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Top Ten Room Inspection Horrors Recap

Anthony looks at the worst room inspections that he's held.

#10 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Creepy Crawler

At the Grant Hills Motel in Galena, IL, Anthony is called in to help two sisters whose bickering threatened the motel's continuation. The bickering was getting in the way of keeping the rooms clean. When Anthony checks the room and pulls the bedspread off, a spider crawls out. He picks it up into a glass and it dies, and then Anthony checks and finds bacteria on the room's surfaces. The air conditioning filter is sticking out of the AC room and is the wrong size, and breaks the meter. When Anthony shows the owner, the sisters work together to make the place worth staying at.

#9 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Plumbing Problems

Anthony visits the Newport Inn and Whirlpool Suites in Newport, RI. The owner John bought expensive massage chairs and filthy tubs, but wasn't putting any money into the rooms. When Anthony checks the room, he finds hairs and snot on the sheets and the mattress covered is filthy. In the bathroom, Anthony finds garbage in the garbage pail and a disconnected sink drain. The design team renovates a room to show John how to use a little money to make a big difference.

#8 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Leftover Latex

At the Citigarden Hotel in San Francisco, CA, Anthony is called in to rebrand the hotel. In the lobby he finds a cockroach on the floor. When he checks the room, he finds a peach pit in the seat cushion and a used condom next to the bed. Anthony brings the owner Andre and his assistant GM in to inspect the room after he leaves junk in there. They go in and find most of the trash, but they forget to check the bed. However, The owner kept Andre on as GM despite Anthony's advice.

#7 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Suite Smells

At the Victorian Inn in Reno, NV, Anthony enters a room and is overwhelmed by the smell. The owner's daughters know that it smells and points out a maintenance man. Anthony brings him in and the maintenance man figures the smell is coming from the bathroom. They go in and there's nothing there, and eventually the maintenance man discovers the water is coming up under the carpet. A team came in to clean the carpet,

#6 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: American Nightmare

Anthony goes to the Sea shell Motel in Virginia Beach, FL, and discovers that the owner has a no-refund policy. An undercover guest comes in and confirms the policy, and the owner tells him to file a police report if he wants a refund. The owner's wife storms off, sand Anthony checks a room with one of the owner's daughters. The drawers are falling apart and the AC smells. They unplug everything between guest stays, risking food poisoning in the time it takes the refrigerator to chill down. When Anthony removes the headboard, he's able to pull off chains of dust years old. The daughter brings her father in, and Anthony shows him the dust. He says that the owner is a crook, and doesn't buy his excuse that he came to the U.S. with nothing and bought the hotel.

Anthony shows how he breaks things that he finds are dangerous so that the hotel has to fix it. He breaks railings, toilet seals, and stairway railings.

#5 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Crappy Surprise

At the New Yorker in Miami, FL, the owners explain that they work 15 to 18 hours a day. The rooms look nice, but the bathroom has human feces in it. Anthony then tells the housekeeping staff what he found. He asks them for commitments and has them jump into the pool to memorialize their commitment.

#4 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Jacked-Up John

Anthony goes to a room at the Woodstock Lodge in Woodstock, NY. There is moisture under the carpet and the walls feel moist. The pipes are rusty and there is no wax seal on the base of the toilet. A team of experts gave the owner a full assessment, but the owner Carlo refused to accept responsibility and asked Anthony to leave.

Anthony shows some scenes of the looks on his face that the owners see when they realize that something is wrong.

#3 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Underwear, Under Where?!

Anthony goes to Gatlingburg, TN to help out the Brookside Resort, but first stops to check some local liquor. When he checks a room at the resort,he finds cobwebs on the paintings and garbage beneath the bed. There's a dirty thong panties under the mattress, and the owners didn't believe it. Anthony shows them everything that he found, and discovers that they had the housekeepers getting paid by room rather than number. He has the owner's son run a bacteria check on the hot tub jets and shows him the high levels. The son takes on an active role and changes the policies.

Honorable Mention

Before moving onto the top two, Anthony reviews the Las Olas Beach Resort in Panama;the Carnival Inn; the Casa Verde Hotel; the Glacier Bear Lodge; the Crookston Inn; the Fiddler's Inn; the Holbrooke Motel; and the High Meadows Inn.

#2 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Damp Dump

At the Anice Inn and Suites in Orlando, FL, Anthony reads the online reviews in advance. When he arrives, he sees all of the critical issues including bedbugs, killer bees, and cat spray. The outside doors in the buildings aren't secured so the cats are able to get in. In the room inspection, Anthony discovers that the ceiling is caving in. The pillow is stained and the bed is falling apart. The walls are filled with mold, and the designer has to stop the renovation. The owner couldn't get the minimum funds together so Anthony had no choice except to leave.

#1 Disgusting Hotel Rooms: Condemned Conditions

After recapping the last nine disgusting hotel rooms, Anthony reveals the #1 Disgusting Hotel Room: the Country Barn Motel in Nashua, NH. The online reports mentioned bedbugs, and Anthony had an inspector in to confirm that they were there. The guests showed Anthony the bedbug bites that they had. Once they took care of the bugs, Anthony checked a room and found dirty couches and plastic chairs. The mattress has blood stains on it, and the kitchen unit is disgusting. The owners had 23 cabins, and a campground expert says that it's the worst he's ever seen. Anthony finds a syringe on top of the refrigerator, and the expert confirms it hasn't been cleaned in a long time. When Anthony confronts one of the owners, he says that what he's seen is horrific and walks away. The owners started to clean things up when Anthony was there.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 5, 2016

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