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Tribeca's Day Off Recap

At a Mexican quincinera, Danny, Hammond, and Pritkin are undercover with the band. Jay is posing as the daughter’s father, and Angie is posing as the daughter.. As Angie and Jay share the first dance, Angie complains that she’s been tracking the smuggled diamonds for a month and a half and they still don’t know where they are. They realize that the diamonds are in the piñata and break it open, but there are no diamonds inside. Next Angie destroys the cake and presents, flips the table, and punches a guest. Jay learns that the diamonds crossed the border two days ago and it was a bum lead.

At the station, Pritkin calls Angie into his office and tells her that she needs a break. She has 12 vacation days saved up and she’s wound too tight. When Angie asks who will handle the golf pro murder that just came in, Pritkin tells her that it belongs to Jay and Danny. Angie admits that she doesn’t know what to do when she’s not working, and Pritkin tells her to lower her defenses and get a relationship.

Jay, Danny, and Hammond drive to the Hidden Valley Country Club and are surprised to learn they both have a lot in common. Hoffman parks the car and the detectives go to the course where Monica is checking the corpse, golf pro Riley Hale. There are small footprints leading away from the body, and Danny figures that it’s a woman.

Angie is at the grocery store shopping and spots a woman, Sara, taking a free sample. When Sara admits that she wasn’t going to pay for it, Angie arrests her until she gets herself under control. Continuing on, Angie asks a manager, Vic Deakins, for help locating spaghetti. Vic figures that she lives alone and they introduce themselves. Angie admits that she doesn’t eat out much and hasn’t had a day out in a while. Vic understands why she’s tense and admits that he likes her, and gives her his number. She heads out past some robbers, insisting that she isn’t a cop on her day off.

At the morgue, Jay and Danny check in with Monica. She says that the golf balls in the corpse’s hands are monogrammed “SS”. Samantha Stephens is the only woman at the club with the right initials, and she used to take lessons from the dead golf pro. Dr. Templeton Hook--a chimpanzee--comes in to recreate the murder.

At her apartment, Angie unpacks her groceries. A lot. She finds Vic’s number and considers calling him, and finally decides to call him.

At the club, Jay and Danny talk to Samantha. Her face is frozen from plastic surgery, and she admits that she was sleeping with him but he broke it off for another woman. Jay shows her the balls, and Samantha says that they belong to her husband Eric “Short-Game” Stephens. Samantha directs them to the locker room to talk to Eric but insists that he had nothing to do with it.

In the locker room, the attendant has Danny and Jay put on towels. Eric claims that he doesn’t know anything about Hales’ death, and Danny figures that Eric hired a woman to kill Hales when he found out that Hales was sleeping with Samantha. When the detectives see Eric’s small feet, they arrest him. He yanks off their towels and runs, and they chase him onto the course. The starter refuses to let the detectives cut in line and they wait while a group of elderly ladies tee off.

Angie and Vic have cereal for dinner and Angie turns on her police scanner. Pritkin yells at her to get back to her date, emerges from the shower, and leaves. Vic figures that she’s married to her job, and Angie admits that he’s right. He asks her to let her know if she’s ever free, and says that he’s married as well... to his wife, April, who thinks that he’s bowling. Angie tells him to get out, but Vic p0romises that he’s not giving up on her.

Jay and Danny ask to play through, but the ladies refuse and take their time playing. While they wait, Danny asks Jay if he feels guilty being with him instead of Angie. Jay suggests that they be partners until it stops being fun, and Danny agrees to not overthink it. They catch up to Eric on the 18th hole making a putt, and Hammond jumps him and rips off his arm. Jay tells Danny to go to his true partner, and they hug.

At home, Angie puts photos of her and Vic in her scrapbook of cases. Jay calls to see how her day off was, and Angie says that it was relaxing. They say that they’ll see each other the next day, and Angie puts the scrapbook on the shelf with all the rest.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 9, 2016

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