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Sundowner Recap

DeBlanc and Fiore tell Jesse that what is inside of him isn't God: it's a mistake. The coffee can is the domicile, but Jesse wants more answers. He threatens to use his power on them, and when they hesitate he does it. DeBlanc says that it's called Genesis and was during the war between Heaven and Hell, an angel and a demon fell in love. They had a child, Genesis: a thing never meant to be which could threaten all of creation.

A young woman comes in and Fiore, seeing her, whispers "Seraphine" to DeBlanc. The two angels go after her and confront her in the parking lot, and insist that they need just one more day. They then kick her to the ground and Jesse, seeing them, goes out and knocks them away. She grabs Jesse and DeBlanc by the throat, and Fiore shoots her in the head. The angels get the body in the car and Jesse demands to know what's going on. DeBlanc tells Jesse that it's time to go, just as a flash of light appears in the Flavour Station.

The woman comes out and Jesse and the angels get into Jesse's truck and drive away. Fiore explains that the "woman" was a Seraphine of the first order, and they all want "peace." Fiore says that there's a direct line to Heaven in Lubbock.

The Seraphine goes back into the Flavour Station and gets Fiore's abandoned car keys. She finds his car and finds a Bible on the seat belonging to the Sundowner Motel.

At their room in the Sundowner, DeBlanc tells Jesse that they don't have permission to be on Earth and they're unregistered. Jesse offers to use Genesis on Seraphine, and DeBlanc warns that Genesis is an embarrassment to both sides. The lights flicker and Jesse dismisses it as typical for the town's power. DeBlanc continues, saying that Genesis must remain a secret because if the other angels and demons find out about it then they'll want it for themselves. The angel says that he can get genesis to come out of Jesse by singing to it. Fiore smashes the field phone, and there's a knock on the door. He looks through the peephole, and the Seraphine shoots him through it. It kicks in the door and shoots DeBlanc, and then approaches Jesse. He tells her to dial the call but warns that she'll have to look away for a second. When she doesn't, Jesse attacks her. She doesn't notice his punches, and belts him back with one punch.

Fiore reinvigorates and charges in, tackling the Seraphine. It shoots him again and Jesse attacks her. She pins him to the floor but he manages to cut her throat. Fiore reinvigorates again and confirms that DeBlanc is still alive. He kills his partner, and DeBlanc steps out, reinvigorated, and explains that if they don't die then they can't come back. He warns that the Seraphine will be back, and it smashes a fist through the wall and punches Fiore in the groin and then the face. DeBlanc tells Jesse to restrain the Seraphine, not kill it, and it reaches through the wall and grabs his throat. Jesse fires a shot through the wall, killing it, and it reinvigorates and attacks the trio. They fight, all three of the angels dying and coming back again and again.

As the Seraphine holds a knife to Jesse's throat, Cassidy comes in, picks up the Seraphine's gun, and shoot it in the head. It reinvigorates again and they finally manage to knock it out without killing it. Once Fiore cuts her up, DeBlanc tells Jesse that they need to take Genesis back into hiding. The angel says that they're Genesis' custodians, and admit that they don't know how it escaped. Jesse wonders why it chose her, and they don't know that, either. After a moment, Jesse says that he's keeping it, and says that God wants him to have it. He figures that if God wants Genesis back then He can come take it Himself. DeBlanc warns that there will be consequences, and Jesse tells the angels to stay away from him before driving off with Cassidy. Fiore says that there's another option, but DeBlanc refuses to hear it.

At school, all of the kids are friendly to Eugene.

At home, Emily checks her daughter's temperature to confirm that she's sick. Tulip arrives at her door and storms in, and tells Emily to stay away from her boyfriend as she breaks one of the children's art projects. After a moment, Tulip walks back out past a surprised Emily. Looking out the window, Emily sees Tulip in a parked car across the street. Emily goes out and complains that Tulip broke the art thing and goes back into the house. Tulip goes back to the house and offers to fix it.

Cynthia from Green Acre Group calls Miles and asks if the other partners made the meeting with Odin.

In Emily's kitchen, Tulip puts the art project back together. Emily gets her a glass of water and they make small talk.

Jesse and Cassidy drive back to the church and wash the blood off their clothes. While they wait, they have beers and discuss their tattoos. Cassidy notices that Jesse has a tattoo of a tulip, and asks what he's going to do about Genesis. Jesse insists that he's going to keep it, but Cassidy warns that they're dealing with angels. He insists that it's up to him, not Cassidy, and says that nothing has changed. He figures that there's still more to do.

At the school cafeteria, Eugene sits down to eat his liquid lunch. Scott Loach and two of his friends come over to sit with him, much to his surprise.

Tulip tells Emily about some of the things that she and Jesse did. Emily goes to check on her daughter and Tulip watches them together. When Emily comes back, she says that they're expecting 200 people at the next Sunday church sermon. Tulip is surprised that Jesse is so good at preaching, and Emily explains that he's suddenly really popular. The daughter calls for Emily, and Tulip offers to watch her while Emily does what she has to. Emily asks if she has any experience, and Tulip says that she had a kid once. She then offers to take the church stuff, and Emily agrees.

As Jesse attaches a loudspeaker to the outside of the church, Cassidy warns that Jesse is begging for trouble. Jesse tells him that God doesn't make mistakes.

Emily reviews Tulip's errands and wonders if she's sure about it. Tulip assures her that she's got it and drives off.

At the church, Jesse tests the loudspeaker.

Scott and the others take Jesse to see something awesome. They lead him to a drainage outlet and go inside. They light a firecracker and Eugene stares at it in awe.

Jesse is setting up chairs outside the church when Miles arrives. He takes a seat sand gets another call from Cynthia. Miles ignores it and tells Jesse that he's thinking about doing something really wrong. He wonders if he should do it without going into details, and says that doing what's right might hurt more people. The mayor wonders what's the right thing to do, and Jesse tells him to pray and ask God for direction. He talks about how it all sounds the same in his head. Tulip arrives and Jesse tells Miles that maybe he's not hearing God at all. When Jesse wonders what's going on, Tulip explains that Emily asked her to do church stuff.

Miles goes back to his car, and Cassidy finds Tulip and figures that she came to find him. He realizes that Tulip is Jesse's Tulip, and asks what they should do now. Tulip shoves him back out of sight as Jesse comes in. he wonders what she's doing, and Tulip says that she's helping Emily out. She finds a golf club and says that Jesse kept it, and he tells her that he just forgot to throw it out. Once she leaves, Jesse looks around for a moment, unaware that Cassidy is listening behind the door.

Come Sunday morning, Jesse braces himself inside the church. Emily comes in and says that everyone is waiting, and Eugene wants to talk to him about something important. Jesse says that he'll talk to him later, and asks if it's good that a lot of people came to be saved. He realizes that Emily disapproves, and wonders if it's all good. Emily says that it is and Jesse thanks her for everything. He says that her and Tulip did a good job sitting it up, and Emily abruptly says that she'll send in Eugene.

When Eugene comes in, he tells Jesse that he wants him to take back what he did. He doesn't want to be forgiven because he doesn't think that God would like it the way Jesse did it. Eugene figures that it's cheating, and Jesse asks if he wants to be happy. He insists that it's God's will what he's done and what he's going to do, and that it's not cheating. Eugene wonders what he's going to do, and Jesse yells that he's going to save the town. He calms down and asks why Eugene keeps coming to him. Eugene says that Jesse is the Preacher, and Jesse says that he made a promise and is going to make the townspeople see the light. Once he does then he'll be free. Eugene warns that he can't make people see the light and they have to choose, and Jesse says that he'll choose for them. When Eugene says that it's a sin, Jesse yells at him, using the Voice to tell him go to Hell... and Eugene disappears.

After burning up the bodies of the three Green Acre executives in a car accident, Miles calls Cynthia and says that he's calling so that she can hear from him rather than the Highway Patrol. The mayor says that there's been a terrible accident.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 4, 2016

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