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Miso Dead Recap

Angie is on a date with a man named Don, talking. He assures her that she hasn't been talking too much about her personal stuff, because he's been dumped as well. As Don tells her to go for it with Pepper, Pritkin yells up to tell her to wrap it up because they have a jumper on the other side of town. Don agrees to go down, but Angie interrupts to take a call from Jay. She says that she'll be right there as Don levitates away.

At the morgue, Monica is having trouble getting Jay's baby to settle down. Jay suggests that they let Angie try, and Angie and Monica reluctantly agree. The baby calms down and Angie puts it in a supply cabinet, and Monica reports that she got a proper tissue sample from a skull they found in the ocean. The DNA analyzer comes up with a match, just as Monica says that Baby Angie licked the slide. It shows a match for Angie, and Jay rips the monitor out of the wall before Monica can see it.

Upstairs, Pritkin complains that Angie is avoiding the departmental shrink. She insists that she doesn't need them, but Pritkin tells her to meet with the man. Jay goes to the dental forensics lab and meets with Dr. Helm, who checks the skull. He comes up with a match for Kobayashi Maru, a sushi chef who went missing nine days ago.

In the psychiatrist's office, Angie gets a call from an unknown number and ignores it. Danny comes out and says that he's filling in because the doctor broke his back. Angie talks about her problems and admits that there's been some dark moments, and Danny gets called way for a birthday party.

Back at Pritkin's office, the detectives tell Pritkin what they've learned about Maru. He owned a high-end sushi restaurant, Smells Like Fish, and was doing great until he was involved with a scandal about his serving whale meat. The officers go to the restaurant where Greenpeace is protesting, led by Courtney Woodpatch-Newton. Inside, the detectives talk to the man in charges, Joseph Takagi. Takagi says that the last time he saw Maru was the night he went missing. Maru was working in his office when Takagi left. Takagi says that he held Maru in high regard .

Jay and Angie shoot their way into Maru's locked office and find Maru's corpse. When Monica arrives, she confirms that he was decapitated and the killer took the body with them. The detectives figure that someone else had a key and go to talk to Mrs. Maru. She seats them at a table and they realize that her home looks just like the restaurant. Mrs. Maru says that her husband's greatest enemy was Courtney, who led the whale investigation. She confirms that her husband had a spare key but he kept it in his office.

Back at the morgue, Monica tells the officers that all of the blood was from the victim. She did find a giant harpoon, and Angie calls the National Harpoon Database to see who it belongs to. It belongs to Courtney, They bring her in for interrogation and point out that her harpoon was used to kill Maru. Courtney explains that she shot the harpoon at a whaling boat two weeks before Maru disappeared, and figures whoever owned the boat killed Maru. Before she goes, Courtney suggests that they check out the restaurant's after-hours club where they serve all kinds of weird sushi

That night, Jay is shaving and tells Monica that he has to go because it's his job. He insists that he and Angie aren't on a date, and assures Monica that she's vital to the investigation and he's 100% settling for her.

At the club, Danny and Angie go undercover as geisha, while Jay poses as a businessman. Takagi welcomes the guests to the club and says it his honor to serve Maru by serving Maru. Monica calls to tell Jay that Takagi owns the boat. Jay tells the others and they all draw guns on Takagi and put him under arrest. The officers figure that Takagi was the one serving male, and Maru found out about it. Takagi took the opportunity to kill his master and frame Courtney. After a furious battle, Angie and Danny arrest Takagi, interrupting Jay's wrap-up.

Later at the station, Jay, Monica, and Danny invite Angie out for a birthday drink. She declines, and a distorted call comes in after they leave. Pepper leaves a text message apologizing for his butt dial and says that he'll see Angie soon.

Written by Gadfly on Jul 11, 2016

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