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Time Will Tell Recap

April 19, 2034

One of the hibernation cells activates and CJ emerges from suspended animation for 24 hour. He puts on classical music, opens up the windows of the office, and checks the system. He cleans the cells, and spends what little spare time he has playing chess and exercising. CJ then watches the news as reporters talk about the increased immigration and the spread of various viruses.

One day, CJ looks out at a sunset and wonders if it's a mistake. He then reenters his hibernation cell and the automated mechanism puts him back into suspended animation... until the next time.


Theo goes to the lab and examines the brand on Margaret's right hand. Megan comes in and Theo asks her why she didn't tell him about the brand. She says that it's a tribal mark, but Theo says that it took a tool. Megan insists that Jason is working on figuring out how Margaret got into Wayward Pines, but Theo insists that Margaret understands and came deliberately. He says that they must teach her a pattern of common language so they can understand her. As Theo prepares some cards, Megan says that she's sorry about what's going on between Theo and Rebecca. She tells Theo that Rebecca was a visionary at one time, but now she's a beautician. When Megan says that Jason will find him another mate, Theo suggests that he may have already found one.

They begin trying to communicate with Margaret, offering her pellets and taking them away to indicate "yes" and "no." He tries to explain the concepts of friendship and leadership, and Margaret stares at him.


CJ emerges from the hibernation cell and goes about his duties. He has imaginary conversations with the other townspeople, talking to their files. CJ then listens to the news from the outside world as disasters sweep across it. He prepares a gun and goes outside into the forest, and takes some plant cuttings. A partially mutated man, Griffin, comes up and CJ draws his gun. Griffin says that he's unarmed and that he's clean, and they introduce themselves. The man says that only fragments of the world remain, and they go to a stream to fish. As CJ fishes, Griffin warns that the water is rarely clean. He grabs a fish and CJ offers to build a fish.

That night, they eat and Griffin moans in pain as he sleeps. CJ carefully moves off into the woods. Griffin follows him and CJ says that he has to go alone and he tried to make it easier by sneaking away. The survivor figures that someone is caring for CJ, and insists that they can survive together. When CJ refuses to help him, Griffin furiously asks why he can't help him. CJ says that he can't, grabs Griffin, and breaks his neck. As he lowers the body to the ground, CJ says that all he can do is save Griffin from what is coming next.


Margaret still doesn't communicate, and Theo tells Megan to give her some food. Margaret points at the male Abbies in the adjoining cells, and Megan realizes that she wants them to have it. Theo figures that she cares more for her own kind then them, but she has empathy for her lesser. He figures that the mark on Margaret's hand is a symbol of power like Adam said, and believes that she can help them out of the mess that they're in. Megan doesn't believe it, but Theo warns that the Abbies have the numbers and will eventually win.

The Past

Theo emerges from the hibernation cell and checks the radio. No one is broadcasting and it's now the 33rd century. He goes about his duties and imagines his wife Eileen with him. CJ talks about their time together and how he always liked gardening with her. Eileen says that she's worried about him, and CJ wonder if it's now when they go. His wife laughs and says that it isn't her job, and CJ can't come with her. He hopes that he can soon, and Eileen says that he has miles to go. Crying, CJ says that he thought he would lay with her after death, but realizes that isn't to be. Eileen assures him that he's not alone and disappears.


Adam enters the lab and tells Theo to get Margaret out. Theo holds him back and Margaret says that the other Abbies are coming for Margaret because she has the mark. When Theo says that Margaret deliberately let herself be captured, Adam tells him that it takes months for the brand to apply. He tells them that Margaret is the Abbies' leader, and Megan says that they should be establishing a way for Jason and Margaret to communicate. She goes to summon Jason and Kerry, and Theo tells Adam that they're on the same side. Jason and his people are too stupid and blind to do anything to rectify the situation, and warns Theo that it's too late for him to do anything.


CJ emerges from his hibernation cell and releases the true believers. Pilcher asks CJ if the world is ready for their construction, and CJ insures him that the planet is back to preindustrial levels. Wen Pilcher asks CJ if he's ready, CJ says that he is. They go outside together and look around. They come upon a crude lean-to and see an Abby, and after a moment it runs off. Pilcher insists that they should all be dead by now, and tells CJ that it's mankind gone wrong. He says that they stopped being human a long time ago, and tells CJ that they have to drive the Abbies away from the settlement and build a fence. As he goes back inside, Pilcher assures CJ that humanity will win.


As Theo continues working with Margaret, Megan comes in with Jason and Kerry. Adam checks the monitors and points out that there are over a thousand Abbies outside. Jason doesn't believe him, but Adam says that Margaret was there when they took the territory from the Abbies. Theo points out that Jason has tried everything else, and the only thing they have on their side is science. Kerry suggests to Jason that they consider negotiations to buy themselves more time, and figures that Jason doesn't know what he needs. Megan argues with Kerry when she doesn't show Megan proper respect, sand Theo points out that maybe Margaret is observing them just like they're observing her. Margaret merely stands and stares at them.

The Past

Megan and Pilcher prepare to awaken Group A after finishing the construction of the town. She asks CJ to come celebrate with them, but he refuses. CJ says that he watched the world fall, alone, and wonders what the loss will for their souls. Megan says that Pilcher knew and her soul is replenished, and points out all of the people that Pilcher saved. CJ asks if Group A will be able to comprehend what they lost, and points out that he had 2,000 years to let the world go... and Group A will lose it in seconds. Megan is sure that they will appreciate their continued survival, but CJ refuses to go with her.

That night, CJ goes to the greenhouse and looks out at the chaos as the Group A people run amuck, insisting that it can't be real. He sits down and listens to the screams.


Theo continues trying to communicate with Margaret, saying that the people in Wayward Pines are her friends and Jason is their leader. Margaret taps the card with the crown, indicating leadership, and points at Theo. Kerry wonders why Margaret is communicating, and Adam warns that she's communicating, not cooperating. Theo says that they need to show Margaret that not everyone is her enemy, and says that Jason should want progress. Jason insists that they're in a war, and Theo says that they have to try everything.

As Jason starts to leave, Theo opens one of the male Abbie's cages. It grabs his arm and drags him in, and Adam pulls him back and slams the door shut. Margaret glares at the Abby, and it slinks back. Jason says that the experiments ends immediately and shoots the Abby dead. He kills the other Abbies, ignoring Kerry's objections, and Theo manages to yank his gun away. Jason asks for Kerry's gun, and she asks him if killing Margaret is a risk he wants to take. She figures that they should consider the information that Theo has presented them with, and Jason walks off. After a moment, Kerry follows him. Meanwhile, Margaret turns to Theo and snarls.

Margaret looks at the bodies of the dead males, and Adam says that they can't save themselves. He tells Theo that he may be Jason's replacement, but the Abbies are their replacements. Once he leaves, Megan tells Theo that she barely remembers the world as it once was. She worked hard to forget it and is grateful to have come so far and seen so much. Theo asks if she can't see that Jason was the only animal in the room, and Megan insists that the Abbies are not their replacements. Theo tells her that he's going to the hospital and try to clear his head, and admits that he doesn't know what he's going to do.

Jason and Kerry go to the greenhouse and ask CJ if they woke up too soon. CJ says that they have stolen centuries but they can't take it back so there's no point in discussing it. Jason warns that he won't allow Wayward Pines to fall and walks away with Kerry.

In the lab, Megan realizes that she's losing blood and looks down. Her leg is bleeding from a severed artery, and she turns to see Margaret holding a scalpel. Megan realizes that the Abby opened her cell when they were watching Jason shoot the males, and then dies from blood loss. Margaret walks out through the blood.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 7, 2016

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