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Commissioner Bigfish Recap

At a cabaret, Angie approaches an undercover Jay and says that they know Madame Thatcher is running a call girl ring out of the club. When she complains that no one has approached her, Jay, working as a bartender, points out that she might want to do more than put on lipstick to go undercover. He gives her a dress from lost and found and tells her to go behind the curtains to put it on. She comes back on stage wearing the dress and the lights come up. As the band comes up, Angie has no choice but to sing or blow their cover. She doesn't do well, and Jay checks with Danny out in the surveillance van.

In the club, Jay hears a call girl invite a customer to the Booty Room. He signals Angie, who wraps up her number and she joins Jay. They kick their way into the Booty Room and find everyone knitting booties. The detectives spot two people up to no good and follow them, but Danny tells them that Pritkin wants them out of there immediately.

At the station, Angie asks Danny and his son Jesse what's going on. It's "Bring Your Kid To Work" Day, and kids are everywhere. Angie goes to Pritkin's office and demands an explanation, and he sends his son Kenny out. He then explains that if they bust Thatcher then her accountant can implicate some higher-up on a list, including his old classmate. That's all Pritkin can say, and Angie goes back to her desk and asks Jay to go undercover to find out where Thatcher's girls are taking their clients.

Back at the cabaret, Jay approaches a call girl, Stacy, and explains that he's a rich, lonely businessman. Stacy eventually tells Jay what the rates are, and they can get together at the All the Way Inn near the cabaret. Once he has what he needs, Jay arrests Stacy.

At the Inn, Jay and Angie set up surveillance outside. As they wait, Jay talks about all the kids at the station. Angie isn't interested in having children The police commissioner, Niles J. Bigfish, comes out of the hotel and Angie calls in Monica to check out the hotel room. She doesn't find anything but when they use black lights, they find lots of organic substances. Later at the morgue, Monica confirms that the DNA at the scene matches Bigfish's.

Angie and Jay tell Pritkin that they've placed Bigfish on the scene. Pritkin warns them that Bigfish saved his life by taking a bullet for him in the 70s and he owes him. Pritkin tells them to back out slowly while he considers his moral conflict. Once outside, Angie says that she isn't going to let it go and tells Jay that they need the right bait to catch Bigfish.

Back at the Inn, Angie dresses as a call girl. Bigfish comes in and explains that he has a baby fetish. Once he pays her, it's illegal. Bigfish strips down to his baby outfit and will only pay her once she changes his diaper. Angie reluctantly does but finally has enough and arrests him. Bigfish runs for it when Jay tries to stop him, the commissioner sprays him with a milk bottle.

Bigfish runs into an orphanage and Jay spots a couple coming out with a baby. He runs after them into the park and finds dozens of couples with babies. Jay searches through all of their carriages and finally locates Bigfish. Bigfish punches him and comes at him with a milk bottle, He finally feeds Jay the milk, putting him to sleep. However, Pritkin arrives and distracts him with some shiny keys. Jay tackles Bigfish, who reminds Pritkin of his promise. Pritkin says that Bigfish broke his promise to uphold the law, and they take the commissioner down to the station to bookhim.

Later, Angie and Jay buckle Bigfish into the back and figure they're clear to go after Thatcher. Angie admits that kids are cute when they sleep, and they brake to a halt as Bigfish throws up.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 5, 2016

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