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The One with the Bomb Recap

At the station firing range, Angie and Jay are practicing shooting zombies and Jay offers to help her aim. They start to kiss but Angie pulls away and says that she can’t get close to another partner. She insists that she doesn’t have feelings for Jay, who walks away in disgust.

Jay goes to a bar to get a drink, and Angie sits next to him. She says that she wants to reciprocate his feelings, but has fallen in love with every one of her 237 partners... and lost all of them. Jay promises that nothing will happen to him, and Angie agrees to do it. She goes to the restroom and the bartender, Wilson Phillips, brings Jay a drink, calling him by name. Jay passes out just as he realizes his drink was drugged. When Angie comes back, she discovers that Jay is gone.

At the station, Angie tells Pritkin that something has happened to Jay. Wilson calls Angie and she has Danny trace the call. He demands $1,000 in coffee gift cards or the bomb strapped to Jay will explode. Angie tries to stall so Danny can run the trace, but he finally hangs up before Danny can trace the call.

At the morgue, Monica tells Angie that every call into the station is recorded. They talk to Edelweiss via Skype and while they wait for the time delay, Monica plays the audio. She filters out Wilson’s voice and they hear steaming milk in the background, and Angie realizes that it’s the shop that they go to every day.

At the coffee shop, Danny and Hoffman question the barista. They play a recording of Wilson’s voice, and the barista finally comes up with the fact that Wilson rides a bike there. Back at the station, Angie finds five Wilsons within biking distance of the coffee shop, but they need time to run them all down. Pritkin suggests that they hold a press conference to draw the kidnapper out, and Angie worries about how they left things hanging.

At Wilson’s apartment, Jay bonds with Wilson by making him low-sodium muffins. As he ties himself back up, Jay complains that Wilson always runs out on him. As they apologize to each other, the news runs Angie’s press statement. She tells Wilson that he messed with the wrong cop, and tells Jay that she won’t rest until she finds him.

Danny finds the address and they break in, but find a bobby-trapped mannequin. It explodes, killing Charlie, and the phone rings. Angie answers it and Wilson says that now she knows how it feels to lose someone she cares about. He reminds her about how she stopped him from getting his coffee and making a job interview while she and Jay placed an order. His wife left him, so now he’s taking away her boyfriend. Angie insists that Jay is just her partner, but refuses to give Wilson an apology. As they talk, Angie sees Wilson in the house across the street and has Pritkin send in everybody.

Everyone soon arrives and surrounds Wilson’s house, and Pritkin calls on Wilson to come out. Angie takes it over and tries to convince Wilson that Jay isn’t that great. She finally admits that she loves Jay, and Jay tells Wilson that he has to turn himself in. Wilson soon agrees to come out, and Angie tells everyone to hold their fire. Dennis the Menace inadvertently shoots him with a slingshot, knocking him out, and Jay warns that they only have one minute left until the bomb goes off.

Danny sends in the robot but it gets caught on the curb. He pushes it over but it runs out of power and Angie goes in. Jay tells her to save herself, but Angie says that she doesn’t want another partner. She confesses that she just wants to let her guard down, and Jay warns that they have 42 seconds. Once Angie drinks a beer, she prepares to cut the wire and ends up calling tech support at the bomb company. When they put her on hold, Angie prepares to cut a wire. With five seconds left, they kiss and then Angie cuts a wire. The timer reaches 0...

Written by Gadfly on Jul 10, 2016

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