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Collision Point Recap

The team's jet flies across the Atlantic and watch the news about the animal attacks around the world. Dariela shoots Janos dead and says that they should never have brought the mutation aboard after it called her squad. Chloe tells Mitch to examine the body, and he warns that he'll need to bring DC in on it. Dariela realizes that they're off-book, and she demands to talk to her ops center. Chloe tells Dariela that she's under her command walks away.

In Canada, Jamie and Logan continue across the mountains heading for Caraquet. Jamie winces at the pain from her injured foot, and figures that they'll make there soon. They hear animals snarling in the distance and Logan says that he used to fly hunting parties up to the area. He does mail runs for the smaller towns and was forced down. Logan says that he's carrying around his life savings, and his girlfriend Kelly didn't trust banks. He got out of his apartment when wolves attacked, but Kelly didn't. Logan asks what Jamie's story is, and she avoids mentioning her team.

In the cargo bay, Dariela is punching tires when Abe comes in. He says that they're dropping her at her base in Sao Pablo, and Dariela admits that she's furious at Chloe. She points out that people die when officials like Chloe give orders, and Abe says that they're trying to save the world and make sure there are people who will remember the dead. As Abe goes, Dariela suddenly runs over and kisses him.

In Geneva, ants are climbing up the tables in a hotel kitchen.

Jackson talks to Chloe privately and says that they should tell Mitch so he can analyze him. Chloe warns against it, saying that someone might get hold of his data. Mitch joins them and says that Eleanor wants to talk to them, and they head to the communication center.

In her hotel room, Eleanor tells the team to meet her in Geneva. The governments are pushing forward with the Noah Objective after General Andrew Davies has taken over. Mitch asks about Jamie, and Eleanor says that she's still at the top of her list once a team becomes available. She tells them to notify her adjutant, Lieutenant Reed, when they land. Eleanor warns that Davies and his supporters want all alternatives to the Noah Objective shut down at any cost. Once Eleanor signs off, Mitch, Chloe, and Jackson all realize that there's something wrong.

Eleanor starts coughing and electricity sparks within her mouth as she convulses.

In Canada, Jamie and Logan follow the river but discover that there's a mountain that isn't on the map. Jamie realizes that the river moved.

When the jet lands in Geneva, Jackson, Chloe, and Mitch go to Eleanor's hotel and spot Reed. Chloe approaches him and he says that Eleanor never arrived. Davies spots the team and comes over, and Chloe says that they just had some loose ends to tie up with Eleanor. He says that they can use her skills on the Noah Objective, and Jackson warns that the entire ecosystem will collapse if they kill all the animals. Mitch suddenly recognizes Davies and says that Davies is a doctor and has a PhD from Cambridge. Davies knows Mitch as well and says that they had their chance to find a cure and failed. He walks away and Chloe says that they need to find Eleanor.

Jamie and Logan follow the river and come to a lake. Logan realizes that someone--or something--diverted the river to flood a coal mine. Jamie suggests that beavers built a damn to divert the river.

Abe drives Dariela to the train station and apologizes for being diverted from Sao Paulo. As she gets out, Abe says that he's glad they got together and starts to suggest that they get together afterward, but Dariela has already walked off.

In Canada, an animal shrieks near Jamie and Logan. They freeze and the animal moves off, and they keep moving.

The trio bribes an employee to let them into Eleanor's room, and they find Eleanor dead on the floor. Her entire mandible is separated from her job, and Chloe figures that Eleanor believed she was being monitored. Mitch says that there are scorch marks on Eleanor's mouth, and Chloe suggests that Davies may have used radioactive material to assassinate her. Jackson searches the room while Mitch uses a straw to extract some cerebrospinal fluid, and Chloe checks Eleanor's computer. As Jackson looks around, he spots ants in one corner near an electrical outlet. Mitch has him scoop up some ants.

Jamie and Logan climb to higher ground to get their bearings. As they climb, Jamie staggers due to the pain in her foot. Logan tells her to take a break and continues on, and Jamie waits for him to put down his bag so it doesn't interfere in his climbing. Once Logan has climbed out of sight, Jamie checks his bag and finds an envelope inside with the money. There are aerial photographs and surveillance photos of Jamie there's also a printout of one of her Internet articles. A beaver comes up and snarls at Jamie, and Jamie closes the bag just as Logan comes back. She climbs up to him and he says that they're heading the right way, and notices that she's moving better on her foot.

As the medics take Eleanor's body away, Reed watches and glances up at Davies. The adjutant then calls a woman, Julie and tells her that Eleanor is dead. H insists that she get her out on the next train out and walks away.

On the jet, Chloe warns Jackson that Eleanor and Amelia were the only two people they were working for. With them both dead, they're working alone. Mitch points out that there's no search team being sent to Jamie, and figures that no one will waste time on her. The news runs reports of five more unexplained deaths in Geneva, and each victim had the same burns. Mitch analyzes the cerebrospinal fluid and finds an ant in it.

Dariela checks in at the local Swiss military base and is informed that the base in Sao Paulo was decommissioned. She says that she has nowhere to go to except back to her unit, and spots Reed. As she goes over to ask for her help, Davies and a group of soldiers go after Reed and Dariela follows them. The general calls to Reed and Reed says that he was called stateside. Davies leads Reed outside and asks where Eleanor's laptop and files are. Dariela watches from the shadows as Davies says that the animals killed Eleanor, and they need the Noah objective to stop the attacks. Reed insists that he didn't take the laptop, and Davies shoots him in the head. He searches Reed's body but there's no sign of the laptop. Once Davies leaves, Dariela goes to the body… and the station explodes.

Dariela goes to investigate and finds dozens of scorched corpses. She approaches the transformer where the explosion occurred, and her dog tags are pulled toward it by an electromagnetic force.

When Abe returns to the jet, Jackson talks about the mating habits of ants. Abe insists that not everything is about mating, but figures he's not going to see Dariela again. Chloe receives a call from Dariela and says that she wants to show them something important to what they're working on. Mitch doesn't see the point, and Chloe and Jackson go to meet with her. In the container, the ants move in one direction, piling up in the corner. Mitch doesn't care and takes a drink, and Abe tells him that Jamie would have wanted him to finish what they began. Mitch reminds Abe that he made the call to leave Jamie in Canada, and angrily says that Mitch isn't the only one feeling Jamie's loss. As they argue, electricity sparks over the ants.

Jackson and Chloe meet Dariela at the station. She tells them about the magnetized transformer, and points out all of the metal stuck to it. Jackson smells sulfur and looks around for dead ants, explaining that they give off a similar smell when they die. As he finds the ants, there's another electrical explosion in the distance.

As night falls and a storm starts coming up, Jamie and Logan come to a cabin and go inside. There's a stove, and Logan tells Jamie to rest her foot while he gets firewood. He goes out into the forest to get the wood, and when he comes back he discovers that Jamie is gone. As he prepares to look for Jamie, Logan draws a gun.

Abe and Mitch call their friends and say that the ants are gathering electricity. Enough of them together could generate a powerful enough charge to blow up a transformer. Abe and Mitch map the deaths and discover that they fall along the same line, and the line leads to the world's largest particle accelerator. Mitch warns that if the ants get to the accelerator and generate a strong enough charge, it would cause a runaway fusion reaction that would kill everyone in a thousand-mile radius.

Jamie runs through the forest and stops when Logan calls to her. He tells her not to do it, and she keeps running. Logan finally catches up to her and says that he's trying to help her. She demands to know what's going on, and Logan says that it's about the leopard. Some men hired him to fly them up to get the leopard, but the animals tore it apart after he landed it. Logan doesn't know where the men are, but they took off when the animals attacked Anik's house. He says that he carries the gun for self-defense, and Jamie says that she'll go back with him if he gives her the gun. After a moment, Logan hands her the gun and heads back.

Jackson and the others drive to the large particle accelerator facility and try to warn the authorities. Abe suggests that they use the accelerator's own system to disperse the ants' energy. The head scientist warns that it will require the manual override, and Jackson, Mitch, and Dariela head there. The hallway is covered with ants, but they move around Jackson without touching him.

Abe monitors the team until the ants cover the cameras. He warns the others that the ants are right behind them, and the trio gets to the collision point where the override is. Ants break in via the pipes and the trio gets to the override. The door is locked, and Dariela spots an oxygen tank. She has Mitch throw it and she shoots it. The explosion bursts open the pipes, and the ants start to charge up. Jackson gets the override door open and throws the switch. The accelerator dissipates the ants' energy, and Dariela coughs as she realizes that she swallowed one of the ants.

Jamie and Logan return to the cabin and Logan bandages Jamie's foot.

Abe and Chloe meet the others at a workshop, and they determine that it's made its way to her head. They rig up a battery to a chair and have her sit on it, and they tur on the power to kill the ant.

Jamie tells Logan what he has to do, and he says that he can't.

The first charge doesn't work, and Mitch tells Jackson to fire another charge.

Logan heats up an axe in the stove and prepares to cut Jamie's infected foot off. As he prepares to strike, Jamie asks him if Kelly was for real. Logan swings the axe.

Mitch warns that the ant is charging up, and Dariela tells Jackson to do it a third time. She convulses as another charge goes through her, and Mitch confirms that the ant is dead. Dariela has no pulse, and the Abe administers CPR. After a minute, Dariela wakes up and Abe tells her that it's okay.

Later, the jet heads back to the states. Chloe suggests that Dariela stay with them despite their differences. Dariela says that she wants to get back to her unit, and says that she saw Davies murder Reed. She explains that Davies wanted Eleanor's laptop.

Mitch is pouring himself a drink when Jackson joins him and tells him what happened to him.

Chloe brings up Eleanor's laptop. It has a program showing how many animals they plan to eliminate with the Noah Objective. The program starts displaying human casualties in the millions.

Davies's aide tells him that someone is activating the TX-14 objective.

Chloe tells Dariela that over two million people will die due to the Noah Objective, and Davies knows it.

Davies has his aide shut down the server.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 6, 2016

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