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Tubthumping Recap

Steve returns to the camp with a coconut for Todd, who is now ruling the survivors since he controls the community pile. He demands more coconuts and Steve' hat, and Steve has no choice but to give up his hat.

Later, the women watch Todd and consider their option. Karen wants to bum-rush him and take their stuff back. Danny comes over and Emma asks if as a cop he can make Todd give them their stuff back. He imagines using his gun to intimidate Todd, and it not going very well. Karen suggests that Danny follow Todd to his stash, and when he says that he could kiss her, she tries to get him to do it. Danny quickly goes on the stakeout.

Todd continues relaxing on his throne and soon smells Danny's beard sweat. He calls him out and says that he's not going to show Danny where the pile is, and psychs him out.

Emma tends to Yolonzo, who tells her that Todd made him pay his inhaler for food. Touched, Emma gathers the survivors and suggests that they dig a pit to trap Todd. Florence objects, pointing out that it's a basic human rights violation, and says that they need an election. Emma nominates herself and Florence runs against her.

Emma starts drawing out a pit and Karen comes over. She tells Emma that she has to get to work campaigning. Emma starts talking to survivors, competing against Florence with her pro-pit platform.

Danny paces in front of Todd, hoping to wait him out. Todd says that it won't work, and Danny tries to get him to talk about Jess. However, Todd soon breaks down and describes the frat party where he and Jess met. Jess was the only girl who wouldn't take any of his guff, and they hooked up. Danny says that he can still get together with Jess if he hands the stuff over, but Todd refuses to let Danny psych him out and says that they're going to settle it the fraternity way. He tosses out a bottle and says that they're going to have a classic drink-off. If Todd wins then Danny leaves him alone and hands over his gun.

Karen tells Emma that Florence has double the number of supporters because people like her even though she doesn't have any solutions. People see Emma as smug and condescending. She dismisses them as idiots and refuses to dumb down her platform, and suggests that she get a third-party candidate to split the idiot vote…z and sees Steve.

Later, Karen approaches Steve and suggests that he run for island leader. She says that everyone likes him and he has a nonthreatening face, and says that on the island they can be different. Karen asks him what he wants to be.

That night, Danny and Todd face off in the jungle and agree to go shot for shot until someone passes out.

Diane announces Steve as a new candidate and everyone applauds.

Danny and Todd drink shot after shot.

Florence says that she wants to deal with crime through rehabilitation, not incarceration. Survivors begin to come around to her point of view. Emma flaunts her medical training and says that Todd is gonorrhea.

Todd admits that Danny is a cool guy, and whenever he gets knocks down then he gets up again. Danny is touched and says that he's a billionaire.

The survivors cast their vote.

Todd realizes that Danny has passed out, takes his gun, and goes to where he hid the community pile to get a beer.

Diane counts the votes and announces that the new island leader is... Steve. When Emma objects, Diane says that they saw Florence and Emma running around throwing shade. When Emma says that she got Steve to run, Florence asks why and Steve says that Karen convinced him. Karen tries to come up with an explanation but finally says that they're a moron if they didn't vote for Emma. Florence figures that she's a moron for being friends with Emma.

Todd comes back and asks what the losers are doing. Danny comes in with the stash and tosses it on the ground, and says that he followed Todd after he pretended to pass out. Todd draws the gun and everyone draws back, and Danny reveals that he took the bullets out. Steve wonders what they're going to do with Todd, and says that it's time to dig the pit. Everyone cheers and a suddenly tough Steve takes his hat back from Todd. The next day, they lower Todd into the pit.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 6, 2016

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