renee tells Ronnie that she’s from Marshall’s Corners near the fence, and kisses him. She then says that it’s nice and he’d like it, and Ronnie kisses her back. Tracey comes in, interrupting them, and Ronnie talks to her in the other room. He asks her to leave because he figures that he’s going to get laid, and she reluctantly agrees to go. When they go back to the kitchen, Renee is gone and she took Ronnie’s gun with him.

As Adam and Wylie head for the house, they unwittingly pass a surveillance camera. As they continue on, Wiley has another stomach pain.

Gord and Frances drive to the last food stash, and discover that someone has broken in and stole everything.

As they approach the house, Wylie says that she can’t do it and they have to go. Adam points out that there’s nowhere else to go, and says that it’s about finding out if everyone in Pretty Lake is contagious. After a moment, they continue on.

Chuck goes to the house where Harrison and his friends have taken over, and finds them playing video games on a big-screen TV. He tells Harrison what he’s learned, and says that he wants in. Chuck tosses Harrison $10,000 and says that there’s more where that came from. Harrison agrees and Chuck says that he’s think of something bigger than food: freedom.

An old woman, Sandra, greets Adam and Wylie, and they claim that their car broke down and they need a phone. Sandra ushers them in and admits that it’s been a long time since she’s had visitors since the fence went up.

Gord goes to the bar and tells Mark what happened. Mark was the only other person who knew about it, but Gord starts searching the place for the missing food. Stacey points out that looters may have found the place on their own, and Mark notes that Gord has one cow as a backup. Disgusted, Gord walks out and Stacey asks Mark if he took the food. He doesn’t respond.

Sandra serves tea and cookies, and the teenagers eagerly eat it. Special ops soldiers pull up outside and one of them shows her a photo of Wylie and Adam, and says that they may have escaped. Sandra says that she saw them 45 minutes ago on the highway, and the soldiers leave. She goes back inside and offers to make them some proper food, and explains that the government claims that they’re taking care of all of the survivors’ needs.

At the fence, Harrison waits until his contact assumes his shift and then approaches the gate. He shows the soldier $200,000 in a bag and the man asks what he wants for it.

Sandra says that there have been protests and demands for access, but communications have been cut from the inside and terrorists are responsible. The government says that they can’t do anything without risking exposure. Sandra offers to go to the store and get Jason some formula, and Adam warns against it because she might be infected.

Samantha returns home and Chuck prepares to tell her the truth. She says that Harrison already told him, and Chuck didn’t want to tell her because she’d worry. Samantha insists on escaping with them. Chuck shows her the military van that they paid for, and says that they need her to drive the van.

Sandra sets Adam and Wylie up in her guest room. Adam is happy that Sandra isn’t dead after five hours of exposure, and kisses Wylie. He then moves the baby and starts to kiss Wylie again, and she says that he did good.

At the farm, Frances is making dinner when Gord comes in. He notices the canned food that she’s using and Frances claims that she found it. He insists that they take their share and give the rest to the orphanage, and his sister angrily says that for once they should take care of themselves. Gord merely says that she knows better and walks away, refusing to eat.

After sex, Adam dozes off and Wylie has more stomach pains.

The next day, Gord gets a rifle and prepares to kill their last cow. Frances refuses to let him kill her cow, but he apologizes and shoots it.

Wylie goes to check on Sandra and discovers that she’s dead on the floor, bile oozing from her mouth. The girl packs and heads back to Pretty Lake, and Adam goes after her. He refuses to go back, warning that it’s a death sentence, but Wylie blames herself for getting Sandra killed and says that they have to go back before it’s too late.

Harrison and his friend ride up to the gate, and the soldier confirms that they have the money.

Adam and Wylie hide as two helicopters fly overhead. They then enter the tunnel.

Chuck loads a rifle with a tranq dart and prepares to shoot. Meanwhile, Harrison says that the money is too heavy to toss over and asks the soldier to open the gate. Once the soldier disarms the security protocols, he brings out the puppy that they’re buying.

As they head back through the tunnel, Adam and Wylie run into a man, Liam Cullen. He says that he’s trying to get into Pretty Lake because he has a cure for the virus.

The soldier opens the gate and gives Harrison the puppy, and Chuck shoots him. However, the soldier manages to radio in that they have a breach and prepares to shoot Harrison. However, he collapses before he can pull the trigger, and Harrison opens the gate the rest of the way. Samantha pulls up in the van and Chuck gets in. They drive to the gate, move the soldier, put the puppy back, and all drive off in the van.

Liam says that he worked with Adam’s father. Adam prepares to shoot him, but there’s a rumbling noise and then the roof comes down.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 2, 2016

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