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Us vs. Them Recap

Samantha drives the van away from Pretty Lake and asks Chuck what they're going to do next. Chuck hesitates and then tells her to turn off on a nearby service road. Harrison and McCalister realize that Chuck doesn't have a plan except running, just as Samantha spots another military van and brakes to a halt. Someone in it shoots and hits Samantha in the head, and Chuck takes the wheel while Harrison pulls her back. Chuck says that they have to go back to Pretty Lake, turns the van around, and heads back.

In the tunnel, Liam tells Adam and Wiley that the military blew the exit. When Wiley wonders why he came there, Liam says that he's vaccinated against the disease and shows them his license proving that he's 25. They still wonder what he's doing there, and find vials of what Liam claims is vaccine in his bag. He has to take a dose twice a day to avoid dying, However, Liam warns that it won't have any affect on someone already infected, and he's there to create a cure. They hear a helicopter overhead and Liam says that they have to go. As he heads back to Pretty Lake, Wiley follows him despite Adam insisting that they can't trust Liam. When they get outside, they spot three helicopters heading into town and follow them.

As he drives back to town, Chuck and the others spot the helicopters.

On Main Street, the survivors look up as the helicopters arrive and lower cases down. Adam, Wiley, and Liam arrive, as does Chuck and the others. The helicopters fly off and Liam says that it's equipment for him. Wiley sides with Liam, but Adam says that no one is touching anything. Liam says that he wasn't part of the government attempt to kill them four weeks ago, and offers to let Harrison open the cases using a passcode. Harrison agrees and when Chuck says that they can't trust Liam, the boy says that Chuck is the one that they can't trust. He tells the others that Chuck got Samantha killed, and figures that it doesn't matter because they're all going to do die anyway. Harrison drives off in the van and Chuck says that first they need to find out if Liam is telling the truth.

Chuck drags Liam into an alley and beats him as Wiley and Adam look on. Liam insists that he's there to help, and Wiley finally stops Chuck. She says that she and Adam escaped and infected a woman, and Liam says that he's the only reason they're all alive. He convinced the government not to try and kill the survivors again, and warns them that if the infection gets out then humanity is finished.

Ronnie is sleeping when Renee comes in and tosses his stolen gun on him. She apologizes for taking his things, and offers some food. Ronnie gets into bed and says that she couldn't help herself when he left the gun earlier, and kisses him. She says that there's plenty more food where it came from and starts undressing, and Ronnie pulls her down.

Adam and the others take Liam back to Main Street and have him open the cases. There are lab supplies inside, and Wiley tells him to show them the science.

After sex, Ronnie says that he's not going to let Renee out of his sight. She says that she needs his help and says that her brother Eric wandered into town. Renee wants Ronnie to ask questions and see what he can find out. When he wonders what's in it for him, Renee tells him anything and everything, and tells him to bring Eric to Side Road 12 if he finds him. If Ronnie doesn't, she says that it's too bad for him and goes.

At the farm, Gord butchers the cow he killed and packs the meat in coolers, and loads them into the truck. As he goes inside to wash his hands, someone drives off in the truck.

At the teen house, Harrison angrily shoots at the other boys with a paint gun. He screams in frustration, refusing to let them quit. Frances arrives and Harrison, calming down, wonders why she's there.

Ronnie goes to the bar and asks Stacey and Mark if they've seen Eric. Mark recognizes the boy that he stabbed the previous night, but says that he's never seen him. Stacey suggests that he checks Harrison's crew, and Ronnie heads out. Once he's gone, Stacey asks Mark if he has everything cleaned up, and he tells her that he'll double-check. Stacey looks outside and sees Ronnie going around showing Erik's photo to the survivors.

At the medical center, Liam assembles his equipment and says that he needs an infected person's blood. When Adam offers, Liam points out that he's immune. The virus is laced with Adam's DNA, and Liam insists that Adam isn't a carrier. Before Adam can respond, Chuck offers his blood and Liam takes a sample, and then compares it to his own. In the infected blood cells, the nuclei is ejecting dead matter that proves fatal when the infected reaches the age of 23. He feels a syringe with the potential cure and asks who wants to go first. Adam grabs the syringe and injects Liam with it. Liam says that the dose could have saved one person, but Adam points out that the last time the government gave them a vaccine, hundreds died without orders. He aims his gun at Liam and says that they're going to wait it out.

As Ronnie drives out of town, he hallucinates his brother Pat wondering what he's doing looking for a boy just so he can get laid. Ronnie says that he just wants to help someone who lost his brother, but Pat doesn't believe him. When he says that at least Ronnie will be there for Tracey, Ronnie breaks to a halt and screams that Pat left him, crying. After a moment, Ronnie drives on.

As they wait, Wiley tells Adam that he should have told her he was immune. She says that Sandra's death is on her and Adam should have gone alone, and wonders why he came back. Adam says that he came back because of Wiley, and she says that maybe he should have left.

Gord drives to Harrison's house and sees his truck outside. He confirms that the coolers are gone and goes around the back, and finds the boys cooking the meat. Harrison tells Gord that it's every man for himself, and Frances comes over and says that it's her meat because it was her cow. She tells her brother that she wants to be part of a family that protects each other, not everyone else. When Gord tries to take the meat, the boys surround him with weapons drawn. Harrison tells Gord to go, and he finally leaves.

At the medical center, Wiley looks after her baby and winces in pain. Liam says that it's been two and a half hours and says that it's time to move on. Adam and Chuck still refuse to trust him, but Wiley says that she'll decide for herself and tells Liam to do it because she's choosing to live.

As Gord drives back to the farm, he sees Ronnie parked outside his house eating peaches from the can. He pulls over and accuses Ronnie of hoarding food, and says that they have to ration to everyone. Ronnie refuses, knocks Gord down, and tells him to get off his property. Gord attacks him and finally beats him into submission, and Ronnie laughs and says that the peaches is all that he has. Considering, Gord says that he isn't going to fight over the peaches and asks Ronnie for his help.

Liam injects Wiley with the cure and says that they should see results in 24 hours.

As they drive back into town, Gord tells Ronnie not to hurt anyone. Ronnie says that Gord can trust him. They pull up to the teen's house and go to the back, and Ronnie takes out a gun and shoots their boom box. He then aims the gun at Harrison until Gord tells him to stop, and Ronnie says that they're taking the meat. Harrison steps back when Ronnie threatens him, and then he and Gord take the meat.

Adam notices that Wiley is still in pain and asks if she's okay. She tells him that she's fine and asks Adam to watch Jason while she takes a break. Once she gets away from the others, Wiley moans in pain and passes out. Adam hears her and goes out to find her unconscious on the floor.

At Mark's apartment, Mark tells Tracey that he got it all and the truck is clean. He wonders why she's there and warns that he can't give her what she wants. Tracey says that he should try being normal, and Mark says that he doesn't even know what normal means. She kisses him and says that they should make their own normal, and they undress.

Adam figures that the injection did something to Wiley. He refuses to let Liam near Wiley, but he says that it must be something else. After a moment, Adam reluctantly lets Liam examine Wiley. Liam finds some internal swelling and says that they need to find an ultrasound machine.

Gord and Ronnie drive to the Mennonite community, and John tells Hanna to go inside so he can talk to Gord privately.

Liam performs the ultrasound and finds a tumor.

John tells Gord that he can't court his wife and then ask him for favors. He tells Gord and Ronnie to leave, and Ronnie draws his gun and says that they need food. Gord tells him to put the gun down, and Ronnie reluctantly does so. Gord then tells John that kids are going to die if he doesn't help them, but John refuses. When Gord promises that they'll help him through the next winter if he helps them through the current one, John walks away. Hanna tells her husband that it's against their ways, and her other wife Helen says that God has led Gord to them.

Liam warns that Wiley's kidneys are starting to clear down and he has to stabilize her. He says that the tumor has developing for a while.

John gives Gord and Ronnie his food and Hanna helps them load it in the truck. Ronnie asks them if they've seen Eric, and Hanna admits that they saw him in the field after he was murdered. When they found him, he was already dead, and they cremated the body earlier that day. John believes that it's God's will and says that the destruction is about sin. They hand over the body and John tells Gord to never come back there again.

In town, Harrison has his crew dig a grave for Samantha and holds her body, crying.

Liam checks Wiley.

Mark and Tracey have sex.

After the funeral, Harrison sits down next to Frances. She offers her hand and he takes it.

As he drives back to town, Ronnie imagines Pat sitting behind him, shaking his head. They go to the orphanage and when Tracey comes out, she sees the body in the back of the truck. Gord says that they should be okay for a while and takes the food in to the children.

Later, Ronnie drives to the bar. Stacey and Mark see the body in the back and realize it as the kid Ronnie asked about later.

Liam give Wiley antibiotics and painkillers, and then asks Adam what happened to his father. Adam refuses to discuss it, and Wiley wakes up. Liam picks up the case of vaccine and tells Chuck that he has to take his shot or he'll die, and Chuck tells him to not go far. Adam tells Wiley what Liam found, and they don't know what it means.

After giving himself an injection, Liam uses a hidden phone to send a text that he's injected one so far, and the survivors are starting to trust him.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 8, 2016

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