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The Famous Ventriloquist Did It Recap

Angie and Jay have an old woman review the suspects in a lineup. Unfortunately, they have the one-way mirror facing the wrong way. Pritkin calls the detectives into his office and explains that a ventriloquist has been murdered. Jay recognizes the man, Alan Parsons.

At the crime scene, Monica is waiting when Angie and Jay arrive. Alan's body is laid out with his dummy, Lance. The detectives go to see Alan's wife, Mrs. Parsons, and find the press sniffing around outside. When Angie points out how well Alan lived, Jay insists that ventriloquists have a gift from God. He insists that there's nothing personal going on with him and the case, and he finally swears Angie to secrecy. Jay then tells her that when he was 7, his parents got him a ventriloquist dummy. On the night of the talent show, Jay performedbut everyone booed when he couldn't stop moving his lips. Angie goes to get hot dogs and tells Jay that he has to move on.

Inside, famous ventriloquist Fisher Price is offering his condolences to the widow. Once Jay introduces himself to Fisher, the detectives talk to Mrs. Parsons and Angie asks her if Alan was involved with any other women. Mrs. Parsons says that she knew what she was getting into when she married a ventriloquist, but she loved him.

Back at the station, Danny takes a run at a suspect in Alan's murder and Jay gives him a Snickers first. Danny gets nothing out of the dummy. Jay then checks in with Monica, who says that Lance left splinters in his attacker. She cuts Lance open with a saw and finds a thumb drive in his stomach. It has an encrypted manuscript on it, and Edelweiss comes in to decrypt it. The manuscript is a book by Alan about how the book could get him killed, and Jay and Edelweiss leave Monica to pour through the 1,200 pages.

When Jay gets back to his desk Monica calls to say that she found something interesting in the manuscript. She's reading in a bubble bath, and everyone goes down to the morgue to find out what she discovered. Alan was going to reveal all the secrets of ventriloquism, and his mentor Fisher passed down all of his secrets to him, and Jay realizes that his hero is their prime suspect.

Angie and Jay drive to Fisher's estate where Fisher is holding a class on ventriloquism. They tell Fisher what they've learned, and he says that he was aware of the book and had no problem with Alan revealing the secrets to amateurs. Fisher insists that he has nothing to hide, but Angie points out that he has a splinter in his finger. The ventriloquist dismisses it as commonplace in his profession, but refuses to let them examine it without a warrant. Fisher has to go pack because he's leaving on a 50-country tour after his last show, and Angie warns that they're going to take him down.

At the station, Angie lays out their case to Pritkin. He points out that they don't have enough evidence to bring in Fisher, and Angie figures that they have to get into the show that night. Jay warns that the show is sold out, and Angie suggests that since Jay is a ventriloquist, they sneak in and pretend that they're the opening act. Pritkin tells them to do whatever it takes.

That night, the security guard lets Jay and Angie in. The stage manager ushers them to the stage, and Angie assures Jay that he's got it. Jay realizes that Angie is a failed performer as a child as well, and she admits that she never put herself out there the way that Jay did.

Jay goes out on stage using Angie as his dummy. He nervously begins his routine and gets a standing ovation... and Walter and Fisher fire a shot from backstage. Angie goes down, but she assures Jay that she's okay because she's wearing a bulletproof bustier. Fisher comes out with an armed Walter and figures that Jay doesn't have the guts to shoot. The ventriloquist realizes that he's said too much and the police lead him away. Angie introduces Jay to the audience and everyone applauds, and the partners take a bow.

The next day at the station, Angie invites Jay out for a beer. He asks what her dream was, and Angie disappears in a puff of smoke and then pops up next to him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 4, 2016

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