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Inside Man Recap

At the Tied for First National Bank, a group of robbers go in posing as chimney sweeps. He takes them to fireplace in the vault and then remembers that they had the chimney sweeped the day before. The head robber, Nafan, knocks him out.

Later, the police are securing the crime scene when Angie and Jay arrive. Monica tells them that it’s the same British gang that has been robbing other banks. Fortunately, they left behind a sleeping chimney sweep

Back at the station, Danny and Hoffman interrogate the sweep. Danny speaks the sweep’s language eventually and gets the name of the robbers’ hide0out in Little Liverpool. Pritkin tells Angie and Jay that the robbers stole a flash drive containing every customer’s answers to their security questions. He’s sure they won’t give it up willingly, and Angie suggests that they infiltrate the gang to get it back. Pritkin agrees to send them deep undercover and gives them files on their new lives.

The detectives go to the morgue to have Edelweiss check their fake IDs. Scholl says that they have to erase their memories via hypnosis in case they’re tortured, Jay kisses Angie first and Edelweiss tries to hypnotize them, but it doesn’t work. Jay fakes forgetting his memories when Angie tries to discuss the kiss, and she eventually says that they won’t get tortured.

At the Robby McBanks pub, Angie and Jay go in. They ask for Nafan and one of the gang members frisks him. Nafan calls them over and demands proof that they’re not undercover cops. He wants Angie to take Jay out... to dinner. Nafan figures that Angie is too crazy to be a cop, and introduces the rest of the gang before they head out to rob the bank.

When the gang’s van arrives at the bank, the LAPD is waiting and puts them arrest. At the station, Pritkin congratulates Jay and Angie, but warns that they didn’t find the flash drive. They figure that Nafan has it and Angie says that she’s going into prison to get it. Jay insists on going with her and Pritkin agrees.

When Angie and Jay arrive at the prison, Angie tells Jay that it’s all about getting respect. She figures that they should beat up the biggest guy there. Nafan comes over and says that once he finds out who betrayed them, he’s going to kill them with a feather. Jay asks about the flash drive, and Nafan shows them that they have it. He offers to let Jay hold it, and Jay pockets it.

Warden Harding calls Angie and Jay in after Pritkin briefs him, and they tell Harding that they found what they needed. As Harding talks to them, he accidentally bumps the mike and their entire conversation goes out to the prison yard. He assures them that they’re safe as long as he’s warden... and falls out the window.

When Jay and Angie go back to the yard, the prisoners are waiting for them. Angie calls for a guard and tell them who they are, but the guard doesn’t believe them and has them hauled to Solitary. They’re short on space, so they have to share Solitary together. They eventually get released and taken back to their cell, and Angie apologizes for being broken. Jay says that he could do it because Angie said he could do it, and proposes that they break out during movie night.

Jay gets the supplies that they need. When he returns to the cell that night, he and Angie break through the wall with tools that they made from the mattress. The next morning, Nafan pays the guards to get into their cell and discovers that they’ve used dummies on their bunks. He eventually figures out that their dummies and notices the big hole in the wall.

Back at the station, Jay and Angie tunnel in through the ceiling and Pritkin confirms that he returned the flash drive to the bank. As they go, Angie tells Jay that she wouldn’t have gotten out of prison without him. He figures that it’s back to work as normal, and she asks if it is... and Edelweiss finally hypnotizes them.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 10, 2016

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